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MobiMatter review: Get to Know This eSIM Marketplace

Looking for an honest MobiMatter review? Explore its eSIM offerings, user experiences, pros, and cons to make an informed decision.


May 28, 2024

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With so many eSIM providers on the market today, how do you choose the best one? Google searches will return results with different options, but that’s not always the most convenient way to choose. That’s why some people browse eSIM marketplaces instead of the Internet. One such marketplace is the MobiMatter eSIM marketplace, and this is an honest MobiMatter review.

After all, before you commit to a purchase, you need to understand all the features and services, advantages and disadvantages, as well as real testimonials from people who actually used their services. You’ll find all that and more in this article. So, let’s start.

What is MobiMatter? 

MobiMatter is an eSIM marketplace but also offers some SIM cards. It doesn’t have its own eSIM product but sells eSIM plans from other providers. In that way, it is an intermediary, which has advantages and disadvantages. 

It has been around since 2022 and is based in Abu Dhabi. It aims to present people with the most affordable offers in their countries help them find the best eSIM providers while traveling abroad, and offer consistently a great price. Whether they succeed or not, we’ll try to explore in this MobiMatter eSIM review.

If you buy your data eSIM from them, you can use it instantly by scanning the eSIM QR code, but you can also order a physical SIM card. This option is advisable if your phone supports multiple SIM cards. It goes without saying that you should check if your phone supports eSIMs at all before purchasing one.

MobiMatter also offers the option of topping up your eSIM and SIM cards and checking your data usage via its website.

You can find eSIM options for over 190 countries, but they also offer various regional options and global packages. There are 7 providers for regional plans:

  • Sparks
  • eSIMGo
  • Ubigi
  • Three
  • Airalo
  • AIS
  • TSimTech (only for Asia)

How to Search for eSIM in Mobimmater’s Marketplace

When you land on Mobimmater’s website, you’ll find the destination browser, suggested destinations, and options to jump straight to Topup or Check Usage. Below that section, you’ll see popular eSIM offers listed out and an option to select the currency. Offered currencies are:

  • US dollar (USD)
  • UAE dirham (AED)
  • Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • British pound (BGP)
  • Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  • Indian rupee (INR)
  • Israeli shekel (ILS)
  • South Korean Won (KRW)
  • Saudi riyal (SAR)
  • Singapore dollar (SGD)

These many options are more appropriate for advanced users of eSIMs and similar services, as this website can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users. 

mobimatter website
Source: MobiMatter home page

Once you start typing in your destination, you will be prompted to a search result page that offers extensive filtering options. Again, this works well for those who buy data eSIMs frequently but might be confusing for novices.

mobimatter filtering options
Source: MobiMatter website

Once you click on the option from your result page, you will be sent to the product page. There, you’ll find more details about the eSIM, including how much data you can expect, which areas it covers, and more.

mobimatter product page
Source: MobiMatter website

This is another overwhelming screen with much information. Truspilot review, login prompt, FAQs, and more. Clicking on a Buy now button brings you to another such page.

mobimatter pruchase step two
Source: MobiMatter website

Apparently, Mobilematter offers several ways to save money, get discounts, or earn cashback. They have referral programs and the option to register on their website. These are all nice options for those who have gone through this process a few times but might be too much for one-time buyers.

MobiMatter eSIM Review: Features and Services

No MobiMatter review would be complete without a deep dive into advantages, disadvantages, data plans, connectivity review, and more. So, let’s start.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MobiMatter eSIMs

Let’s summarize this marketplace’s pros and cons in an easily skimmable list.

A wide variety of companies and operators
Advanced filtering caters to advanced users
Good coverage
Seems to be a good option for Asia
Not a direct provider, but a reseller
Complicated interface for first-time users
Advanced filtering doesn’t work well
Unapproachable and subpar customer service
Users complain about connectivity

MobiMatter eSIM Data Plans

Since there are different eSIM providers in this marketplace, their offers vary significantly. When choosing a provider and your plan, check if it includes enough data, whether it covers several countries or just one country, and if you can expect a good strong signal at most places you’ll be visiting. Besides that, check the validity, and, of course, the prices. Here are some offers for the USA and Europe.


This marketplace currently offers 66 eSIMs from different providers. If you exclude the Global option from your search, you will still have an overwhelming 58 products. 

Some of them include USA and Europe, or Canada. It’s interesting to note that excluding Global option didn’t really exclude all of them from the offer. If you are looking for a USA-exclusive eSIM, you’ll have to browse through all of these. 

Some providers cover counties outside the USA but are created primarily for the USA. Spark and Airalo eSIMs cover more than the USA, while eSIMGo covers the USA exclusively. Three also only covers the USA but offers calls in addition to data.

Sparks offers generous plans in terms of data for a good price, especially for those who plan a longer stay. Short-stay travelers can find even cheaper Airalo options, but they make sense only if your stay is up to two weeks. eSIMGo caters to those who need call options.

USA 100 GB 90 DaysSparks90 days100 GB$69.99
USA 50 GB 90 DaysSparks90 days50 GB$39.99
USA 30 GBSparks30 days30 GB$21.99
USA 15 GBSparks30 days15 GB$11.99
USA 7 GBSparks30 days7 GB$6.99
USA Premium 20 GBeSIMGo30 days20 GB$25.99
USA Premium 10 GBeSIMGo30 days10 GB$14.49
USA Premium 5 GBeSIMGo30 days5 GB$8.49
USA Premium 3 GBeSIMGo30 days3 GB$5.49
USA Premium 2 GBeSIMGo15 days2 GB$4.49
USA Premium 1 GBeSIMGo7 days1 GB$3.49
USA 15 GB 3000 MinutesThree30 days15 GB$24.99
USA 8 GB 3000 MinutesThree30 days8 GB$19.99
North America 5 GBAirlalo30 days5 GB$25.50
North America 3 GBAirlalo30 days3 GB$17
North America 2 GBAirlalo15 days2 GB$12
North America 1 GBAirlalo7 days1 GB$6.50


When you select Europe eSIM plans, you will get 52 options. Most cover Europe and the USA, Euroasia, or are Balkan specials. However, when you’re looking for EU-specific plans, here’s what you’ll find.

Best Europe 50 GBeSIMGo30 days50 GB$49.99
Best Europe 20 GBeSIMGo30 days20 GB$21.99
Best Europe 10 GBeSIMGo30 days10 GB$12.99
Best Europe 5 GBeSIMGo30 days5 GB$7.99
Best Europe 2 GBeSIMGo15 days2 GB$4.49
Best Europe 1 GBeSIMGo7 days1 GB$3.49
Extended Europe 1 GBUbigi30 days1 GB$8.99
Eurolink 10 GBAiralo30 days10 GB$37.00
Eurolink 5 GBAiralo30 days5 GB$20.00
Eurolink 3 GBAiralo30 days3 GB$13.00
Eurolink 1 GBAiralo7 days1 GB$5.00

How to Install and Activate MobiMatter eSIMs

Before you buy an eSIM, check if your device supports eSIM technology. Since an eSIM is basically a chip in your phone, you cannot use it if your phone is not designed for it. Most latest Samsung phones, iPhones, and similar brands are eSIM-compatible.

If you purchase an eSIM for the first time via browser, you will receive a QR code in your email. You will scan it to activate your card.

mobimatter installation
Source: MobiMatter website

If you’re using the app, and this is your first purchase, your app will recognize your eSIM. If you have used this multiple times, the app will ask you whether you want to top up your previous eSIM or buy a new one.

You can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, card, or crypto.

MobiMatter Coverage

Mobile providers that sell their plans on this marketplace cover almost 200 destinations globally. Most of these packages offer 4G speeds, but some offer 5G connectivity in areas where this is supported. It largely depends on the provider and the location. 

For the USA, 5G connectivity is offered mainly by selected Ubigi and eSIMGo plans. In Europe, Airalo, eSIMGo, and Sparks offer this coverage. You can hope to get 5G in Asia by using Sparks. For Africa, Mobilematter doesn’t explicitly show any regional plans that offer 5G.

MobiMatter Mobile App

You can easily find the Mobilematter app on Google Play or Apple Store. Purchasing through the app is pretty similar to the website version of their service. However, you will be prompted to sign up instantly when you open the app. It’s not apparent that you can continue accessing everything you need as a guest.

mobimatter app sign up
Source: MobiMatter app

The rest of the steps while purchasing the eSIM are the same. First, you pick the data plan:

mobimatter app step 2
Source: MobiMatter app

You can choose your discount, pay with a Rewards balance, or apply a promo code. After this step, you need to leave your name and email address, which will be used to receive your QR code. Your last step is the actual payment.

The app can check the usage of your data eSIMs if you have more than one. You can also see your rewards and change your currency or language. At the moment, MobiMatter offers English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, and Hebrew.

MobiMatter Refund Policy

This is a good moment to remember that MobiMatter is not a provider but a reseller, so they will follow the operator’s policies. You can get a refund if you’ve downloaded or activated an eSIM and it stops working due to a technical fault, and if no solution is provided within 24 hours after troubleshooting. Cancellations or returns are only possible if the eSIM hasn’t been downloaded or activated, but depending on the operator’s policies, you might have to pay a fee. Refunds are processed back to your original payment method within 10 to 45 days. However, you won’t get your refund if:

  • You did not seek help from MobiMatter.
  • You damaged the product (e.g., deleted eSIM, damaged or lost device).
  • You made the wrong purchase and activated the wrong product.
  • You partially used the eSIM
  • You are not satisfied with the network performance.

MobiMatter Accessibility

When trying to connect with MobiMatter, you will be offered an FAQ section, and Help & Support section. However, there are no phone numbers, or live chats to choose from

Help & Support is a troubleshooting section that creates a ticket for their customer support staff. That doesn’t inspire confidence in great service if any issues arise.

mobimatter troubleshooting help
Source: MobiMatter website

MobiMatter eSIM vs. Local eSIM

Given that this is a marketplace and not a provider, a logical question needs to be asked—why would you purchase a plan from a reseller and not go to the provider directly? Let’s compare several plans and see.

These comparisons were made using the USA packages.

Some offers aren’t found on Sparks website
Longer validity on some plans
Bigger data plans
Sometimes better price
More currencies
More payment options
Short-term smaller options available
Longer validity on small plans
Obligatory sign-up before looking into plans
Website available in many more languages
Doesn’t have all the offers like on Airalo
Largest plan has 5 GB
Better prices for same plans
Biggest plan has 20GB
Has chat, FB messenger, and WhatsApp options for support

User Reviews About Mobimmatter

Here are some opinions from users who took their time to review MobiMatter and point out the good and the bad points of their experience. We’ll classify them into positive and negative ones and try to pull out those that seem the most typical in both groups.

Positive reviews

andrzej on trustpilot five star review
Source: Andrzej on Trustpilot

screenbite on trustpilot five stars
Source: screenbite on Trustpilot

Negative reviews

one star review from mehmetanil on trustpilot
Source: MehmetAnil on Trustpilot
one-star review from Andi on trustpilot
Andi on Trustpilot

Alternative to MobiMatter eSIM: Holalfy eSIM with Unlimited Data

If you are looking for an alternative to MobiMatter, Holafly and its unlimited data option are excellent choices. Holafly plans offer tailored unlimited data plans and dedicated and responsive customer service. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Holafly eSIMs with Unlimited Data

Here’s what you should know about Holafly if you decide to go down that route and how it compares to MobiMatter.

eSIM provider – more control over quality
Great user experience
Excellent customer support
Paypal payment option
Ability to pick number of days for your plan
eSIM reseller – more options
Competitive pricing for some plans
Crypto payment option
Some SIM options

Review of MobiMatter: Is It Worth It?

MobiMatter is a solid option for travelers who have used eSIMs before. Novices might find it hard to navigate the complicated interface and all the search filters. Also, some may feel a bit nervous purchasing their packages from resellers.

Holafly, on the other hand, offers a very easy way to purchase as many eSIMs as you want, for as many days as you like. There’s no cap on your data usage, but there is a cap on your hotspot sharing.

FAQ About MobiMatter eSIM Review

Is MobiMatter trustworthy?

Yes, MobiMatter is a real company.

Where is MobiMatter from?

MobiMatter is from the United Emirates. They are located in Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, in Abu Dhabi.

What are the disadvantages of MobiMatter?

The main disadvantages are:
Little control over the plans given that they are resellers
Customer support leaves a lot to be desired
Not the most user-friendly interface