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Best eSIM for Yogyakarta: Which one to buy?

Let's meet today which one is the best option for you to use when it comes to traveling to Yogyakarta, an important city in Indonesia!

Julio Osuna

July 29, 2022

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Planning on traveling to Indonesia anytime soon? Well, you might want to know a few things about this country, especially if you visit Yogyakarta, one of its most important cities. That’s why we will discuss the eSIM for Yogyakarta today, so you can learn how to stay connected while traveling there!

Here you will learn everything related to the eSIM, so don’t miss anything of what we have to say, as you might come across important information that you will love to know about the eSIM service!

Unlimited data eSIM for Yogyakarta

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Where can I buy an eSIM for Yogyakarta?

Are you unsure about where to go to purchase an eSIM for the first time? We are, of course, here to provide you with any information you may require. Here are your options for purchasing an eSIM for your trip:

  • Online stores: One of the most effective methods we have nowadays is the internet. For instance, purchasing an eSIM from online companies like the Holafly store is a piece of cake!
  • Physical Stores: The traditional alternative for everyone to purchase what they need is from a physical store. Unquestionably, this is one of the safest options that travelers frequently choose if they don’t like to purchase online.

Either way, if you can’t use an eSIM, there’s no need to worry as there are always other alternatives, such as a traditional SIM card.

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What is an eSIM?

As we talk about eSIMs, many questions come up. What exactly is an eSIM is the first question that comes to our minds. For those who don’t know, it works like a digital SIM card and simplifies life for those who want to get to know the world and at home.

The only thing to be aware of is that eSIM users cannot use a new phone number, but this shouldn’t be a major problem. People can easily use a SIM in its place because there are still solutions to this inconvenience, as we said before!

Advantages of an eSIM for Yogyakarta

Let’s discuss the benefits of using an eSIM for Yogyakarta so that customers can get additional information about the service.

  • People don’t need to change their phone number when utilizing an eSIM or for the service to function.
  • As long as there is coverage, eSIMs are compatible with 4G.
  • As long as the service is active, customers won’t need to change their WhatsApp number to use an eSIM.
  • Both SIM and eSIM cards can be used with the same smartphone.
  • Holafly customers can contact customer support at any time.

Another benefit we can point out is that customers can purchase as many eSIMs as they require or like, which is fantastic! Keep in mind that overall, Holafly offers eSIM coverage in over 170 destinations.

How do I activate my eSIM card for Yogyakarta?

Now that we have talked a bit about the eSIM and what we should know about it, it is time to talk about the activation process for the eSIM.

  1. Once you’ve decided where you’re going, go to the Holafly web store and pick a data plan for your eSIM.
  2. Wait for the email with the QR code to arrive after completing the checkout process, so you can continue.
  3. To finish the activation procedure, scan the QR code, add the eSIM, and change the name of the eSIM, so you don’t get confused with your regular SIM.
  4. As soon as you land in Yogyakarta, activate the roaming service to enable your eSIM.
  5. If you purchase your eSIM through Holafly, they will offer you 24-hour customer care if you experience any issues with your eSIM.

Finally, and also worth knowing, is that people need to have a prior internet connection to complete the activation process.

How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Yogyakarta cost?

Need different options to use in Yogyakarta when it comes to eSIMs? No need to worry!

Days of useDataPrice (USD)
5Unlimited Data19
7Unlimited Data27
10Unlimited Data34
15Unlimited Data47
20Unlimited Data54
30Unlimited Data64
60Unlimited Data84
90Unlimited Data99

As there are so many plans to choose from, the only thing people will have to worry about is how long they will stay there!

SIM card for Yogyakarta

Do you want to know if there is an eSIM alternative in case you’re unable to get one? There is one that basically everyone is familiar with; we’re talking about the international SIM card, a substitute that has gained some notoriety recently. You can get one once you arrive at the airport, or perhaps an official carrier branch nearby.

There are a few aspects that customers need to be aware of. This is all important information so that travelers have all the details of their product when traveling, just as we did previously with the eSIM.

  • For the majority of travelers, SIM cards are fairly reasonable when it comes to pricing.
  • At your destination there may be much more variety of plans and options to choose from

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Advantages of the virtual SIM card vs. the physical chip for Yogyakarta

  • No physical space is required for an eSIM to work: eSIMs operate digitally, making it simpler for everyone, in contrast to SIM cards, which take up physical space in a phone.
  • The environment is unaffected by eSIMs: They are a digital service; thus if they stop working, there won’t be any waste or pollution produced, so there won’t be any environmental damage.
  • A smartphone can utilize both eSIMs and SIM cards at once: You can use them simultaneously without worrying since your device will handle them all without any issues.

3 Tri eSIM card for Yogyakarta

In Indonesia, there are several cellular operators for consumers to chose from if they want to use an eSIM. Let’s see what they have to offer for potential customers.

  • Only last-gen devices are compatible with this eSIM.
  • No need to pay to change a SIM card for an eSIM.
  • If necessary, eSIMs can be moved to different devices.
  • A QR code is used to activate the device.

We can say this one is a good option, but it is a service more focused on residents, which is something we can avoid by using options such as Holafly. Travelers and foreigners may have a harder time getting one of these eSIMs.

Smartfren for Yogyakarta

The second option we have here is the Smartfren service. This one is a well-known company in Indonesia as well.

  • There are different eSIM plans available for use.
  • It can be purchased through their website.
  • The activation process is done through a QR code.
  • Similar coverage as the normal SIM card.

As we can see, the Smartfren option is quite reliable, but as before, it is a service that is easier to get for locals, which is why we recommend the Holafly eSIM.

Which is the best eSIM for Yogyakarta?

We have discussed a variety of things here regarding the eSIM. Now that we know that picking which service to use might not be as simple as it seems, it is time for us to choose one among the ones we just discussed. Due to everyone wanting to have the best option when traveling, so they can simply share their adventure with family and friends or on social media, it is a question a bit hard to answer.

We believe that the Holafly eSIM for Yogyakarta is significantly better than the competition, not just because it is more affordable, but also because getting one is so easy and seamless!

Frequent questions about the best eSIM for Yogyakarta

Do people need an internet connection to activate an eSIM?

Yes. This is a must when it comes to activating an eSIM, no matter your provider.

Can I buy more than one eSIM to travel?

Yes. There’s no limit on how many eSIMs someone can get.

Does eSIM give people a phone number?

No. As for now, a phone number is only given by SIM cards.

Must people activate the roaming service to use their eSIM?

Yes. This is a must-do for the service to work when traveling.

Recommendations to choose the best eSIM for Yogyakarta

  • Try to just use your eSIM while traveling for what you actually need, avoid downloading files from the internet.
  • Always remember to check the admission criteria before traveling to Yogyakarta or other areas to avoid any issues.
  • If your phone doesn’t support an eSIM, remember that you may always use a SIM card.

We can only hope that you have enjoyed what we have said up to this point. And once more, Holafly eSIM can currently be your ideal traveling eSIM service to rely on!