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How to make calls in Portugal using an eSIM

Optimize the advantages of your eSIM by experiencing uninterrupted calling on your trip to Portugal, all while avoiding any supplementary expenses or roaming tariffs in Europe

Carolina S.

August 24, 2023

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With your suitcases packed and your trip to Portugal on the horizon, any concerns about staying in touch with your loved ones can be put to rest. In addition to your data plan and other benefits, you can get seamless communication through calls while in Portugal thanks to eSIMs with data for Portugal offered by companies like Holafly.

But before we start, it’s important to understand what is eSIM card and how it works. Essentially, eSIMs represent the next step in the evolution of the SIM cards we commonly rely on for online connectivity, calling minutes, and SMS exchanges in Europe. However, unlike traditional SIM cards that need to be inserted into your mobile device, eSIMs only require a swift QR code scan, providing you with access to data and minutes without any European roaming charges or the need for Pocket WiFi expenses during your vacations.

Guide to Using an eSIM for Landline Calls in Portugal

Now that you have a basic understanding of what an eSIM is and the benefits it brings, the next step to maximizing its capabilities is learning how to make landline calls while you’re in the country. To do so, you just need to follow this concise roadmap to reach Portuguese landline numbers. 

  • Dial the international exit code: To make a call to a landline number in Portugal, begin by dialing the international exit code, which is 00 351 or +351.
  • Enter the area code: Following the international exit code and the international country code, add the specific city or area code you intend to reach. For example, if you’re calling Cascais, you would dial “1”.
  • Input the landline number: After including the international exit codes and the city area code, the final step involves entering the landline number, typically comprising nine digits.

To illustrate, imagine you’re reserving a table at a Cascais restaurant with the landline number 2234 56781. In this case, you would dial on your cell phone: “+351 1 2234 56781”.

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Calling to mobile numbers

Source: Unsplash

Now that you’ve grasped a solid understanding of the steps involved in dialing landline numbers within Portugal, it’s time to learn about the process of connecting with mobile numbers during your vacation. In this case, making calls to mobile numbers can often prove to be even simpler than reaching landline counterparts. So, there’s no need to worry; just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Dial the international exit code: Begin the process by dialing the international exit code of your home country, just as you would when calling landline numbers. This code can be either “00” or the “+” symbol.
  • Enter the country code: Unlike landline numbers, calls to mobile numbers omit the need to add an area or city code. You only need to input the country code, which, in this scenario, is “351”.
  • Input the mobile number: After including the specified mobile prefixes, you should input the actual mobile number you intend to call.

For example, imagine you’ve met a group of friendly locals in Portugal who’ve shared their mobile number: 1234 56789. Whether you’re coordinating an outing or simply exchanging greetings, you only need to add the prefixes mentioned earlier. As a result, your final number arrangement would be either “00 351 1234 56789” or “+351 1234 56789”.

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Area codes in Portugal

As highlighted previously, the area codes in Portugal are super important when it comes to making calls during our vacations in the country, especially when contacting landline numbers. With this in mind, the following section lists the area codes for Portugal that tourists frequently use.

Table with Essential Area Codes in Portugal.

Please keep in mind that the area codes provided below are just a few examples for Portugal. In case you need to contact various regions or cities, make sure to do your due diligence to get the precise area code that suits your requirements.

Why Choose Holafly’s Portugal eSIM?

Opting for Holafly’s eSIM for your trip to Portugal unlocks a series of advantages, ensuring unmatched connectivity throughout your entire stay. Apart from unlimited data, there’s a tether feature available for these eSIMs, all without any additional charges. Moreover, this choice grants you other perks, including a performance guarantee policy.

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But the benefits don’t stop there. You can access round-the-clock customer service, with staff standing by to assist you whenever you need it. Moreover, a reliable and swift connection awaits, leveraging the region’s top-tier network infrastructure. You can keep your WhatsApp number and experience fast 4G/LTE/5G speeds, ensuring a seamless and agile browsing experience. Embark on your Portugal journey with peace of mind, staying connected at every step, all thanks to Holafly’s eSIM.

DurationData Plan and Unlimited CallsPrice (USD)
1 dayUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$6.00
5 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$21.00
10 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$37.00
15 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$51.00
20 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$62.00
30 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$75.00
60 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$107.00
90 daysUnlimited data combined with 500MBs of data sharing$139.00
Table: eSIM Data Plans and Pricing in Portugal.

Why are calls important on your trip to Portugal?

Whether you’re embarking on a leisure trip or embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, the ability to make calls plays a key role in ensuring a smooth and enriching experience during your time in the country. First, establish effective communication with your chosen hotel or accommodation. By directly contacting them, you can confirm reservations, coordinate arrival times, and swiftly solve any concerns that could impact your stay.

Moreover, calls play a key role in managing transportation during every phase of your trip. The capacity to interact with public transportation services, car rental firms, or mobility apps ensures an uninterrupted and fluid mobility experience. In the event of any itinerary changes—such as delays or alterations to your plans—a simple phone call will enable you to adjust your transportation arrangements. Surely, this is convenient when dealing with inquiries regarding your Lisbon Tourist Card.

Lastly, the availability of phone calls is essential for your safety and tranquility throughout your travels. In moments of emergencies or unforeseen situations, direct communication with your travel insurance provider is critical. Whether it entails securing medical assistance, reporting incidents, or seeking help in difficult situations, the ability to make calls grants you access to an invaluable and necessary support network when it’s needed the most.

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Is my phone eSIM-ready?

eSIM compatibility varies with phone models and brands. Most modern phones do support eSIM, but you better check your device’s specs or ask your carrier to confirm if it’s eSIM-friendly.

Where can I get an eSIM for my phone?

In general, eSIMs are accessible through your mobile service provider. You can visit a physical store or get in touch with them to request an eSIM. You can also get an eSIM online from virtual operators or international mobile service providers.

How much does it cost to make calls in Europe with an eSIM?

The costs related to using an eSIM for calls in Europe will depend on the plan and carrier you choose. It’s recommended to compare offers and prices from different operators to find the plan that suits your needs and budget.

Do I need to have mobile data to make calls with an eSIM?

You don’t need an active mobile data connection to make calls with an eSIM. However, some VoIP services may require an internet connection to work properly.