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Our Howlanders review: the agency for adventurous travelers

The reviews of Howlanders from other travelers have been the key to appear today in these lines, we tell you more about this travel company!

Mark Robins

January 8, 2024

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We love to give you ideas, offer you the best and make your travel experience unforgettable. Normally what we offer you are eSIM cards, but you already know that. Today we’d like to introduce you to some fellow travelers, not tourists, that we’re sure you’ll like. The reviews of Howlanders from other travelers have been the key to appear today in these lines, we tell you more about this unconventional travel company!

Howlanders was born in 2017 to offer nature and adventure activities in Latin America in a close, sustainable and unmediated way.  The goal was to respond to the many problems arising from the poor digitalization of the sector in Latin America, a fact that leads large companies to take advantage of the inexperienced tourist. 

Howlanders’ main activities

Howlanders’ main activity is to sell nature and adventure tours in Latin America to travelers from all over the world. The way it does this is different from traditional travel agencies that market standard vacation packages at exorbitant prices aimed at tourists rather than travelers.

Howlanders is concerned about offering a selected catalog with local operators from South American countries avoiding intermediaries and offering adjusted prices. In this way they take care of the pocket of the travelers who decide to travel with them, ensure the quality of the experiences and contribute to the development of the local economy.

howlanders rainbow mountain peru
Howlanders in Rainbow Mountain, Peru. Source: Howlanders

To ensure the quality of these experiences, they rely on their own experience. In other words, working with local operators is the first step, but not the only one to have quality products. Following this line of care and concern, they offer a pre-trip help service and 24/7 telephone assistance during the trip. 

All these factors make it easier for travelers to plan their trip, and this is reflected in the reviews of Howlanders that you can find if you search online. People value humane treatment and that is what Holafly and Howlanders have in common. The result is a perfect combination for the traveler who wants peace of mind and guarantees.

howlanders costa rica
Howlanders in Costa Rica. Source: Howlanders

Howlanders Destinations

Howlanders offers tours in seven Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. In addition, they have recently started to offer activities in the United States, Spain, Iceland and Costa Rica, so every day they reach more destinations around the world.  Among its best-selling tours and endorsed by very positive opinions about Howlanders are natural and exotic destinations such as the Iquitos Jungle in Peru or Lost City in Colombia. 

howlanders in iquitos
Howalanders in Iquitos, Peru. Source: Howlanders

They are adventure lovers and therefore offer amazing experiences on glaciers in Patagonia, multi-day circuits in natural parks in South America or ascents to volcanoes. There are options for all levels, more or less demanding.

Kayak in Glacier Grey
Kayak in Glacier Grey, Chile. Source: Howlanders

They also have the more touristy options that go to Machu Picchu or the well-known Salar de Uyuni, although for these destinations there are also different options adapted to the needs and desires of travelers.

Why travel with Howlanders?

Because they are travelers like you and us and they know your needs and concerns. They take care of the traveler from the first moment, with a personalized and constant attention to solve all the doubts that may arise in the process from the booking to the trip. 

Traveling to an exotic destination is fantastic, but it is often complicated by the distrust that may exist towards the destination country and Howlanders, like us, try to minimize insecurities. 

You already know us, you just have to form your own opinions of Howlanders and the best way to do it is by traveling.