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Best Pocket Wifi for Morocco: How much does it cost?

If you are traveling any time soon to Morocco and want to take a Pocket WiFi Morocco with you, here, you will learn everything related to it!

Julio Osuna

August 23, 2023

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Morocco is one of those places where there are many things to do. It is one of the magical places where travelers can somehow see the Eastern and Western cultures clash due to how close the country is to Europe. That’s why we will discuss the Pocket WiFi for Morocco today, so you can stay connected everywhere you go!

With Pocket WiFi, people can save money as they won’t have to spend money on a roaming service. But, there might be many doubts regarding how the service works. That’s why we will tell you everything you need to know about these devices today!

eSIM for Morocco

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What is Pocket WiFi?

Those who may not yet be familiar with “Pocket WiFi” refer to a portable device that gives us WiFi while traveling abroad. The closest example of Pocket WiFi is when you use your phone to share cellular data while traveling.

However, there are more doubts regarding this service. Nowadays, various companies rent out these famous devices to tourists, each with its cellular data plan, price, terms, and conditions.

But in the end, what we’re discussing is a portable device that people can rent, get delivered to their homes or picked up at the airport, and then turn on to stay connected while they’re on the road.

These devices can also be purchased, which makes things a bit more complicated. Travelers should know which Pocket WiFi for Morocco devices to use.

How much does Pocket Wifi for Morocco cost?

Renting a portable WiFi in Morocco is surprisingly easy. People can complete this process online through the company website, where they can select their cellular data plan and the duration of their rental and even add accessories for the smartphone if they wish to.

However, renting these gadgets can be pretty pricey. If we ignore the small print on the contract, the costs could go up even further! Nevertheless, there is no need to fear because we will discuss these possibilities now.

Travelers WiFi

Travelers WiFi provides WiFi for Morocco with their Pocket devices! One of their HQs is located in Europe and provides customers with the option to quickly obtain the device they are renting through their delivery service.

Other than that, customers can choose from various cellular data plans. The basic one, with a one-week rental period, can cost as much as $84.85. People who purchase this plan will have access to 1 GB of cellular data daily; additional plans are available but are more expensive.

Before coming to Morocco, you can pay between 4 and 34 USD for the delivery service if you want the item delivered to your home. People will be able to stay in touch immediately without worrying about where they will receive their devices.

Finally, we must discuss a “penalty” fee that Travelers WiFi has to wrap up our discussion. The corporation will demand $159 from the owner of the Pocket WiFi device if it is lost or damaged.


An option that people have while in Latin America is MioWiFi. They are based in Argentina, and it’s great to know that!

Due to its services, this company has grown extremely significant among travelers in Latin America. Knowing their pricing, which is $56 for a week of use and includes 1 GB of cellular data per day, is crucial.

There is no need to worry if you are not in Argentina because the company also provides delivery services to consumers in other countries out there. The cost will range from 40 to 50 USD, depending on where you are.

MioWiFi also takes the best possible care of their equipment with their return policies. When using one, remember that they have a lost/damage policy where they can charge consumers up to $250 if something happens to the Pocket device.

Travel WiFi

We have returned to Europe with this option. Travel WiFi is a well-known company in Spain that offers its service on a worldwide scale.

This business provides a service accessible in various nations. With their devices, accessing the global internet is straightforward. The weekly cost for Morocco is $76.65 and includes 1 GB of cellular data. The cost for 10 GB of cellular data is up to $30 if individuals want to use other plans.

There’s also the chance to use delivery service with Travel WiFi! As for now, their costs range from 2 to 23 USD. Like other companies, the cost to use this service will change based on the customers’ destination.

The company’s penalties when someone loses or damages a device, are something else we simply could not leave out of this discussion. Travel WiFi will charge $179 in this case, which needs to be paid right away.

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is an additional option for those who live close to Morocco; to be more precise, this choice works well for travelers in Canada and the US.

Cello Mobile’s Pocket WiFi Morocco service is only available with one plan. They also provide their gadgets for longer trips. But for now, this service costs $349.99 for a week. Only 1 GB of cellular data per day is included with each of their basic plans.

People can also use a delivery service using Cello Mobile. But in this instance, a few things have changed. The delivery fee ranges from 10 to 30 USD for someone between Canada and the USA. They charge $75 for other destinations without considering the travelers’ location.

Finally, the corporation charges an additional price if something happens to a person’s rented device. In this instance, Cello Mobile requires insurance payment while renting the equipment, bringing down the cost to $75.

Pocket WiFi alternatives

After everything we’ve spoken about, it’s clear that using Pocket WiFi may not always be the greatest option. Most of the prices these companies give are a bit too high, and if something happens to a device, the service’s total cost might be far too high for many people.

However, people can also employ other options. Let’s talk a bit about SIM, eSIM cards, and free WiFi, so we can decide which one to use.

Morocco. Source: Unsplash

eSIM for Morocco with unlimited data plans

Because they are so simple to use, eSIMs have gained much popularity as an alternative among tourists. They function like SIM cards, but users won’t have to make any corresponding phone number changes.

Apple products are the ones that employ this alternative the most, but eSIM cards can be used in last-generation cell phones. The Morocco eSIM from Holafly seems like an excellent idea to us. It may be purchased in a matter of seconds and offers several advantages! Like having unlimited data for our trip or the opportunity to extend our service through top-ups.

Additionally, there is no need to stress over the activation procedure. With a QR code, it can be finished in a short amount of time. Therefore, many tourists may find that this international eSIM card for Morocco is an excellent idea!

From Morocco, a typical visit is to reach Spain, and thanks to Holafly, you will also have access to one of the top-rated eSIM cards to visit Spain.

Morocco Prepaid SIM Card

Recently, international SIM cards have also gained popularity. Many companies have improved and changed how their conventional SIM cards operate to reach a wider audience.

Online stores and local operators in Morocco offer these SIM cards for tourists. It is ideal to consider this option when you do not have a phone compatible with virtual SIM cards.

Free International WiFi

These days, we may obtain free WiFi in a variety of locations. Morocco is a tourist destination. Thus, it offers a variety of WiFi hotspots for visitors.

The problem with using or entirely depending on Morocco’s WiFi hotspots is that they won’t always be accessible. So, try to remember that as much as you can.

Which is better?

After all, this is what we’ve seen. Which service to use is a decision we must make. Although pocket WiFi devices are a fantastic choice, the costs are reasonably high.

However, taking an eSIM card seems like the most outstanding choice. Therefore, the eSIM Morocco takes place when deciding which one is superior in Morocco.