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Best portable WiFi for travel in 2023

Thinking about renting or buying a portable WIFi hotspot for traveling? Find all the information you need about it here!

mars 21, 2023

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When talking about portable WiFi hotspot for travel, there are many things that people must keep in mind. These devices offer many unknown features, and that’s something people need to have clear in their minds so they can get to enjoy what these devices offer to travelers.

When talking about portable WiFi hotspots for travel, people need to know how much they cost, the advantages and disadvantages of using one, as well as other options related to the overall usage of these devices.

So if you are looking for accessible travel alternatives, you can use to stay connected anywhere you travel to, then pay attention so you can get to know what portable WiFi devices can offer you!

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What is a Portable WiFi?

As the name states, portable WiFi is a device people can take wherever they go when traveling. It will work similarly to a router as it will provide internet to all those who are in the hotspot area of the device, which is great for a huge group of travelers who are looking for ways to stay connected abroad.

These devices can either be rented or bought. For most people, it is easier to rent them because they will only be used when traveling rather than while being in their country, as they will be able to get local data plans.

These devices will give people a chance to get up to 4G speeds with certain data plans. Most carriers offer data plans that can vary from 1 GB per day to up to 3 GB per day, depending on what people need to do.

Another thing that’s important to keep in mind is the fact that customers must remember that if something happens to the device, the provider will definitely charge a fee.

Advantages of Portable WiFi for travel

  • People can rent portable WiFi devices for as many days as they need.
  • Most companies have a renting flow that takes less than 5 minutes to be completed.
  • There are different data plans available for travelers to use where they can choose how much cellular data they will need per day.
  • People can receive portable WiFi devices at the location they prefer, thanks to the delivery and logistics provided by these carriers.
  • There are different ways for people to send the portable WIFi back to the company, depending on where they are located.
  • Some companies will add in perks for customers, such as extra batteries and other accessories.
  • There’s an option to buy insurance for the portable WiFi to avoid extra fees in case something happens to it.

Disadvantages of Portable WiFi

  • The rates for a week of renting can be up to $70 in most cases, depending on the company.
  • If something happens to the device, people will have to pay penalties that can be up to $200, depending on the company.
  • Data plans are very limited as most people choose the 1 GB data plan per day, which can be a bit low for some travelers.
  • The delivery time tends to be high for some providers, which can complicate people’s travel plans.
  • Users must pay attention during the entire trip, to avoid that anything happens to the portable WiFi.
  • As it needs a battery, people will need to keep an eye on how much battery it has left while getting to know new places.

How much is a portable WiFi hotspot?

When it comes to talking about how much a portable WiFi hotspot costs, there are many things to consider. Not only the rental price must be kept in mind, but also other costs such as the insurance and penalties related to losing the device.

So if you are considering renting, you need to beware of all this information. It will help you on future occasions when you want to use these devices, and you can even get to tell other people how these work.

Solis WiFi

Solis WiFi, which comes from the company Skyroam, is a device that’s totally different from whats on the list. 

In this case, people need to buy the device to use it. They can rent these devices due to how the company works. It is a portable WiFi hotspot for travel that requires no contract, which makes it easier to get one.

In this case, people will have to pay $140 for the device. Of course, this doesn’t include shipping fees, so that’s something people need to keep in mind while buying it. Also, the data plans are offered separately. 

As for now, this is a device that will not include a penalty if people lose it, which is something very important to keep in mind. The thing is, it will b necessary to download an app to monitor and manage this portable WiFi.

So if you think the Solis portable WiFi hotspot for travel is what you need, you can go ahead and get one! 


TravelWiFi is a company based in Spain that is actually offering people the chance to rent portable WiFi for many different destinations. They also offer people the chance to buy these devices, but to make things easier, let’s focus on the renting options people will have.

There are over 100 different countries where people will be able to use this device. In these countries, people will get the chance to use the device with different data plans as there are options with 1 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB cellular data per day.

Also, depending on the country, rates will vary from $5 to $7.90 per day. This can vary depending on where people are traveling, so that’s something to keep in mind. 

In this case, tourists will have to pay for the delivery as well as in case the device is lost or damaged; then people will have to pay for it. In this particular case, the company charges over $140 if this happens!

Travelers WiFi

Another option for people to use is Travelers WiFi. This is similar to TravelWiFi in how the service works due to the different data plans they offer.

There’s no doubt people will have the chance to use this device as they wish. There are different data plans varying from 1 GB to 3 GB as well, and even though they say they offer unlimited cellular data, the speed of the service is pretty low.

Other than this, they also have a delivery fee that varies depending on the travel destination. And they also have a penalty fee that must be paid in case the device is lost or damaged while traveling. Overall, people can end up spending more than $300 renting this device if something goes wrong while traveling.

eSIMs for travel abroad: Another alternative to Portable WiFi hotspots

Holafly eSIM home
International eSIM for travel abroad. Source: Holafly.

Up to this point, there are many things for people to think about when it comes to thinking of portable WiFi hotspots. There are different options to choose from, and people can choose the portable WIFi for traveling they prefer.

The thing is how expensive these devices can be. Spending more than $200 to rent a device seems a little bit too much, and it is fair to think that way about the service. The good thing is there are some alternatives to this.

In this case, the eSIM is a better option for people to use when it comes to traveling and staying connected. There’s no doubt the service is way better, it definitely has everything a traveler needs and it doesn’t come along with stress or headaches.

Carriers like Holafly offer people the chance to use their unlimited data eSIM in over 160 different countries. There are also data plans according to the number of days people are traveling, and their purchase process is easier than expected. It is a way better option for e-nomads to use!