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How to make calls in Spain with an eSIM?

To make calls in Spain with an eSIM, you need a plan with available minutes or an eSIM with unlimited data for VoIP calls.

Leoneska Ruiz

July 25, 2023

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Exploring new places is exciting, but keeping in touch with loved ones can be challenging sometimes. Knowing how to make calls in Spain with an eSIM can make your trip easier and help you avoid problems.

If you don’t know what is an eSIM card, don’t worry. It is like a traditional SIM card, but without having to physically insert it. With it, you can make calls and get internet in Spain, no matter where you are, and it also lets you avoid paying for international roaming services.

If you are planning to travel to Spain, this article will help you a lot.

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How to get an eSIM with calls to Spain

The eSIM is the most recent evolution of the SIM card and has been replacing plastic chips, thanks to a chip preinstalled in compatible cell phones. It is activated with a mobile service plan according to the conditions of the provider and the device.

For example, some iPhone models allow activating up to two phone numbers and multiple data plans with a single eSIM, while in other cases, availability may vary depending on the manufacturer and device model.

When traveling or needing a temporary phone line, eSIMs offer a convenient solution. But how do you make calls with an eSIM? Here’s a breakdown of two popular choices:

  1. Local eSIM with Calling: These eSIMs function like traditional SIM cards, allowing direct phone calls. However, acquiring them can be challenging for visitors as some eSIM carriers require local residency.
  2. International Data eSIM: These eSIMs focus on providing internet data. The beauty lies in their flexibility – you can use this data for making calls through apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram. These apps, known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), let you make calls as long as you have a stable internet connection.

How to make calls in Spain with an eSIM card

Now that you have a clearer idea of an eSIM card, we will give you more information on how to make calls with it. You may be wondering how you can make calls to landlines in Spain. Don’t worry; it is quite simple, and we will explain it to you step by step.

How to make calls with an eSIM card
Representation of making calls. Source: Pexels.

How to make calls to landlines

First, you should consider that Spain, like many other countries, has its own country code. The code for Spain is +34. So, when you want to call a landline number in Spain, the first thing to dial is this code and then the number in question. Remember that the first two digits of the fixed number you are going to dial will help you know in which region of Spain that number is located.

Imagine that you want to call Madrid City Hall with your eSIM. To do so, if you are in Barcelona and want to call a landline number in Madrid, you will notice that the number will start with 91, followed by the rest of the number. This is because 91 is the area code for Madrid. Following the Madrid City Council example, the complete number would be +34 915 29 82 10.

Calls to mobile numbers

If you want to make calls to mobile numbers in Spain using an eSIM, then you have to know the following. As with landlines, mobile numbers in Spain usually have nine digits, but unlike landlines, they usually start with a 6 or 7.

If you want to call a local mobile number, open your cellphone’s call app and directly dial the mobile number after dialing the country code. For example, if the mobile number is 612345678, you simply dial that number on your phone after dialing +34 and press the call button. It will be a number like this: + 34612345678

Area codes of Spain

In this country, these codes are a two-digit number that precedes the local number and varies depending on the region. Unlike many other countries, these codes do not need to be dialed in advance. These area codes are an integral part of the telephone number, and they are mostly used to indicate where the number is from. Of course, these must always be used, whether you call from within Spain or from abroad.

Although in Spain, there is not an exhaustive list of area codes as in other countries because the first digit of the telephone number indicates whether it is a mobile number (generally starting with 6 or 7) or a landline number (starting with 8 or 9). You can read some examples below:

  • Madrid: The area code to call a landline number in Madrid is 91. So, if you want to call Madrid City Hall you will notice that it starts with 91 followed by the rest of the local telephone number.
  • Barcelona: To call a landline number in Barcelona, the area code is 93. So, if you need to call Barcelona City Council, you would dial 93 and then the rest of the local phone number. Which, in this case, would be +34 934 02 70 00

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Calling in Spain with an international eSIM

As we have already mentioned, there is a more targeted option for travelers who want to make calls in Spain: international eSIMs. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps, you can communicate as much as you want.

Of course, an eSIM with unlimited data like Holafly’s will make you not worry about the data consumption of these calls. To make calls through these Apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, you just need to have them on your phone or install it and then follow these steps.

  • Sign Up or Sign In: Depending on the app, you might need to create a new account or log in with your existing phone number, email, etc.
  • Add Spanish Contacts: Find the names or phone numbers of the people you want to call in Spain and add them to your contacts list within the app. Remember to enter the full Spanish phone number, including the country code (+34).
  • Initiate the Call: Find the contact you want to reach and look for the call button (usually a phone icon). Tap it, and your call will be placed!

These are general steps; specific details might vary slightly depending on your chosen app. The app’s help section should have more detailed instructions for navigating the call process.

Where can I buy an international eSIM for Spain with data?

We know that online stores are the stores of choice for travelers who want to buy eSIMs easily. Among these, Holafly stands out for having coverage and data plans in more than 170 destinations in the world, including Spain.

In the case of Spain, their eSIMs have unlimited data, so calling or video calls will not be a problem; in fact, you can call as many as you want! This is just one of the advantages of Holafly in Spain. When you use their data packages, you also enjoy benefits such as:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 4G/LTE/5G coverage with Orange Spain support.
  • Customizable plans with options from one to 90 days.
  • Share data up to 500 MB per day.
  • Apps to buy, install, and manage eSIM on Android and iOS.
  • Automatic installation of eSIM on iPhone.
  • You can extend the days of use of your plan with top-ups.
  • The website is available in multiple languages.
  • Easy to purchase for travelers through various payment methods and channels.

The price of the packages depends on the number of days you want to activate. You can choose any amount between one and 90 days, and prices range from $6 to $139. In either case, you will have unlimited data and all the benefits mentioned above, even if you only sign up for one day!

Why is it important to be able to make calls on my trip to Spain?

First, let’s consider accommodation. Whether you are in a hotel, a hostel, a rented apartment, or any other type of accommodation, having the ability to make a call can be extremely useful. You may need to confirm your reservation, request driving directions, inquire about venue amenities, or contact customer service for any issues.

Then there is transportation. Maybe you need to call a taxi, confirm train or bus times, or contact a car rental company. In these cases, being able to make a quick call can mean the difference between getting to your destination on time or missing a day of your vacation.

Making Calls during your trip
It is very important to be able to make calls during your trip. Source: Pexels.

Travel insurance is another important aspect to consider. If you have a medical emergency or any other event covered by your insurance, you will need to contact them. In these situations, being able to make a call can be vital.

Being able to make calls during your trip to Spain or anywhere else, is an essential element for traveling without problems. It provides you with a direct line of communication with the services you need, and it also offers you the peace of mind of knowing that you can contact important friends or family, and institutions at any time. And with an eSIM card, doing all of this is easy and convenient.

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Frequent questions

Is my phone compatible with eSIM?

eSIM compatibility may vary depending on the model and manufacturer of your phone. Many modern phones support eSIM, but it’s important to check your device’s specifications or check with your provider to confirm if you can use an eSIM.

Where can I get an eSIM for my phone?

The eSIM card can usually be obtained through your mobile phone operator. You can visit a physical store or contact them to request an eSIM. There are also online options to buy an eSIM from virtual operators or international mobile service providers.

How much does it cost to use an eSIM to make calls in Spain?

The costs will depend on the plan and the operator you choose. It is recommended to compare the offers and prices of different operators to find the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Do I need to have mobile data to make calls with an eSIM?

To make calls with an eSIM, you don’t need to have an active mobile data connection. Nonetheless, some Internet calling (VoIP) services may require an Internet connection to work properly.