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What is the EID number, and how to find it?

If you need information about the EID Number and how to find it, here you can learn everything related to it!

Julio Osuna

March 13, 2023

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Thanks to ongoing development in the communications and cellular industries, there are new emerging technologies that help us stay connected and in contact with loved one, friends, family and even our coworkers. It’s become necessary to always have our phone with us and with cellular data. And the same happens with the EID number. 

That is why there are SIMS; the codes have helped us in terms of cellular connectivity and all that it implies. And with all these advances, the EID digits appears as an identification code that, together with the new eSIMs, seeks to leave behind the outdated physical SIM card and access more quickly and easily in the world of communications that offers navigation through eSIM.

Through us, you will learn about the EID Number, why it works, how to find it on our smartphone, as well as the correct way to use it; likewise, we will explain which cellular operating systems support them and how they adapt on cellular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone and their distinct versions. So if you are looking to learn about this new connectivity method (which is not that new), pay close attention to everything you will learn below.

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What is an EID number?

Since you started reading, you may have been wondering what specifically is an EID Number; As we have mentioned above, it is a code that is anchored in our smartphones, more specifically, phones that have been manufactured to support eSIM chips. 

EID Number in cell phones
Samsung and iPhone cell phones. Source: Unsplash.

That means that you will not need a physical SIM and that your phone works with a wireless device that does not require annoying manual processes. These smartphones, embedded with eSIM, come with their EID Number to facilitate the connection with the new virtual SIM card. In short, you won’t need those old-fashioned external SIM cards for your phone.

You should know beforehand that the EID is necessary to activate your eSIM, as it will allow you to connect to your cellular operator service so you can use your phone without any issues. Depending on the cellphone or device, you can even have up to five phone numbers, with the possibility of using at least two of them at the same time. It is also important to note that there are currently several smartphones that only use the eSIM.

How to find the EID number

If you are looking for a way to find the EID Number to activate your eSIM, it’s time to find out how. There are two quick and easy ways to find it using your smartphone’s eSIM. In addition to the fact that it also varies depending on the phone brand and its operating system, there are different ways to find the EID Number, which are not difficult. It’s a piece of cake! 

The most common way to find your EID, and the one applied by most smartphone companies, is to check the phone’s box, which in addition to the EID Number, you will also find about it and how to use it in case you do not have a basic notion on the subject. 

On the other hand, some smartphones have their EID numbers anchored in the internal information or configuration of the phone, so you will have to go directly into your phone settings and find it, which will be very simple.

Through these two options, you will be able to: activate your eSIM through your EID. Remember that the linking will be finished automatically once the EID is entered. In some cases, you will only need to scan it through the QR code, and from this moment on, you will be able to use your new phone line.

iPhone EID number

Like many smartphones nowadays, iPhones have their EID written down, stored in the box, specifically in the part where there’s information about the device, so finding it won’t be difficult, and you will be able to: activate your eSIM quickly. However, in some cases, it may not be there, or if you directly want to confirm that this is the EID of your smartphone, you will have to log in to your phone and find out as follows:

  1. Go to iPhone settings.
  2. Scroll down the screen until you get to the category called: “General” enter there. 
  3. In the first part of the screen, you will find: “About…” click there.
  4. Scroll down the screen until you find the section called “EID,” and enter it to verify your EID. 

Through this process, you will be able to find your EID to verify the eSIM of your iPhone and thus enjoy the connectivity offered by your telephone company.

Apple Watch EID number

In some cases, you don’t have a smartphone, but something rather smaller and adjusted to your needs depending on what you do in your day-to-day. And in this case, there is the Apple Watch, a combination between an iPhone and a watch. You can easily search for the EID Number by following these steps:

  1. On Apple Watch, open the Settings app
  2. Go to General and then Information, then scroll down.
  3. Find the EID Number and then sync it with your eSIM.

In other cases, you can also find the EID on the watch case.

Android EID number

If you are looking for the EID of your android phone, brands like Samsung have their EID Number in their respective boxes. This way, they facilitate the synchronization of the customers’ eSIMs so that android users do not spend their time looking for the EID Number through other options or directly and don’t need to use physical SIMS thanks to the progress that smartphones have had recently. 

There is also the possibility of finding the EID on your Android device, the phone itself, by searching for it in the settings section, or that the information does not appear on the packaging and you have to look for it. As we have said, in the phones’ settings, following these steps to find the EID number:

  1. Access the mobiles/cellular settings app.
  2. Scroll down to find “about phone” and click there.
  3. Enter “status information”
  4. The first thing you will probably find is the EID Number.

Depending on the brand of your smartphone, you can almost always find the EID Number in its information.

As we have seen, there is not a big difference between iOS and Android when looking for the EID Number since, almost always, we will find it on the back of the phone box or directly within the phone’s information. This way, we can synchronize our eSIM easily and without any problem.

FAQ about the EID number

How to get a business EID number?

Usually, there’s no problem with getting this type of EID number. Generally, you just have to check and follow the legal parameters of the country where you’re located.

How can I change my EID cellular number?

As with a physical SIM, the correct and legal path to change your EID Number for your eSIM is directly with your carrier.

How to find the EID number on Samsung?

The EID for Samsung Galaxy can be easily found on the back of the smartphone’s packaging or, in the phone’s settings, in the information section About the Device.

How long is an EID number?

An EID # contains 32 digits embedded in the eSIM of a smartphone. The EID Number works as a unique identifier for each smartphone, and it is necessary to be able to install and use a cellular plan with an eSIM.