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HolaSim review: is it an option for travelers? 

Looking for an honest HolaSim review? Find out everything the company has to offer, how it works, pricing, plans, and much more!

Julio Osuna

June 5, 2024

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When it comes to traveling, there are different options for staying connected while abroad. One of those options is HolaSim, and that’s why it’s necessary to review it to see what it offers, how it works, and much more.

But, besides talking about what the company offers in terms of connectivity for travelers, we’ll also focus on getting to know about the company and how previous customers’ experiences were!

What is HolaSim?

Let’s get to know HolaSim. This company was established back in 2003 and is present in multiple destinations, such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and others, while having representation worldwide.

holasim home website
HolaSim home website. Source: HolaSim.

Compared to other companies, HolaSim works with its own mobile communications services. Therefore, their eSIM card is not a resell or something similar;  it’s a service designed to help travelers stay connected without fear of roaming charges.

HolaSim advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Available in 160 destinations.
    • Different data packages to purchase.
    • Two customer support channels are available.
  • Disadvantages:
    • The website doesn’t work properly.
    • No reviews are available regarding HolaSim.
    • No add-ons.

HolaSim review: features and tourist plans

Let’s move on with all the HolaSim features. The company has a variety of features to mention, and it’s important to get to know them.

So, here we will talk about the HolaSim destinations, pricing, and compatibility

HolaSim eSIM destinations

As of 2024, HolaSim offers coverage in more than 160 destinations. But the page doesn’t show them all, as sometimes some destinations tend to disappear, which is something to consider when choosing what to buy.

holasim best destinations
HolaSim top destinations. Source: HolaSim.

Other than this, USA and Europe are two of the main destinations offered by the company. While the regional data package for Europe is available, there are stand-alone options in case people are traveling to a certain country that’s not part of the regional package.

There’s also a regional plan for Asia and a Global eSIM. The Global eSIM service is available in 146 countries, while the image on their website says it covers 150 destinations, and the eSIM image says it works in 80 countries. 

holasim global pack
HolaSim global eSIM. Source: HolaSim.

Overall, while there are many countries on the list, it seems like the company doesn’t keep the information for these plans updated.

HolaSim eSIM Plans and Pricing

Let’s move on to pricing. When choosing an eSIM for your next trip, it’s ideal to have a service that helps you save some money.

As for some of their main destinations, like the USA, Europe, and Australia, prices vary from $18 to $55.

eSIM United StateseSIM AustraliaeSIM Europe
Unlimited data – 5 days – $19Unlimited data – 5 days – $18Unlimited data – 5 days – $17
Unlimited data –  7 days – $25Unlimited data – 7 days – $26Unlimited data – 7 days – $25
Unlimited data – 10 days – $30Unlimited data – 10 days – $33Unlimited data – 10 days – $32
Unlimited data – 15 days – $40Unlimited data – 15 days – $46Unlimited data – 15 days – $45
Unlimited data – 20 days – $45Unlimited data – 20 days – $53Unlimited data – 30 days – $55
Unlimited data – 29 days – $50

Prices for other eSIM cards for international travel also vary from $17 to $55, and there are no add-ons available to purchase. The company doesn’t offer phone calls or text messages.

holasim data prices
HolaSim United States, Europe, and Australia eSIM. Source: HolaSim.

While it does allow to share data, unlimited plans are capped at 1GB per day, so it’s better to keep an eye on how much data is used during the day.

An additional thing to do when it comes to purchasing an eSIM for the USA is that people have to introduce the EID and IMEI numbers of their phones. This is something that actually takes credibility from HolaSim.

HolaSim accessibility for tourists

Let’s focus now on the accessibility for tourists. While it seems like the website works normally, there are different issues happening that make it harder for people to purchase data plans.

First, there’s one issue based on the language shown on the website. Even though it is shown in English, it will show some text in different languages, mostly in Spanish, which messes up the purchase experience.

This is an issue that occurs throughout the whole site. Even for people looking for an international eSIM, the language the plan is shown in will likely suddenly change, which means the website is not working properly.

Now, what about customer support from HolaSim? On the website, there are two options to contact them when needed: WhatsApp and email. But clicking on the email button won’t take you anywhere.

holasim customer support channels
HolaSim customer support channels. Source: HolaSim.

For those using WhatsApp to get assistance, the bot works in Spanish at first, so people have to change the language to get support in their preferred language. There’s also no option to get direct support from a person, only from the HolaSim WhatsApp bot.

Last but not least, there’s a contact form users can access through the online website. Overall, the form is quite easy to complete, as it only requires a name, an email, and details about the issue you are facing.

holasim contact form
HolaSim contact form. Source: HolaSim.

Response times for email and contact forms are not fast, so chances are it takes a bit for you to solve whatever you are facing.

HolaSim Compatibility

While compatibility is a must for users when purchasing, HolaSim lacks information about what devices are compatible with its service.

HolaSim mentions that over 200+ devices are eSIM compatible, but not all of them are listed. People can look for their cell phones on the list, which includes Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, and other devices.

holasim esim compatibility
HolaSim eSIM-compatibility. Source: HolaSim.

The eSIM also helps people to stay connected with smartwatches and tablets, but only some from Apple are found on the compatibility list. Overall, the website mentions that as long as the device is compatible with the eSIM technology, it’s better to only buy an eSIM from this provider based on the phones listed.

HolaSim reviews

One thing that’s important is to read reviews from previous users. But there’s a huge issue here, as HolaSim is not listed anywhere, which makes it hard to find reviews about what they offer or how good their service is.

In fact, using a service that’s not listed anywhere turns into a risk. Nowadays, people like to read the experiences of others, and that’s not something HolaSim can provide to those trying to choose a service to travel with. There are no HolaSim reviews online.

As of 2024, there’s only one YouTube video available. People can take a look at it and see how good the service was in a country, but it’s in Spanish.

Holafly eSIM: The Better Alternative to HolaSim

Up to this point, it’s hard to tell we can recommend HolaSim due to what they offer. As an eSIM provider, it lacks many important features that make a service good, and that’s where Holafly becomes a better option. Even better than mentioning other brands like FlexiRoam or Ubigi.

With the HolaSim review, we noticed there’s no good website optimization, it lacks variety for data plans, and the eSIM support doesn’t seem to good, but that’s not something we can find with the Holafly eSIM.

Holafly home website.
Holafly home website. Source: Holafly.

When it comes to pricing, especially for destinations like the USA, Europe, and Australia, Holafly prices start at $6, offering unlimited data and the chance to customize your eSIM based on how many days you are traveling.

For other countries, prices are similar, but some have prices starting at $19, which is still accessible for an eSIM.

As for additional features, aside from customization and unlimited data, Holafly offers support in different languages, both on their website and through the customer support team. It also allows to share data, automatically connect to the best networks available, and much more.

Holafly eSIM pros and cons 

  • Holafly pros:
    • Unlimited data plans are available, including the customization feature.
    • Holafly eSIM offers the best coverage possible as it connects to the main networks in the country.
    • Holafly’s website works much better than the HolaSim one, especially when it comes to languages and accessibility.
    • Coverage is available in 190+ destinations around the world.
    • eSIM-compatibility from Holafly is clearer and updated each month with the latest devices.
    • There’s a mobile app available for Android and iOS users.
    • Only requires a QR code to activate an eSIM.
  • Holafly cons:
    • Lacks of phone calls and text messages.

Holafly Reviews on Trustpilot

AY Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

S. Urrea Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

Sheryl Wright Holafly review on Trustpilot. Source: Trustpilot.

HolaSim eSIM vs. Holafly eSIM: Final Verdict

After making an in-deep HolaSim review, it’s hard to say it’s the best option for some looking for an international eSIM. Sadly, the company has a lot to improve, and it’s hard to recommend it to travelers.

Their website lacks good accessibility, language changes without notice, there’s no information about how good their service is, and it even asks for private information to get an eSIM.

That’s why, even though we didn’t make a whole Holafly review, this company is a better option to get the best eSIM for your trip. With their different features and better website and app usage, it makes it better for users!

So, if you plan to travel and want to connect to the internet and enjoy your trip, take Holafly with you!

FAQ about HolaSim reviews

Is HolaSim a legitimate company?

After making the HolaSim review, we can say it’s a legitimate company that’s found in different countries around the world, but as an online company, it seems to lack a bit of trust.

Is HolaSim coverage good?

There’s no way to tell whether the HolaSim mobile data coverage is good or not, as there are no reviews from previous customers, and they use their own networks.

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