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How to fix your cellular data if it’s not working on your iPhone?

Wondering why your cellular data is not working? Learn about what's happening and how you can solve it in a matter of minutes!

Julio Osuna

March 21, 2023

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Have you ever come across a situation where your cellular data is not working on your iPhone? This can happen for several reasons, and people might not know exactly why. Also, it is important to mention that depending on the cause, the solution can be different for each case.

So, if you want to know how to fix your cellular data when it is not working, here you can find all the information that you need. Even though some solutions might seem like something basic to do, it’s good to keep them in mind as they will be helpful for users depending on what they need to do.

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Why is cellular data not working on my iPhone?

When it comes to cellular data, there’s no doubt there are many reasons why this can happen. The cellphone might have an internal issue that is not letting you connect to the internet, or something else might be happening. It is hard to tell which is the reason.

But as for now, there are plenty of reasons for a situation like this. There’s no doubt this is something people should keep in mind, and we will provide people with information about each possible scenario that does not allow them to use their cellular data on their iPhones.

Turn on mobile data

The first reason, even though it sounds like something basic, might be that your cellular data option is off. This might happen mistakenly, and people could turn it off, so before panicking, this is something users should look at!

Cellular data. iPhone 13

The thing here is that checking this, the process is very easy. By sliding down the notifications area, users will be able to check whether their cellular data is on or off. Once they have checked this, then their cellular data should be working. 

If not, then other reasons might have an impact on why the cellular data is not working on the iPhone.

Check your mobile data amount

The second reason why maybe your cellular data is not working might be related to the data amount spent. There’s no doubt this is something quite important to check as people need to keep in mind that if they don’t have more cellular data to spend, then they won’t have access to the internet or any app that requires an internet connection.

Depending on the carrier, users have the chance to check out their cellular data balance through the company website or by making a phone call. This information may also be available on the provider’s official app. With Holafly’s international eSIMs you can have unlimited data in many destinations; also if you use your iPhone, with their app, you can see your data consumption.

Turn off Airplane Mode

Were you traveling on an airplane recently? Chances are that your iPhone is still on airplane mode. This is something that can happen as a simple mistake, and it’s important to check this option after you get off an airplane or leave the airport.

The “Airplane Mode” won’t allow people to connect to their cellular data. This option is generally necessary during flights when you’re on an airplane and shut off all connectivity functionality on the phone.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Chances are that you are using Wi-Fi and not using your cellular data. You may be connected to old WiFi networks in the area or even an open network. But if they have doubts about whether their cellular data is working or not, then the Wi-Fi should be turned off.

By doing so, people won’t have a hard time finding out whether their data plan is still active or not!

Restart phone

Sometimes, iPhones can be bugged. This is not a surprise for many people out there. The thing is that, when the smartphone gets bugged, chances are some features of it stop working properly.

Chances are that this happens to the cellular data function. So, try restarting your phone, as it might re-activate the cellular data!

Check the coverage

A reason why cellular data might not be working because of where people are located. This is something common to see in areas that aren’t near cities or rural areas. The thing with coverage is the pure fact that the better the coverage is, the better the cellular data will work.

Then, if you are taking your iPhone to the woods or an area that’s far from the city, chances are there’s no coverage in the area. If this is the case, then iPhone users shouldn’t be worried, as the cellular data will be working again once they are back in the city.

In case you have some doubts about where your carrier works, here’s some info that might help you with that.

Verizon coverage map

Verizon is one of the most popular carriers in the United States. This provider has been slowly growing, and they are currently among the carriers with the most users in American territory.

They offer customers different data plans and roaming plans as well. It is overall a complete alternative.

Verizon’s coverage map in the United States, source: NPERF

AT&T’s coverage map

AT&T is known for being a cellular provider that operates in different countries. There’s no doubt it is a great alternative when it comes to staying in contact and online, and thanks to their different data plans, people can get the chance to stay connected everywhere they go without hesitation.

Also, they offer people the chance to use their roaming service without having much to worry about!

AT&T’s coverage map in the United States, source: NPERF

T-Mobile’s coverage map

As for the last American carrier, there’s T-Mobile. The company has gone through some changes recently, and this road has led them to offering a better service to all their users. There’s no doubt it has become one of the most complete options for both roaming and local consumption.

T-Mobile’s coverage map in the United States, source: NPERF

Vodafone UK coverage map

Vodafone is known for being a huge cellular carrier throughout Europe. They operate in different countries, and within the UK, they are among the favorite alternatives to use for locals. They offer plenty of benefits with their data plans, and that’s what users need. UK tourist eSIM card options you can look for with international operators like Holafly.

As for other features, Vodafone has a huge roaming coverage which is incredible with some competitive prices.

Vodafone’s coverage map in the UK, source: NPERF

Contact your carrier

If by any chance none of the previous alternatives mentioned worked, chances are you are having a different issue related to the coverage, or there’s a bigger issue related to the network area of the cellular carrier.

If you think that this is the problem, you can contact your carrier and ask them to see if there’s an issue with the network or if they’re having internal problems.

AT&T800.331.0500 or 611
VerizonChat with TOBi
Telstra13 22 00
Contact methods for each mobile carrier

My cellular data does not work abroad on my iPhone

In this case, what needs to be done will vary depending on the service people are using. For example, if you are using a T-Mobile SIM card, you will need to contact them to see why the service is not working.

The same will happen to people who are using an eSIM from a different carrier, as they will need to ask them for help to see what’s going on with the eSIM and understand why it is not working at all.

On the other hand, if you bought an eSIM from Holafly, you must check out some things first. First, check out if the eSIM is properly installed and activated. People shouldn’t erase the eSIM in case it is not working!

Also, people should look out for the coverage areas of the country they are visiting. The eSIM might not work due to poor signal or something similar. But lastly, if the issues persist, then you can contact Holafly customer support to get more help with your issue!