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Best Pocket Wifi for Switzerland

Want to know more about Pocket WiFi devices for Switzerland, where to rent them, and which alternatives there are for this service?

Julio Osuna

February 2, 2024

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Traveling to Switzerland might be the dream of many people out there. It is a paradise for tourists, and that’s why so many people want to go there. That’s why today we will talk about the Pocket WiFi for Switzerland. If you haven’t used one yet, this is the perfect moment to learn about them.

Pocket WiFi devices are still pretty popular among travelers. Even though nowadays there are still other alternatives for people to use. So, if you want to use one, you come to the right place. 

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What is Pocket WiFi?

There is no need to panic if you haven’t heard of Pocket WiFi devices before. The first thing you should know about this service is that it may be used anywhere and is generally simple to use.

These gadgets can be purchased or rented, with the latter being the more popular choice today. This service is provided to travelers by many companies out there, even though some options are more well-known than others.

People must be aware of many things when using Pocket WiFi, something commen with any type of service. So, if you’re preparing to use one for the first time, it might be helpful for you to know this.

People must also know some features about these services, including their costs, where to get them, and other details. Moving on, let’s see what’s next when talking about these devices.

How much does Pocket WiFi for Switzerland cost?

The pricing of services is often one of the main concerns travelers have before using it. Although the pricing of the Pocket WiFi devices vary depending on what they provide, are they really affordable for those who need to save some money while traveling?

The main doubt we have is that. Thankfully, there are numerous possibilities available, and we can briefly discuss each one to determine which is the most affordable option on the market right now. Let’s discuss each company’s costs and overall services on our list!

Travelers WiFi

With Travelers WiFi, a company located in Europe, anyone can rent their Pocket WiFi and use it in Switzerland. As a matter of fact, this company is located in that country! You may complete the entire rental process on their website in a few easy steps that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

They offer a range of pricing alternatives. However, in the case of Switzerland, costs range from 73.4 USD for a week of use. They also provide an unlimited 4G network locally.

We haven’t yet discussed the costs associated with delivery. The business provides delivery services to virtually everywhere the customer is, and the price varies based on how far the delivery must go.

That covers everything you need to know about this company and its service. Additionally, as part of the return policies, Travelers WiFi will charge a customer $159, which must be paid immediately if they misplace or damage the equipment they rented.


MioWiFi is a business that customers in Latin America may want to take into consideration as an alternative due to its location in Argentina. What do they offer?

The price of their services is standard. For a fixed charge of $56, which includes unlimited cellular data , users can use their devices for a week or even more time. If someone needs to rent the Pocket WiFi for a longer time, it won’t be a problem; the only thing that will vary is the price.

Customers can use the delivery services to get the device in a few days. It won’t matter where they are. In this case, it will only change the price! Customers must pay between $40 and $50, depending on where the device will be delivered.

If someone is wondering if the company will charge them if they don’t deliver or damage one of their devices, the answer is yes. It is best to keep an eye on the Pocket WiFi as much as possible because the company may charge up to $250 if this happens.

Travel WiFi

While we are in Switzerland, we can also rent Pocket WiFi devices from a different European provider. In this case, Travel WiFi from Spain.

They offer various pricing for tourists who want to rent their devices, with plans starting at $55 for a full week of 1 GB of cellular data. This plan can be extended, and more data may be purchased, but it will cost an extra $30 to use the premium data plans.

The company also charges costs ranging from 2 to 23 USD for their delivery service. Price will vary depending on the delivery destination. Therefore, even if you are far from Europe, you will still receive your equipment, so there is no need to worry.

In accordance with the company’s penalty policy, consumers will be charged an extra cost if the device is lost or damaged. In this case, that fee totals $179 and must be paid right away to Travel WiFi.

My Webspot

The last option we’ll discuss is My Webspot, which is another company that is also located in Switzerland!

Their services and prices are quite similar to what we have seen in other cases. The main difference is that they only offer 1 GB per day, which can make people choose a different company. The rental charge is $81.04 for a week of use, so keep that in mind.

Before we finish the list, we must tell you about the company’s penalty policy. The coverage, which kicks in if someone loses or damages a Pocket WiFi for Switzerland, costs between 102 and 204 USD.

Pocket Wifi alternatives

We have discussed many Pocket WiFi solutions that users can use while traveling worldwide up to this point. But why don’t we give people with more limited budgets other options? For this particular case, we can mention SIM and eSIM cards, for example.

There is no need to be concerned; we are aware that by only stating it, some people may be skeptical about the service. After learning about some key features, you can feel secure using one whenever you travel!

Grimentz, Switzerland. Source: Unsplash

Unlimited data eSIM for Switzerland

The Holafly eSIM Switzerland is the primary option for virtual SIM cards for that trip. People only need an eSIM-compatible device, and they are good to go while using Holafly as their internet provider.

Some of the main features included by Holafly include unlimited data, data sharing up to 500 MB daily, and choosing the exact amount of days for the eSIM. So, if you are traveling for only seven days, you can buy an eSIM for that amount of days and save some money!

So people can forget about the traditional SIM card for Switzerland and use a service that provides better internet access and other important features! And if you are traveling somewhere else, you can get eSIM Europe for travel from Holafly and stay connected with unlimited data.

You may also be interested in Holafly prepaid eSIM for Spain tourists.

Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card

International SIM cards are the second choice on our list. For people who don’t have a most recent smartphone or smartwatch that doesn’t support an eSIM, this option is the most widely used substitute out there. Thanks to all of its features, it remains a reasonable option.

This is also your choice if you think a SIM card would be more suitable for you given the device you own or that it would be simpler for you to use.

Free International WiFi

Another option is to use one of the many free WiFi hotspots that are available to us around Switzerland. There are many places with free WiFi where people can use their phones for a while, but not continuously. This is no secret due to how strict WiFi coverage can be.

When we talk about fully relying on this service, there is a problem because it won’t always be available. Clients can’t fully rely on it compared to other possibilities, like eSIMs or SIM cards.

Which is better?

holafly switzerland esim customization
eSIM with unlimited data in Switzerland. Source: Holafly.

It’s essential to make the final decision, so customers can properly determine which service they can trust. We have briefly discussed prices and other crucial features here, but each service has advantages and disadvantages that we also have to keep in mind.

Which service do we therefore advise? Due to everything they offer, Holafly’s eSIMs cards are a good choice. Aside from that, they are also less expensive than a Pocket WiFi subscription and rather simple to purchase.