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How to turn on Hotspot on your iPhone and Android?

Trying to figure out how to turn on a hotspot on your mobiles? Here's all the information you need for iOS and Android devices!

Julio Osuna

March 21, 2023

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One of the best options for people when it comes to their smartphones is the WiFi hotspot it comes with. These hotspots can be truly useful in some cases. And people can take advantage of that, no matter if they are traveling or simply hanging out in their city with other friends.

In this case, we will discuss the process of how to turn on data sharing for different devices. Android and iPhone devices are different, so the process will vary a bit from one to the other.

So if you are needing to learn more about how to turn a WiFi zone on an iOS and Android device, all the information related to what you need to know and do to make this possible will be available here!

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What is a hotspot?

Getting to know what a hotspot is, is the very first thing travelers need to know, to get to the important part of how to turn on this function. In this case, a hotspot is basically a WiFi connection that people can share with others.

There’s no doubt that putting it this way makes things easier to understand for everyone, but let’s give more details about what a hotspot is. Nowadays, finding a place where WiFi is available can be basically pointed to as a hotspot because it is a physical location in which an internet connection is available through WLAN.

These hotspots work thanks to a router, but there are other options to activate a WiFi connection. For example, an iPhone hotspot is common to see, and the same goes for an Android WiFi zone.

The thing is, these hotspots are slightly different because now the “router” is basically the cellphone. Or, in some cases, the tablet. That just about sums up everything needed to know related to the WiFi alternative and what it is!

How does a hotspot work?

Now that we are clear about what data sharing is let’s talk about how it works and what people can do with it. There’s no doubt there are many things that people can have in mind when it comes to using a WiFi hotspot. So, let’s check out more details about this.

As for now, a WiFi connection is useful for people who want to share their internet with someone else. This is pretty much what a router does. But now it’s time to put it in perspective talking about a phone or tablet.

Overall, phones will work in the same way as a router. But compared to them, the amount of internet that can be shared will vary depending on how much cellular data they have available. Once the cellular data runs out, people can choose to top up more to keep using the hotspot, but that’s optional.

Also, it is important to mention these hotspots will work on cellphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and other devices which can connect to the internet through a WiFi connection!

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Turn on WiFi Hotspot on iPhone

Even though there aren’t many changes from one operating system to the other, the newest iOS devices come with a different iOS OS. Therefore, even though the process might be similar to turning on a hotspot for iPhone, it is better to give the step-by-step process. That way, users can have a clear idea of how this is done.

So if you have doubts regarding how to activate the cellular hotspot to share your data with friends and family, here’s what you need to know about the process!

iOS 15

iOS 15 is the OS used for smartphones like the iPhone 13. If you have one and haven’t used the hotspot it has and you want to know where the hotspot on iPhone option is, here’s the guide you need.

Firstly, it is necessary to have cellular data for the hotspot to work. Before activating it, check if you have some data left.

Now, what you will need to do is to find the “Settings” app on your device. If the app is unavailable on the home screen, check the app library.

An option with the name “Personal Hotspot” will come up. Click it to open and see the next steps of the activation process.

Once there, users need to activate the “Allow Others to Join” button, which might be deactivated. This button must always be activated because if it is not, then the iPhone hotspot won’t be working.

That’s just about everything that needs to be done. What’s good to know is people can change the password for the hotspot. As well as optimize the data speed through the button “Maximize Compatibility” for better browsing experiences.

iOS 16

To turn on the hotspot on iOS 16 devices, the process is mostly the same as for iOS 15. There’s no need to worry about major changes, so remember that the steps to follow are:

  1. Find the “Settings” app on your smartphone. If it is not available, check on the app library to find it there.
  1. Press on the “Personal Hotspot” option to open up a new menu to continue the activation process.
  1. Press the button “Allow Others to Join” to activate the WiFi hotspot from your iPhone completely.
Turn on the hotspot on iPhone 13
Turn on the hotspot on iPhone 13.

In case you can’t see the “Personal Hotspot” option, contact your cellular provider to see if they have a restriction regarding sharing data.

How to turn on Hotspot on Android?

Leaving iOS aside, it’s time to focus on Android users as well. This process is quite simple as well. There are some things people will need to keep in mind when turning on the hotspot on their devices.

For Samsung devices, the process that must be followed is quite similar to iOS devices. Firstly, users will need to open the “Settings” menu. This can either be done through the app or through the home screen by scrolling the notification menu downward.

Once this is done, people will find the “Hotspot” menu available. By clicking there, a new menu will come up.

Here, people can activate the Android hotspot to share the internet with others. Just like it happens with iOS devices, people need to have cellular data for the hotspot to work as well as they can change the password for the hotspot as many times as they want.

Turn on the hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S22+
Turn on the hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S22+.