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Best eSIM for Spain in 2024

Get the best eSIM for Spain and stay connected with unlimited data and phone calls no matter how long you stay!

Leoneska R.

January 23, 2024

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Are you interested in getting an eSIM for Spain? Here, we have a guide that will help you choose among the best alternatives in the market. That way, you won’t have a hard time finding the best eSIM for Spain in 2024. So, if you want to stay connected to the internet in Spain, keep an eye on the best options we have for you.

eSIM for Spain

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Do eSIMs work in Spain?

Yes. Spain is one of the European countries where users can find most mobile carriers that now provide eSIMs for their customers.

Currently, eSIMs work in Spain thanks to different carriers such as Vodafone, O2, Orange, Pepephone, Movistar, and Yoigo.

Why should I get an eSIM for Spain?

View of the la Sagrada Familia Basilica. Source: Pexels

Getting an eSIM with a data plan and phone number for your trip to Spain will be very useful and will reduce the cost of your budget. 

You will not have to pay roaming in Spain charges from your domestic operator in Spain. Roaming charges are too high, and many internet operators in Europe do not recommend it. 

On the other hand, you will be able to buy and activate your virtual SIM card in different ways, but our favorite one is through online stores or apps. 

You can get your prepaid eSIM before you travel, purchasing it from the comfort of your own home without the need to have it delivered to your home address or to go out, as the whole process is entirely digital. 

Also, consider that you’ll still be able to use your phone number if your cellphone is eSIM compatible and you activate your card. This way, your phone will become a dual SIM phone, and you can use your physical SIM along with the virtual SIM card simultaneously! It should not be forgotten that some eSIMs include international numbers to make calls.

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Which is the best eSIM for Spain?

Nowadays, many competitive companies are offering their virtual SIM card with data plan services to different parts of the world. So to know which are the best, it is necessary to know about each of them, about the opinions that users have, as the characteristics of their services, with their costs and details. 

That is why we have taken the trouble to summarize what we consider the top 6 eSIM for Spain, among which we find companies like Holafly, Flexiroam, Ubigi, Alo SIM, Bouygues, and Orange. Read on to find out about each of these, so you can decide which one is best for you and your trip.

eSIM featuresHolaflyFlexiroamUbigiAlo SIMBouyguesOrange
Do they charge for the eSIM?NoNoNoNoNoNo
Voice CallsYesNoNoNoNoYes
Top-UpYes. (Top-up for unlimited data plans increases the amount of working days)YesYesYesNoNo
Unlimited dataYesNoNoNoNoNo
Comparison between Holafly, Flexiroam, Ubigi, Alo SIM, Bouygues, and Orange.

1. Holafly eSIM for Spain: Unlimited data, voice and text

Best eSIM Spain
Holafly online store and destination finder. Source: Holafly

Our first option when talking about the best eSIM Spain comes with Holafly. With coverage in more than 170 destinations, the company has become the main alternative for many travelers who want to stay connected.

The Holafly eSIM for Spain comes with many features that make it a great option. There are no extra charges for the eSIM, 24/7 customer support through different channels, a top-up feature for all eSIMs, and a quick installation process.

All of the data packages offered by Holafly include unlimited data for Spain. These plans are the following:

  • Days: eSIMs for Spain vary from 5 to 90 days with Holafly.
  • Data: All data packages include unlimited data.
  • Price: Prices range from $19 to $99.
eSIM for Spain
eSIM with unlimited data in Spain. Source: Holafly.

With the Holafly Spain eSIM, users will also get access to an Austrian phone number, which allows them to make phone calls to many destinations around Europe and to receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. 

Lastly, Holafly has different payment methods available for use, which makes it easier for travelers to get their best eSIM for Spain. Of course, if you travel to other destinations in Europe, be sure to visit their online store and see all the plans there, including one of the best eSIM card options to travel to Italy.

2. Flexiroam

Flexiroam Logo. Source: Flexiroam.

Flexiroam comes as the second alternative for visiting Spain. They offer users a variety of data plans which can be purchased through their app or website.

When it comes to data packages, Flexiroam works with different amounts of days and mobile data. This works for people who are either traveling for business or fun.

Among the data packages, these are some of the available options:

  • Spain eSIM, 15 days with 3GB for $9.50
  • Spain eSIM, 15 days with 5GB for $11.90.
  • Spain eSIM, 15 days with 7GB for $13.90.

As for now, Flexiroam lacks unlimited data packages. Users who want to get an eSIM from the company can buy one using credit cards or through their app by using their wallet.

3. Ubigi

Ubigi Logo. Source: Ubigi.

Ubigi comes as the third option for travelers who are looking for a variety of data-limited packages when visiting Spain.

When it comes to purchasing one, people can buy an eSIM for Spain using their website or app. All the available plans will be shown on both sites and users need to create an account before completing the process.

As Ubigi has different data plans available, here are some of the options people can get:

  • One-off eSIMs: 30 days with 3, 10, or 30GB of mobile data for $8 to $48.
  • Monthly Plans: Available as a package for Europe with 5GB for $12 per month.
  • Annual eSIMs: Available for $49 with 2GB of data per month.

To complete the purchase, users will have access to payment methods such as PayPal, credit or debit cards, and many others.

4. Alo SIM eSIM

Alo SIM. Source: Alo SIM.

Our fourth options come with Alo SIM. Similar to the rest of the alternatives, people can get an eSIM from the company either through their website or by downloading their app, which also allows them to manage the eSIM for Spain.

There are some additional features, such as the aloCASH Credits which can be exchanged for eSIMs for travelers. As for Spain, 6 different data packages come with limited data and vary on how many days they work. These are some of the available options:

  • Alo eSIM for Spain for 30 days with 20GB for $26.
  • Alo eSIM for Spain for 30 days with 5GB for $11.50.
  • Alo eSIM for Spain for 7 days with 1GB for $4.50.

Remember that Alo SIM has only two payment options, credit card or aloCASH Credits. 

5. Bouygues

boyugues esim
Bouygues eSIM. Source: Bouygues.

Our fifth alternative comes with Bouygues. Bouygues is a company that offers mobile internet for different countries around Europe, and they also have an eSIM for travelers.

Bouygues is the simplest of all the alternatives on the list as they have only one data plan available for use. As for coverage, the Bouygues eSIM has coverage in Spain and other 49 destinations around Europe.

As for their eSIM, the eSIM for Spain comes with 30GB of mobile data and works for 30 days. This one will cost $43 and keeps the same activation process as other options from the list.

6. Orange

Orange Logo. Source: Orange.

Orange is a company that provides cellular services around Europe. Recently, they added the “Orange Holiday” option for travelers who want to stay connected with an eSIM or SIM card in Spain and around the world.

Compared to other alternatives, Orange has fewer data packages but includes some additional features such as text messages. Some of the data plans are the following:

  • Holiday Europe 12GB for €19.99 for 14 days.
  • Holiday Europe 30GB for €39.99 for 14 days.
  • Holiday Europe 50GB for €49.99 for 28 days.

Before completing the purchase process, Orange will ensure the device is compatible with the eSIM for Spain. In terms of coverage, it will have proper coverage as the company is one of the carriers available in the country.

Best eSIM plans for Spain: Which one to choose?

With many options available for use, it might be hard to choose one to take to Spain. But for us, the best eSIM for Spain is Holafly. With unlimited data, good data speed, and phone calls, it makes it a great combo for travelers.

The other plans will do their work in Spain, but won’t offer as many features as the one given by Holafly. Here are some extra things that will make you choose Holafly over other carriers.

Which one offers more mobile data?

As for the amount of data, Holafly offers the most. They have unlimited data available on all data plans. Also, if you want to extend the service, you can easily buy a Top-up that will be activated immediately on your phone without installing a new eSIM.

Which one offers phone numbers and international calls?

Of all the options, Holafly Spain eSIM offers this service at no additional cost. When you buy a prepaid virtual SIM card for Spain, you will be assigned an Austrian number with which you can receive calls from all over the world. You will be able to make calls to most of Europe. 

You have 60 minutes to receive calls and 60 minutes to make calls, i.e., 120 minutes in total. These minutes are renewed in case you buy another data package.

Orange also offers the phone call service with their eSIMs without an extra charge, which makes it the second option on the list that includes this service.

Which operators support the eSIM in Spain?

Another important factor to know before acquiring your eSIM to have cellular internet in Spain is to know with which operator in this country you will be connected, so you can have an idea if your internet connectivity will be good

In Spain, there are many really good quality operators, such as Movistar, Orange, and Vodafone. Among the stores we are talking about, we can tell you that Holafly uses Movistar Spain (Telefonica), one of the best eSIM providers in the country. However, we can conclude that due to its excellent connectivity to the Movistar network, its variable plans for Spain, and its well-known good customer service, Holafly stands out as one of the best stores to purchase your eSIM in Spain.