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Prepaid SIM card for Saudi Arabia: Where to Buy in 2024?

Are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia? Find here everything you need to know about the best SIM card for Saudi Arabia.


January 1, 2024

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This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best SIM card for Saudi Arabia. You will read about prices, features, advantages, where to buy it, and more information for you to make the best decision! Keep reading!

This is one of the most exotic destinations you can choose to visit; Saudi Arabia boasts historical sites, natural landscapes, cultural attractions, and world-class dining. With what you can imagine being a rudimentary landscape ahead of you, you can’t help but stay connected during your trip to this country.

Before you think about alternatives like international roaming or an additional device like pocket wifi, wait! By far, these alternatives are more expensive than SIM cards and less practical. What is an excellent alternative is the virtual SIM card or just eSIM for Saudi Arabia, which we will also give you all the information you need.

The evolution of SIM cards known as eSIM has arrived to make communication easier.

A virtual SIM card for Saudi Arabia allows you to stay connected abroad without having to install a physical chip in your phone. With 5% OFF. Code: MYESIMNOW5

Where can I buy a SIM card for Saudi Arabia?

Don’t worry; just because deserts surround this country doesn’t mean you have nowhere to buy your SIM card for Saudi Arabia. As of 2019, the country has opened its doors more to tourists interested in getting to know its territory.

One thing you should not expect to find is many public wifi zones, so it is more convenient to have your own internet connection with a prepaid SIM card. Therefore, you should include one in your list of necessities, and the good news is that you can buy one even before you arrive.

tourist in saudi arabia
Tourists using their cell phones in Saudi Arabia.

As mentioned above, you can buy your Saudi Arabia tourist SIM card in two main ways. To this list, we would like to add the virtual alternative known as eSIM:

  • Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased before you start your trip through online stores.
  • You can buy them once you arrive in Saudi Arabia at local carrier stores throughout the country.
  • As long as your phone is compatible with eSIM technology, you can buy them through online providers with immediate delivery of the service.

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Buy before you travel.

It is certainly the most used way by travelers and tourists from all over the world. Buying your Saudi Arabia prepaid SIM card before your arrival in the country has great advantages. First of all, there is flexibility in the plans of the online stores focused on tourists. We cannot leave aside the fact that you can stay connected as soon as you land at the airport and activate the SIM card that you will already have at hand.

In this sense, you must also consider that after the purchase through the internet, you must wait for the delivery of the SIM card to your address. 

There are multiple online stores and providers that you can use, but you should always keep in mind a couple of features. Points like the coverage they will offer you once you arrive in the country and in which local operator their services are supported. Despite being an international service, they always work hand in hand with a local company, so your connection will depend on this good coverage.

Regarding this, virtual SIM cards outperform their physical counterparts by improving delivery times and connections with local operators. However, if you decide to purchase a physical SIM card or virtual SIM card before your trip to Saudi Arabia, you can expect to have these advantages.

Pros of buying a data plan for abroad before traveling

  • Internet from the very first moment.

As you will have the SIM card or virtual SIM card for Saudi Arabia with you as soon as you arrive in the country, you will be able to connect as quickly as the service is available. Good news if you want to look up an address or let your friends and family know that you have arrived safely.

  • Prepared for any situation.

You will have more time to solve any inconvenience with the chip or your phone. The purchase and configuration will be made from your home, so if you need help, you can solve any situation with time and peace of mind.

  • Data sharing is available.

Usually, the rule is different, but some providers like Holafly offer eSIM cards for Saudi Arabia with the availability of data sharing to nearby devices.

Buy your tourist SIM card in Saudi Arabia.

A second way to stay connected on your trip to Saudi Arabia is to purchase a prepaid SIM card once you arrive there. By this, you should look for information from the local phone companies, locate one of their physical stores and go to the one closest to your point of arrival. These companies offer packages for tourists but with fewer options than virtual stores. It is essential to mention that as a tourist, you can only have two active SIM cards in Saudi Arabia, and of course, you must go through a SIM registration system. Currently, the phone companies that offer Saudi Arabia tourist SIM cards are:

Mobily SIM card for Saudi Arabia.

This company in 2004 broke the telecommunications monopoly in Saudi Arabia by offering nationwide wireless services. It has a wide variety of prepaid packages available with 4G and 5G coverage and connection. It gives data for browsing from 1GB up to 15GB and even unlimited data options. Also included in most of its options are minutes to local numbers within the country.

All plans have a four-week usage period except for the Prepaid Weekly and Prepaid Daily, which, as their name indicates, have periods of one week and one day. Finally, the purchase can be made at any branch or through their website with free delivery within the country. In any of the cases, you will be asked for your identification for the SIM card registration process.

Zain Saudi SIM card for Saudi Arabia.

This is another well-known operator in Saudi Arabia that has plans for visitors. The names of their packages for tourists are Precisely Visitor 30, 50, 70, and 130. Each of these plans includes browsing data from 3GB to 25 GB. These options also include GB to use on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat in addition to the usual browsing data.

Last but not least, you will enjoy minutes for calls to local numbers. You can activate these services through codes sent to their customer service numbers, and the plans renew automatically. The minutes also cover international calls to Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and Indonesia, among other destinations.

STC Prepaid SIM card.

STC is known for recently winning the award for the fastest 5G network in Saudi Arabia. They also have in their catalog some data packages for tourists called Sawa visitor 35, 55, 70, and 100. Their plans range from 2GB to 45GB to use in three weeks, you can book the SIM card 30 days before your arrival, but you still have to pick it up at one of their branches upon arrival.

If you find it difficult to locate an STC sales office on their website, there is a map to find them. The plans do not include calls or messages, but if you have credit on your SIM card, you can send or call for a flat rate.

How much does a prepaid SIM card for internet in Saudi Arabia cost?

As you may notice, there are a variety of local SIM cards for Saudi Arabia that you can choose from, the more comprehensive the plan, the more expensive they can be. The price range for the most basic plans is $9 for no more than 1GB of usage. Then we have medium plans from $16 to $30 for 15GB of data or more.

Finally, we can find more complete plans with unlimited data from $40 and up. We don’t want to let this opportunity pass without reminding you that as a tourist, you can buy a maximum of two prepaid SIM cards for Saudi Arabia. Buying with any of the operators, you will also have to go through the SIM registration required by local laws.

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Holafly eSIM for Saudi Arabia: a great alternative.

Unlimited data eSIM for Saudi Arabia
eSIM for Saudi Arabia. Source: Holafly.

You can’t miss what we will present to you as the best alternative to physical SIM cards for Saudi Arabia. These are the eSIM or virtual SIM cards, which in short, are the digital advance of the traditional SIM.

For this reason, it has become very popular to buy them through online stores because they are completely virtual, and their delivery and activation is almost immediate. Remote providers such as Holafly offer eSIM for Saudi Arabia with easy access for everyone and quick activation through a QR received in your email.

In addition to the above, eSIMs not only advance the delivery and installation process, they also represent a cost-saving and green solution to the mass production of traditional SIMs. It is worth mentioning that in order to use them, you must have a compatible mobile phone; generally, these are the latest generation. Don’t miss the opportunity to move forward with virtual SIM cards on your next trip to Saudi Arabia!

Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual SIM cards

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of eSIMs, so that you can evaluate the best option for you


  • Optimize your time.

Being virtual, the purchase and activation of eSIMs can be made in minutes through online stores like Holafly. You just choose your destination, the data plan you want and after paying you will receive an activation QR.

  • No matter where you are.

Whether you are at home planning your trip or you are already in Saudi Arabia, either way, you can buy your eSIM. Since you don’t have to wait for a shipment, you can purchase from anywhere with internet access. Ideal for when we travel to other destinations such as UAE or similar, we will have internet thanks to the Holafly virtual SIM card UAE or if you travel to more than one destination, stay connected with an Asia eSIM for tourists.

  • You can buy top-ups

If you want to extend the period of use or you have exhausted your data and want to continue browsing you can buy a top-up for the same destination. This will be activated on your phone immediately without having to set up a new eSIM.


  • Limited compatibility with cell phones

The main disadvantage of eSIM cards is their limited compatibility. Being new tech, many older cell phones do not offer it, so before you buy, check your cell phone is compatible.

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How much does a tourist eSIM for Saudi Arabia cost?

As with the physical versions, the costs of the eSIM for Saudi Arabia may vary depending on the provider you use and the coverage provided by the contracted plan. We are not only referring to the amount of data you can use but also to the reach the eSIM can have in the country based on the local operator you connect to. This is why it is always important to compare the available options

Virtual SIM card for travel in Saudi Arabia

Currently, the virtual card for Saudi Arabia has five plans available:

Days of useMobile dataPrice (USD)
5 daysUnlimited data$19
7 daysUnlimited data$27
10 daysUnlimited data$34
15 daysUnlimited data$47
20 daysUnlimited data$54
Holafly eSIM card for Saudi Arabia.

The Holafly eSIM for Saudi Arabia is an excellent option for people worldwide. You will enjoy your cellular data right when you land. You will also have unlimited data, and as with pocket WiFi, you can share up to 500 MB per day via hotspot.

Frequently asked questions about SIM cards for Saudi Arabia

How much does a SIM card for Saudi Arabia cost? 

It depends on the number of days and the GB you choose. If you pick Holafly, you have different prices for their eSIM card.

What if I have a problem with my SIM card?

Depending on the operator you choose, your problem can be solved. If you get the Holafly eSIM card, you will have 24/7 chat service and support. You can also call for help.

How can I have the internet in Saudi Arabia?

It is better if you have a SIM card or eSIM. This way, you will be connected all the time, and you will never run out of the internet. But, there are other options, such as using your local operator’s international roaming or renting a pocket wifi, but these are very expensive alternatives.

Which are the main operators in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Mobily, and Zain Saudi Arabia are the most popular operators in this country. The Holafly eSIM cards use the Saudi Telecom Company.

Recommendations to choose the best SIM card for Saudi Arabia.

  • Download apps, games, and videos before activating your data plan, so you don’t waste your data.
  • Make sure your cell phone has unlocked bands so that it can connect to other networks.
  • If you are not using your phone, turn off your data plan. This way, you will avoid consuming your data quickly. 
  • Don’t buy your SIM card at the airport because you might have problems communicating, and it might be very expensive.

Alright friends, we have reached the end of this article. Hopefully, this information will help you pick the SIM card for Saudi Arabia that best suits your needs. There is no doubt, with Holafly’s eSIM your experience will be unforgettable. You won’t regret it!