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Madrid Airport WiFi – Barajas and Cuatro Vientos

Read all the information you need about the Wifi zones at the Madrid-Barajas Airport, and other alternatives to connect to the internet during your trip!


August 25, 2023

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If you are looking for information about the WiFi zones at the Madrid-Barajas Airport or the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, this article is just for you! We will share a quick guide to connecting to the free WiFi service with Aena, the company that manages Spain’s most important airports and heliports.

Also, you will find the most commonly used alternatives to getting internet in the city, such as WiFi in the VIP room, prepaid Madrid eSIM cards, SIM cards from local operators, pocket WiFi, and international roaming. So, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and have the internet on your trip.

WiFi Madrid Airport, how to connect?

Connecting to the WiFi network of the Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD), and Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport (LECU) is very simple. Just follow these steps, from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

A quick guide to connecting to the airport WiFi network:

  • In the settings of the mobile device, go to the WiFi option: Activate the function and in the available networks, locate Airport Free WiFi Aena.
  • On your devices’ browser: Type or paste this address:
  • When you are in the Welcome Portal: Register to access the WiFi service with your email, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.
  • Complete the access data: Read and accept the conditions of Aena’s free WiFi service. Indicate if you want to receive commercial emails or not.
  • And that’s it! You can now navigate on your device. Send messages, order a Taxi, or check your next stop.

Note: If you are a frequent customer, you can download the official Aena App (available on the App Store and Google Play) to check the status of your flights, plan your trip within the airport, join the Aena Club community, and access special discounts, promotions, VIP services, and other benefits.

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Free WiFi zones at Barajas Airport

The free WiFi zones at the Madrid-Barajas Airport are located at:

  • Terminals T4 and T4 Satellite
  • Terminals T1, T2 and T3 boarding areas

Free WiFi Areas at Cuatro Vientos Airport

At the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, you can connect to the WiFi network for free, but keep in mind that the Aena website does not specify the coverage areas, so you must have other options available to get internet in Spain.

Conditions of the WiFi service at Aena Airports

According to the information consulted, it is estimated that the connection time to Aena’s free Wi-Fi network is limited. After a certain period, the browsing speed will decrease significantly.

To extend the connection time, you will have to call 900 928 053 (+34 91 836 10 70) to make the request. As a requirement, you must provide the flight information described in your boarding pass.

In the event of a bad connectivity experience at the airport, you can email:

VIP lounges in the Aena airport network in Madrid

VIP Wifi Lounges at the airport
VIP Lounges at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport Source:

The VIP Lounges of the Aena airport network are designed to improve the experience of passengers during their stay in the airport network. They include the following services:

  • Reception service
  • Flight information
  • Premium Wi-Fi
  • Catering
  • Digital media
  • Showers
  • Gluten-free food
  • Kosher and halal
  • Special diets
  • Terrace
  • Meeting rooms
  • Children’s area
  • Rest zone
  • Television

Conditions of access to the Aena VIP Lounges

The maximum scheduled stay time in any Aena VIP Lounge is four (4) hours, before the estimated time for the departure of the flight that is described in the boarding pass. In the event of delays, this time may be extended by the corresponding time.

VIP LoungesTerminalFlight ReservationTimeAccess Rate
Cibeles VIP roomT1, floor 2 (boarding area)Non-Schengen24 hoursAdults €44.00 Children €21.00
VIP NeptuneT4 Satellite Floor 2 (boarding area)Non-Schengen24 hoursAdults €44.00 Children €21.00
Plaza Mayour VIP roomT4 Satellite Floor 1 (boarding area)Nationals and SchengenFrom 5 am to 10 pmAdults €44.00 Children €21.00
VIP Puerta de AlcalaT2, boarding areaNational Flights and Schengen24 hoursAdults €44.00 Children €21.00
VIP Puerta del SolT3, boarding areaNationals and SchengenFrom 5 am to 7 pmAdults €44.00 Children €21.00
Prices for access to VIP Lounges at Madrid-Barajas airport.

The access fee to the VIP Lounges does not include WiFi, parking, television, press, or magazines. These services are sold separately.

Access rates to Madrid-Barajas Airport VIP Lounges

Note: Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport does not have VIP rooms.

WiFi connection at the airport with public computers

Another alternative to having a WiFi connection at the Madrid-Barajas Airport is through public computers that are enabled to provide free internet for travelers. This service is found in Terminals T1, T2, and T3, in the boarding areas.

Opinion about WiFi in Madrid Airports

The Internet has become an essential thing for travelers from all over the world and airport management companies such as Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) have been working to improve the connectivity experience of travelers in their airport network.

However, the Wi-Fi service at airports such as Madrid-Barajas and Madrid-Cuatro Vientos is often insufficient because of the unstable network and the connection time for users.

An alternative for travelers is to use airport laptops for free internet access, or buy access to the VIP rooms that offer private Wi-Fi service by paying an extra fee.

But the truth is that this proposal is not the best, since the free service has many restrictions and security risks that are typical of a public network. For these and other reasons, we recommend you take a look at other options to have a better connectivity experience in Spain.

Alternatives to airport WiFi to have internet in Madrid

Now, we are going to tell you about alternatives to having internet in Madrid and other Spanish airports. The idea is that you have tools to ensure your internet connection before traveling or from the precise moment the plane lands at your destination. Let’s begin!

Internet at Madrid Airport with a prepaid eSIM

If you have not heard of eSIM for Madrid before, don’t worry, we are going to explain. It’s a virtual SIM card that is already integrated into compatible cellphones. It lets you install several eSIM profiles to use up to two phone numbers and multiple data plans, without using a plastic card.

Now, when we discuss a prepaid eSIM or an international eSIM, we are referring to an eSIM specially designed to activate mobile services for international use. Holafly is one of the best-known specialized providers in Spain and throughout the world.

eSIM for Madrid QR
Get your Holafly’s Madrid eSIM card and enjoy a stable and fast connection during your trip!

Its offer includes eSIM cards with unlimited data plans, starting at €19.00. It connects to the mobile networks of operators such as Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, and Yoigo, to offer a stable connection within the Iberian Peninsula, the metropolitan area of the main cities, and in its Balearic and Canary archipelagos.

In addition to unlimited data, you will have multiple benefits, such as data sharing up to 500 MB daily, 24/7 customer service, and automatic installation of the eSIM and mobile app to manage our data plans. You can find that Holafly offers one of the best eSIM cards for Switzerland and other destinations, all with unlimited data!

It is an ideal option to buy before traveling, and if you plan to visit other places in Europe, taking eSIM cards for Europe from Holafly is your go-to. All you have to do is enter the Holafly virtual store, choose the plan indicated for your travel days, and fill in your personal information and payment method, as is done with any other online purchase, and that’s it!

Delivery is immediate via registered email, and it contains a QR code and instructions for the manual or automatic installation of the eSIM. It is activated only once you arrive at your destination and is the most practical way to have secure and stable internet at the airport and throughout the trip.

SIM card for Spain

The next alternative to having internet at Madrid Airport is to use a prepaid SIM card for local use. We recommend you choose the SIM cards of the main mobile operators in the country to have the best coverage; some of them are Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, and Yoigo.

Vodafone SIM card store
Vodafone’s store to buy your SIM card. Source: Aeropuerto Madrid

When you arrive at the airport, you have two options to get a local prepaid SIM card:

  • At the Madrid-Barajas Airport, the Traveler’s Shop is located in Terminal T4, floor 2, departures, public area. The hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • At the Madrid Airport SIM Card Store, located in Terminal 2, from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Take into account that each operator has a prepaid offer that you should review carefully until you find the best option for your trip. In this case, we recommend you read our post about the Best SIM Card to travel to Spain.

International roaming to have internet at Madrid Airport

As you may know, international roaming is a service offered by mobile operators around the world so that their customers can continue using their phones in international destinations as if they were at home.

So, it is another alternative that you can use to get internet when you arrive at Madrid Airport. Usually, this service is active by default in prepaid and postpaid rates; nonetheless, you should check this information with your operator before traveling.

Keep in mind that although it is a very practical option, it is one of the most expensive services for calling, messaging, and browsing from your mobile, so use it only if you cannot find another option and are willing to pay the fees for this international service.

Pocket WiFi to get internet at Madrid Airport

Pocket WiFi is a portable solution used by many travelers to provide internet on their computer and mobile phone on business, study, or work trips, where they must make the most of their time during the trip.

This pocket device can be rented or purchased on e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Mercado Libre, and others. Also, you will have to get a data plan to access the internet and pay shipping costs and insurance in case of loss or theft.

Read the following post if you are keen to learn more about Pocket WiFi to have internet in Spain.

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Which is the best alternative to Madrid Airport WiFi?

We already shared our opinion about the Madrid Airport WiFi, now we are going to tell you our recommendation about which is the best alternative to getting the internet in Madrid. Each traveler can pick the option that best suits their needs and budget.

Nevertheless, you should check the advantages and disadvantages of each option before buying one. We think that the prepaid eSIM card for Spain is the best alternative because of its many advantages, flexibility, and stable and safe internet connection.

But the decision is in your hands. We hope this information helps you make the best decision and fully enjoy your trip to Spain!

Frequent questions about WiFi at Madrid Airport

How do I connect to the Madrid Airport WiFi network?

From your mobile device, locate the Aena Airport Free WiFi network, then register on the Welcome Portal to access this service and browse for a limited time.

What is Aena WiFi?

Aena WiFi is the free internet access service of the Aena airport network, which is made up of 46 airports and two of the most important heliports in Spain.

What are the options for getting WiFi at Madrid Airport?

At Madrid-Barajas Airport you have free Wi-Fi, Premium Wi-Fi, VIP rooms with private Wi-Fi, and laptops for public use. At the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, only free WiFi internet.

How long can I connect to Madrid airport WiFi?

At Madrid Airport you can connect for 30 minutes. You can extend the connection time by calling for free at 900 928 053 (+34 91 836 10 70).