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Top Best eSIM for Korea in 2024

Get the best eSIM for Korea with Holafly, RED, Klook, Get your Guide and YeSIM. For get about roaming or other expensive options!

Manuel M.

February 20, 2024

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Looking for the best eSIM to travel to Korea? We’ve got you covered with our digital SIM guide for the Land of the Morning Calm. We’ll provide information like who these eSIM companies are, what they offer, what’s included, and prices. 

It’s crucial to know the pros and cons of each eSIM to choose the one that suits your needs, helping you avoid headaches while at your destination.

Why is eSIM for Korea the best option for tourists?

There are several options to connect to the internet, like roaming, which is using the cellular services you use back home, or pocket WiFi, a small device that provides internet connection to nearby phones or laptops.

There are even free WiFi networks that can be a lifesaver but a potential hazard to your information security.

The eSIM or digital SIM is the only internet connection you can get from anywhere, anytime. You can download and install it on the spot, connect as soon as you land at your destination, or even buy it once you arrive.

You may be interested in knowing what is an eSIM card.

Which eSIM is best for South Korea?

Let’s look at an overall comparison of some of the options to get data in South Korea:

eSIM FeaturesHolaflyKorean eSIM REDKlookGet your GuideYeSIM
Charge for eSIMNoYesNoNoNo
Unlimited DataYesYesYesNoYes

1. Holafly: eSIM for Korea with unlimited data

Unlimited data eSIM for South Korea

First on our list is Holafly, an international virtual SIM provider with various options for staying connected throughout your travels. 

From 1 to 90 days, starting at just $6, you can get any plan with unlimited data. Best of all, you can customize it only with the number of days you need. Here are some of the configurations and their prices

1Unlimited Data$6
5Unlimited Data$21
10Unlimited Data$37
15Unlimited Data$51
20Unlimited Data$62

You can easily use their user-friendly app and connect in minutes. If you experience any issues, you can contact their 24/7 customer service. Just buy, scan, and connect.

Use any payment method to get your Holafly eSIM for Korea, like credit, debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at some pros and cons:


  • – Unlimited data plans available
  • – Customizable plans
  • – User-friendly app for easy activation
  • – Comprehensive refund policy
  • – Multiple payment options available


– Coverage in the rural areas may lag a little.

2. Korean eSIM RED

Korea digital SIM Red
Korea eSIM Red. Source: poxo

The Korean eSIM RED is another option to connect to the internet in South Korea. They offer several different packages and options in terms of connecting to the internet, receiving calls, and other perks. 

However, they charge approximately $6 for only the eSIM, not including any cellular services. 

1–30Unlimited$8.20 – $45.40

You can buy their product through their website.


  • – Data and talk-time plans
  • – They don’t have an app
  • – English version website, not completely in English


  • – Charges for the eSIM
  • – Customer service is not 24/7
  • – Confusing purchase process

3. Klook

Klook virtual SIM
klook eSIM: Source:

Klook offers virtual SIM cards for Korea, with several plans and packages available. Keep in mind that Klook is a third-party provider that offers eSIM from companies like KT. 

8–141 GB – Unlimited$11.79-$23.68

They have a strict purchase policy, and once you activate their eSIM, you cannot cancel or request a refund. They do include incoming calls for an additional fee.


  • – Up to 30 day plans
  • – Coverage throughout South Korea


  • – Not a user-friendly website
  • – Incoming calls/texts are charged separately
  • – Questionable accountability as a 3rd party seller

4. Get Your Guide: Digital SIM for Korea

Get Your Guide embedded SIM card
Get Your Guide. Source:

Get your guide offers digital SIM cards for Korea, but similar to Klook, they are a third-party seller. They do offer a wide range of connection options from 500MB to 30 GB for up to 30 days.

1-30500 MB – 30 GB$6.38-$97.80

Some of their eSIMs do include other Asian countries in the package, like China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and others. Get Your Guide has no app, which may inconvenience some users.


  • – Variable eSIM packages available


  • – No unlimited data plans
  • – Lack of dedicated app for eSIM monitoring
  • – Confusing purchase flow

5. YeSIM

yesim eSIM for Korea

Based in Switzerland, YeSIM is another company that offers eSIMs to travelers and customers. Similar to Holafly, they are direct providers of cellular services. 

You can install their app to monitor and top-up your digital SIM. However, they only offer customer service in English, which may inconvenience other language speaking customers.


  • – Unlimited data plans available
  • – Direct provider
  • – Offers pay as you go service


  • – No currency conversion
  • – No direct customer service

Which is the best eSIM for Korea?

So, the final question is, which eSIM is the best in South Korea? All the previous options mentioned above have pros and cons. However, Holafly stands out due to its excellent service and perks. You can easily purchase, download, and install the Holafly for South Korea eSIM.

Their internet connection is one of the best through the most reliable local provider available. If you encounter any issues, you can just contact their customer service through different channels, which are available 24/7

So pack your bags, create your travel itinerary and don’t forget to take your virtual Holafly eSIM with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable eSIM provider?

There are several cellular companies with good service, but, for us, the best one is definitely Holafly. Connect in minutes from anywhere, anytime through their self-explanatory app

Which is the best SIM network in South Korea?

The best local network in Korea is the one that provides excellent service without lagging or interruptions. Additionally, the best network provides coverage throughout all of Korea. Holafly, for example, uses the KT network.

What other options do I have to connect in Korea?

You can connect through a local or international SIM card, Pocket WiFi, or roaming. These options may be expensive and inconvenient, and there’s always the language barrier.

Should I go through a direct or third-party service?

You can use the service that you prefer, however, a direct service provider, like Holafly, offers customer service in case of any issues. Third-party providers may not have much accountability in service issues or interruptions.

How can I buy an eSIM for Seoul?

Within the Holafly virtual store you can also buy city data plans such as the Seoul eSIM with unlimited data. You will have many similar benefits to eSIMs for entire regions.