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Best SIM card for Jersey: Which one should I pick?

Traveling to Jersey is amazing, and taking a SIM Card Jersey with you can make it even better, but there are some things you need to know!

Julio Osuna

May 26, 2023

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In case you are planning to travel any time soon to Jersey, you have to be prepared for everything. You don’t only have to think about which places you will visit, but you also have to think about how you will stay communicate while being there. That’s why we will talk about the SIM Card Jersey today.

Once you have read everything we have to say here, you will be able to stay calm as you won’t have to worry much about communicating while traveling. So, pay attention to what we have to say here.

eSIM for Jersey

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Where can I buy a SIM card for Jersey?

Don’t you know where you can buy a SIM card? No need to worry, you have three options to get one!

  • Get it on an online store: This has become pretty common at this point, and we highly recommend using the Holafly virtual SIM cards when traveling.
  • Buy it in a physical store: If you want to get a SIM card, chances are that you can get it in a physical store in seconds.
  • If you want to, and your phone works with it, you can get an eSIM to make things easier.

Sure Jersey SIM card for Jersey

Sure Jersey is the largest mobile network operator in Jersey, offering a variety of SIM card plans to suit different needs. Their Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards are a popular option for tourists and visitors, as they offer a flexible and affordable way to stay connected while in Jersey.

  • Easy to buy.
  • Works with open-band devices. 
  • Gives 4G connections depending on the device people are using.

As we can see, the Sure Jersey SIM card is a good idea, but they are more focused on offering this service to people living in the country, which makes Holafly eSIM a better option.

Airtel-Vodafone SIM card for Jersey

Airtel-Vodafone is the leading mobile network operator in Jersey, offering a wide range of SIM cards and plans to suit all needs. For pay-as-you-go, there are two main plans, island plan SIM and switch SIM

  • They have two plans for travelers.
  • Most of their plans start at over $20.
  • Works with 4G connections.
  • International roaming available.

As we can tell, Airtel-Vodafone is an accessible option for travelers too. But, the thing here is the fact that it is a bit harder for travelers to get one, whilst the Holafly digital SIM card is easier to get.

Holafly eSIM for Jersey: a great alternative

Unlimited data eSIM for Jersey from Holafly.

Now that we have discussed SIM cards and eSIMs, it’s time to talk more about how eSIM works? These SIM cards are completely digital; people won’t have to worry about dealing with a new SIM card on their phones.

That’s basically how things work with eSIMs. They are activated through a QR code and can be easily bought through websites. But, let’s talk a bit more about other things people have to know about the eSIM Jersey.

  • People can activate their eSIM with a QR code.
  • When using an eSIM, most people will have access to 4G networks.
  • People will have unlimited data on all available packages.
  • You can renew your service through top-ups.
  • There are no major changes in the app installed on the phone.
  • If using a Holafly eSIM Jersey, customer support will be available 24/7.
  • The activation process is completed within minutes.
  • Works as a roaming service, but it is cheaper.

The only thing we have to mention here and that people have to keep in mind as much as possible is that the eSIM doesn’t give people a new phone number. So, keep that in mind. 

How much does a Holafly eSIM card for Jersey cost?

Currently, the virtual card for Jersey has two plans available:

Days of UseMobile DataPrice (USD)
5 Days Unlimited data19 USD 
7 Days Unlimited data27 USD 
10 Days Unlimited data34 USD 
15 Days Unlimited data47 USD 
20 DaysUnlimited data54 USD
Table 1. Price comparison of the different eSIM plans of Holafly

As we can see, there are different options for people who want to use one, so there’s no need to worry much about your budget. 

Which is the best SIM card for Jersey?

For us is pretty clear which SIM card is the best. As Airtel-Vodafone and Sure Jersey are more focused on giving a better service to local citizens, we highly recommend using the Holafly virtual SIM card for traveling purposes.

Frequent questions about the best SIM card for Jersey

What if I have a problem with my SIM card?

If you decide to use the Holafly digital SIM card, you can contact their customer support whenever you need it! 

How can I get a SIM card for Jersey?

It will depend. We mentioned different ways of getting one before, and if you are in Europe, you can get your Holafly virtual SIM card immediately!

Which are the main operators in Jersey?

As for now, the main operators working in Jersey are Sure Jersey and Sure Guernsey, JT Jersey and JT Guernsey, and Airtel-Vodafone. Holafly’s eSIM for this destination has coverage of JT Jersey.

Why should I buy a SIM card for Jersey? 

It will help you save a lot of money and get an easier way to communicate with other people with ease! 

Recommendations to choose the best SIM card for Jersey.

  • Try to download content, such as movies, music, or even games, without your mobile data from your SIM card.
  • Check that your cellphone has unlocked bands for the SIM card to work.
  • Remember to check the information about what requirements you need to have when trying to enter Jersey.
  • Try to turn your data off whenever you are not using them.
  • Try to buy the SIM card before you reach Jersey.

We really hope you find all this information useful! Now, you will be prepared for you to travel to Jersey and even to other locations. And the best part? Holafly will be there for you to help you as much as possible!