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How much does the Orange roaming cost in the USA?

If you are traveling to the United States, and you are an Orange customer who wants to connect to the internet during your trip, this article is for you.


February 9, 2023

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If you are traveling to the United States and you are an Orange customer who wants to connect to the internet during your trip, this article is for you. The Orange roaming service costs €7 for every 100 MB you use in the USA.

That price is for the Everywhere plan, and it includes 10 more countries. You have to consider that you have to be a Love Negocio, Go Negocio, or Movil Pro customer.

There are better ways to connect to the internet in the United States for more reasonable prices and unlimited data; some of these options are the prepaid eSIM card or the prepaid SIM card. But if you want to connect international roaming with other alternatives, you can keep reading this article to know more!

eSIM for the USA

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Roaming in the United States with Orange FAQ

How do I activate Roaming?

To activate the Everywhere plan, just send an SMS to 22095 with the text: ‘EW’. To deactivate it, send an SMS to the same number with the text: ‘CANCEL EW’.

If I don’t use all my 100 MB, do I have to pay €7 anyway?

Yes. Orange charges you €7 for 100 MB every day, and it doesn’t matter whether you use them or not.

If I use less than 100 MB, can I use the rest the next day?

No, you cannot accrue the remaining cellular data and use it the next day. You can only use this data for a day.

Do I have to pay even if I didn’t use any MB during the day?

No. The benefit of this plan is that if you do not use any MB during the whole day, you won’t have to pay anything.

Which operators have unlimited data for tourists in the UK?

One of the best options for tourists in the United Kingdom is Holafly. Its prepaid eSIM options for the UK are easy for travelers to purchase even before arriving in the country.

What’s the best option to avoid Orange roaming in Canada?

If you are traveling with Orange to Canada and want to avoid extra charges, the best option will be to take a prepaid eSIM Canada with unlimited data.

Mobile internet in the United States: are there other alternatives?

There are many ways to connect to the internet during your trip. One of the best alternatives is the unlimited data eSIM USA with cellular data.

Prepaid eSIM cards for the USA

What is an eSIM card? It is a virtual SIM card with cellular data included that you can use at the destination you choose. You can buy it from the comfort of your home. Since it is a digital device, it has some benefits like the following:

  • You activate it when you arrive at your destination, and you can use your cellular data right when you land.
  • You can use your cellphone with no problems, but you have to make sure it is eSIM compatible.
  • The shipping is instant because the QR code for the eSIM activation arrives at your email.
  • You can use the eSIM and your traditional SIM card at the same time, and keep your cellphone number.

Holafly offers an eSIM card for the United States with unlimited data which you can customize and use only for the days you need. They range from 1 to 90 days. Some reference prices are as follows:

DaysPrice (USD)
Table N°1 Pricing of unlimited data eSIM for the USA. Source: Holafly.

The best thing about this is that you won’t have to buy a thirty-day plan to use it for just one week! Holafly adapts to all types of trips and the duration of these.

SIM cards with mobile data

Similar to the SIM card of your cellphone, these cards are set up to let you access the internet when you leave your country. They are accessible devices that let you share your pictures on your social media, make WhatsApp calls, and more.

You can buy a Prepaid data SIM card in the USA from a local operator such as T-Mobile and AT&T. These are the most popular cellular operators in the country so you will have a good internet connection.

Kai Pilger.

What if I want to connect to the internet in all of North America?

Holafly has a North America eSIM that will let you get internet in USA, Canada, and Mexico. You will have coverage of AT&T USA, T-Mobile, AT&T Mexico, and Rogers. The unlimited data plan offers:

DaysPrice (USD)
Table N°2 Pricing of unlimited data eSIM for North America with coverage in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Source: Holafly.

We have shown you all the alternatives you can consider connecting to the internet during your trip to the United States. But we recommend the Holafly eSIM card USA.