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Best Pocket Wifi for Russia: How much does it cost?

In case you are looking for a Pocket WiFi for Russia, here you will learn everything related to this service and which option is better!

Ağustos 2, 2023

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There are plenty of places where people can travel to. This is very true, especially when traveling throughout Europe. That’s why today we will talk about Pocket WiFi for Russia, a service that can help people to stay connected with ease on their trip!

But, there might be some questions about this service. How does this service work? What is a Pocket WiFi? Not everyone is used to seeing one of these devices when it comes to traveling, so let’s talk about that too. 

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What is Pocket Wifi?

Long story short, a Pocket WiFi for Russia is a device that’s designed to share an internet connection when activated. It is easy to use, and people don’t actually have to buy one to use it. There are some companies available that rent them!

These devices will not only work with your cellphone. You can also use them with your laptop, for example. It is also something common to see different data plans when it comes to using one, but that depends on the company from which you buy from.

Other than that, people won’t have to worry about how to receive it. Regularly, these companies that offer these types of products have delivery services practically available worldwide.

But, there are many other things we can mention here. To keep things short, let’s move on to a different topic.

How much does Pocket Wifi for Russia cost?

When it comes to using a service, there are many things for people to consider. There are several doubts, and one of those is regarding the price of what they will consume. Therefore, we can’t simply forget to talk about Pocket WiFi prices.

Renting one of these devices might be a bit expensive for some people. But, the final decision is made by the traveler, so why don’t we talk a bit about the different companies offering this service out there? 

People walking in Moscow. Source: Pexels.

Travelers WiFi

One of the options people can have in mind when traveling to Russia is Travelers WiFi. They offer the Pocket WiFi for Russia service, making things easier for people to stay connected. 

They don’t offer many plans to use, and the most common one costs $89.30 for a whole week of use. The plan provides tourists access to 1 GB of cellular data per day, and there are other options with 2 GB and more cellular data as well.

Other than this, they offer a delivery service for people even if they are not in or near Europe. The final price will vary depending on where they are, varying from 4 to 34 USD. So, that’s something to keep in mind.

Finally, we can’t forget about the penalty policy included with the Pocket WiFi rental. If you just to happen to find yourself in this situation, and you lose or damage one of their devices, there’s a fee of $159 that must be paid, so you better keep an eye on your device. 


One of the options for people located in Latin America, undoubtedly, happens to be MioWiFi.

This company offers a flat price for its service. For a whole week of use and 1 GB per day, they rent their devices for $56. There are no other extra plans they offer to its customers as of now.

They also offer a delivery service to most of the countries in the world. The final price will vary depending on how far people are from Argentina, but in most cases, it varies from 40 to 50 USD.

Finally, people have to keep an eye on their devices as much as possible. If something happens to it, the company will charge the client a $250 fee that must be paid immediately.

Travel WiFi

Another alternative for people who are in Europe is Travel WiFi. In this case, they are based in Spain.

Their renting service has quite a good coverage in plenty of countries, and Russia is part of that huge list. As for the renting price, they charge $55.65 for a week of use, which includes 1 GB of cellular data per day.  There are other plans for use, but they can cost more than $90.

As for the delivery service, the company can send the rented device to different locations. The price to pay will vary, once again, depending on where people are located, causing the rates to vary from 2 to 23 USD.

Travel WiFi also has a penalty that’s immediately charged to those who lose or damage one of the devices they rented. In this case, the company charges $179!

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is an option for people who are based in the North American subcontinent, as they are located in the United States.

This company offers an unlimited data plan for people in many locations for $104.93 for a week of use. They also have other data plans for longer trips, which travelers can keep in mind.

As for the delivery service, they have different rates in this case. For people living in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, rates vary from 10 to 30 USD, whilst people who are not in these countries will have to pay $75 to receive the device! 

As for the penalty for losing or damaging a device, the company demands customers to pay for the insurance of the device. This reduces the extra fee to pay to $75 in case something happens to the Pocket WiFi for Russia you rented. 

Pocket Wifi alternatives

After everything we’ve discussed, it’s clear that using Pocket WiFi may not always be the best option. The majority of the prices these companies give are a bit too high for some travelers, and if something were to happen to a device, the service’s total cost might be far too high for many people.

However, people can also employ other options. To decide which one to use, let’s talk a little about SIM and eSIM cards as well as free WiFi. These three are used as alternatives for staying connected while traveling too, which is great.

Moscow, Russia. Source: Unsplash

eSIM for Russia with unlimited data

Due to how simple they are to use, eSIMs have become a well-known alternative for tourists in Moscow and all of Russia. They function similarly to a SIM card, but users won’t need to make any corresponding changes to their phone number or anything like that. With this eSIM, you will be connected to the best networks in the country.

Last-generation devices can use eSIM cards. However, Apple devices are the ones that employ this alternative the most. The Holafly eSIM for Russia with unlimited data seems like a wonderful alternative for travelers because it can be acquired quickly and has various advantages that other services don’t offer.

Additionally, there’s no need to stress about the activation procedure, as a QR code makes it possible to finish this part of the process in a matter of minutes. Therefore, many travelers may find that this alternative eSIM card for Russia is an excellent choice!

Also, the available plans in Russia, vary from 5 days to 20, and they all include unlimited data! And the best thing is that prices vary from $19 to $54.

Russia Prepaid SIM Card

Recently, international SIM cards have also gained popularity. To reach a bigger audience, many companies have improved and changed the way their conventional SIM cards operate.

The Holafly eSIM card for Russia is an option you shouldn’t overlook if this seems that it could work for you. Especially because it is a better alternative to local SIM cards. They provide numerous advantages, like free delivery, first-rate coverage, and more!

But people can still try to get a SIM card while in Russia as there are many stores available from the very first moment they arrive to the airport.

Free International WiFi

These days, there are many locations where we may access free WiFi. As a popular tourist destination, Russia offers a variety of WiFi hotspots for visitors.

The problem with using or relying entirely on Russia’s WiFi hotspots is that they won’t always be accessible. So, try to remember that.

Which is better?

Up to this point, there are many things we have talked about and mentioned. Therefore, we can’t tell Pocket WiFi devices are a bad idea to use, but they might not be the most accessible alternative out there.

But, using an eSIM or SIM card might actually be a better idea. So, you can rely on the ideas we gave you, as Holafly will always help you stay connected while traveling!