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How to make calls in Greece using an eSIM

Discover the ways to use your eSIM for calls while in Greece, enriching your vacation experience in this culturally opulent country.

Carolina S.

August 25, 2023

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Planning a getaway to Greece and aiming to unleash the full potential of your eSIM? Don’t limit yourself to the data constraints of your eSIM. Stay connected with your loved ones through the additional minutes and perks offered by eSIM cards tailored for Greece, such as Holafly. In this post, we will walk you through the comprehensive process of maximizing your eSIM’s capabilities for making calls in Greece, ensuring an enriched vacation experience.

But before we start, it’s important to understand what an eSIM is and which functionalities it brings to the table. In short, eSIMs represent a leap from the conventional SIM cards we routinely use to access the internet across Europe and other destinations. Also, they streamline activities like making and receiving calls and sending SMS—all without the need to insert a SIM card into your device or pay European roaming rates. By scanning a QR code with your mobile device, you can unlock a series of benefits.

Guide to Using an eSIM for Landline Calls in Greece

Source: Unsplash

Now that you’re familiar with the capabilities of an eSIM, the next step is to understand how to harness it optimally for calling purposes during your stay in this country. To do so, you just need to follow this concise roadmap for reaching Greek landline numbers.

  • Dial the international exit code: Before making a call to a Greek landline number, you must input your country’s designated international exit code. If you’re dialing from the United States, for example, you should input either “00” or the “+” symbol, followed by Greece’s country code, denoted as “30”.
  • Enter the area code: Following the international exit code and the country code “+30”, proceed to input the specific area code corresponding to the Greek region or city you intend to contact. As an illustration, the area code for Athens is “21”.
  • Input the landline number: Once the international exit codes and the area code for your desired city’s landline have been keyed in, the final step involves entering the actual landline number, typically comprising ten digits.

Picture this: You seek to establish communication with a hotel in Athens during your trip to confirm or cancel a room reservation. Suppose the hotel’s landline number is 2234 5677 89. In this case, you must first dial the international code +31, then the area code 21, and finally, their landline number. Therefore, the comprehensive sequence to input into your cell phone would be +31 21 2234 5677 89.

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Calling mobile numbers

In addition to conventional landline numbers, it’s highly likely that while in Greece, you will need to connect with mobile numbers. In this context, there’s no need to worry, as the process for placing calls to mobile numbers in Greece is almost identical or even simpler.

  • Dial the international exit code: Just as when dialing landline numbers, the first step involves entering your country’s designated international exit code. This code can be either “00” or the “+” symbol.
  • Enter the country code: Unlike telephone numbers, when dealing with mobile numbers, adding the area code is unnecessary. You simply input the country code, a reminder of which is “30”.
  • Input the mobile number: After entering the international exit code and the country code, proceed to input the exact mobile number you intend to call, followed by the digit “6”. This format takes shape as: 00 30 6 xx xxx xxxx.

Imagine a scenario where you’re exploring Greece and you meet a friendly group of locals who share their mobile number, noted as 22 345 6778. If you want to call them back, you only need to follow the steps outlined above: first, add the international code, then the country code, and the mobile number. In this particular situation, the sequence to input would be 00 30 6 22 345 6778 or +30 6 22 345 6778.

Area codes in Greece

As highlighted previously, the area codes in Greece are super important when it comes to making calls during our vacations in the country. Therefore, to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to make calls within Greece, the following section offers an overview of the commonly employed area codes in this nation.

Ano Liosia21Katerini2351Serres2321
Urban Area Dialing Codes in Greece.

Bear in mind that the aforementioned codes are merely a sample of area codes in Greece. In case you need to contact various regions or cities, make sure to do your due diligence to get the precise area code that suits your requirements.

What benefits does Holafly’s eSIM bring to Greece?

As highlighted earlier in this post, choosing Holafly’s eSIM for your trip to Greece opens the door to a series of advantages, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during your entire stay. In addition to unlimited data, the package includes free call minutes for both incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, you’ll have access to a variety of other perks, including a performance guarantee policy. These allocated minutes (60 in total) are included in your plan, along with an Austrian number (+43).

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But the benefits don’t stop there. You can access round-the-clock customer service, with staff standing by to assist you whenever you need it. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a reliable and swift connection, leveraging the region’s top-tier network infrastructure. You can keep your WhatsApp number and experience fast 4G/LTE/5G speeds, ensuring a seamless and quick browsing experience.

Embark on your Greece journey with peace of mind, staying connected at every step, all thanks to Holafly’s eSIM. Use their app to check your consumption. And just in case you have any issues, you can contact their 24/7 customer service!

Why are calls important on your trip to Greece?

Recognizing the ability to make calls while in Greece carries a deeper significance than meets the eye. Essentially, having access to telecom services streamlines communication with your chosen hotel and lodging. You can effortlessly confirm reservations, make inquiries, or seek additional information, thereby enhancing the quality of your stay through a more enjoyable experience.

Moreover, having access to phone calls is useful for fulfilling your transportation needs during your stay. You’ll be able to connect with local transportation services, such as taxis or ride-hailing apps, facilitating secure and efficient navigation along Greece’s streets. Likewise, in case of any unforeseen situations or changes to your plans, you can establish direct communication with train or bus companies, enabling you to conveniently adapt your travel schedules.

Safety is equally important during your trip. The availability of phone calls provides a swift avenue to contact your travel insurance provider in the event of medical emergencies or unexpected situations. This direct communication plays a key role in getting the necessary assistance and fostering a sense of security as you embark on your travels.

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Is my phone eSIM-ready?

eSIM compatibility varies with phone models and brands. Most modern phones do support eSIM, but you better check your device’s specs or ask your carrier to confirm if it’s eSIM-friendly.

Where can I get an eSIM for my phone?

In general, eSIMs are accessible through your mobile service provider. You can visit a physical store or get in touch with them to request an eSIM. You can also get an eSIM online from virtual operators or international mobile service providers.

How much does it cost to make calls in Europe with an eSIM?

The costs related to using an eSIM for calls in Europe will depend on the plan and carrier you choose. It’s recommended to compare different offers and prices from different operators to find the plan that suits your needs and budget.

Do I need to have mobile data to make calls with an eSIM?

You don’t need an active mobile data connection to make calls with an eSIM. However, some VoIP services may require an internet connection to work properly.