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Top airplane seats: How to identify and select them

Check out the absolute best airplane seats and how to score them! Here we share the keys to make sure you make the right choice.

Carolina S.

July 24, 2023

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Wanna find the best airplane seats? It’s all about tailoring it to your needs and lifestyle because what’s perfect for one might not be the best for another. By knowing where they’re located and, the benefits included —think comfort, space, safety, less noise, and turbulence—you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable flight. So, check out this post for all the info you need to make a savvy choice on your next trip.

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How to get the best airplane seat?

Well, it’s not just about the class you’re flying in on your next trip. First, you need to know that the seating arrangements in first class, business class, and economy class can vary a lot in terms of design and benefits.

But hang on, there’s more to consider! If safety is your top priority, seats at the back of the aircraft are said to be safer in case of an accident. So, knowing what you need on your journey is crucial to finding that perfect spot where you can travel in ultimate comfort.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some handy online tools that can help you with this!

Online platforms to find the best airplane seats

Nowadays, there are remarkable online platforms that let you check out seat maps for various airlines worldwide.

Seat Guru for finding aircraft seat maps

One of the coolest and most popular ones out there is SeatGuru, created by TripAdvisor. It’s like your personal flight advisor, helping you pick the perfect seats for both long-haul and short-haul journeys.

SeatGuru, a platform to find aircraft seat maps / Source:

Using this tool is a breeze! Just enter the airline details, flight date, and trip number, and voilà! You’ll unlock the seat map, tailored to the specific model and aircraft type designated for your flight.

You’ll get detailed info on the number of seats, categorized by class or flight type. Plus, there’s an overview of the aircraft and how it operates. The real deal is the seat map itself, color-coded to highlight the best and worst spots. Moreover, there’s a section where fellow travelers share their experiences with comments and photos, so you’ll know what to expect during your journey.

Recommendations for using SeatGuru

Once you’ve searched for your flight, a cool map will pop up, showing you the layout of the plane’s cabin. Now, to find the best spots, pay attention to those colors. GREEN seats are the top picks. RED ones, they’re the no-go zones. WHITE seats are pretty standard. And if you see YELLOW, it means those seats might be a little uncomfortable for some reason or another.

This is how the Seat Map is displayed with SeatGuru / Source:

Getting all the info about a seat is as easy as hovering over the seat, and you’ll get all the deets about its type and characteristics. This way, you’ll know if it’s the option you’re looking for.

This platform is a treasure trove of info. You’ll find details about baggage permitted for each seat, and how to book baby seats. And if you’re wondering about services like transporting unaccompanied kids or taking your furry pals on board, they’ve got it covered!

Remember that planes can have multiple models. So, up top on the platform, you’ll find a handy option to choose the right version from the list.

Find the best airline seat with Seat Maps

Back in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was shaking things up, this fantastic platform came into action to control the seat demand for commercial flights, all for safety and traveler comfort. They feature an extensive database of seat maps from the world’s most popular airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

SeatMaps to find the best airplane seats / Source:

Recommendations for using Seat Maps

Seat Maps functions similarly to SeatGuru. When the user enters their estimated travel date, along with the departure and arrival city or airport, the platform promptly displays flight information for both outbound and return journeys, including the aircraft model and type.

By selecting any of the displayed options, the user gets access to a comprehensive summary containing details about the airline, the chosen aircraft fleet for the trip, as well as reservation policies, baggage regulations, and transportation guidelines for unaccompanied minors, infants, children in arms, and pets.

Furthermore, users have the option to click on the aircraft model, which allows them to view the seat map. In contrast to SeatGuru, Seat Maps provides the additional advantage of letting users click on individual seats to get additional information about the available services specific to that seat.

Seat Maps airplane seat map / Source:

One of the platform’s additional benefits is providing an aircraft overview that includes seat descriptions categorized by flight type. It includes information about the total number of seats, their locations, seat width, pitch, and ratings given by other travelers on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Legrooms Chrome extension for Google Flights

This extension is specially designed to enhance your flight search experience on Google Flights. Once installed, simply enter your departure and destination points, specify the ticket type (outbound and/or return), select the number of passengers, and indicate your preferred flight class.

Example of how to enhance Google Flights search

As a result, the tool will generate a ranking that takes both price and comfort into account. Typically, the search results only show the top deals based on factors like price, layovers, airlines, and schedules. However, by using this extension, the user gains access to additional info, such as the average legroom and other amenities provided by the airlines.

Useful tips for choosing the best airline seats

Leaving the selection of your next trip’s seat only in the hands of the airline might not deliver the best outcome. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to invest some time from the moment you start searching for tickets on platforms like Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner, Hopper, and others.

To ensure a positive experience on board, seeking assistance from specialized platforms or apps such as SeatGuru can be helpful. These resources provide handy info about the various types of seats available, making it crucial to include them in your trip planning.

If it fits within your budget, consider paying extra to secure your preferred airline seat. Depending on the flight class and airline, you might have the option to choose your seat, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Lastly, picture where you’d love to be seated on the plane, so it aligns with your travel vibes. Here are some examples to think about:

Most comfortable airplane seats

The comfiest seats are usually in the first rows of each section. They’ve got more legroom and often let you recline your seat. You’ll find them right up front, near the entrance, by the emergency exits, etc.

If you go for the front seats, they might prioritize parents with little ones and older people in that area. But hey, if that’s not an issue for you, go ahead and pick those seats. Just double-check if there’s any extra cost involved.

Airplane seats with more space – Aeromexico / Image:

Safer airplane seats

As we mentioned earlier, some travelers prioritize safety when choosing seats on the plane. In this case, it’s suggested to go for the seats at the back of the aircraft since they provide more options to survive in case of an accident. Another suitable option is seating near the emergency exits.

Safest airplane seats / Image: Freepik

Airplane seats with less noise and turbulence

Do you want some tips for a more peaceful flight? If you want to run away from the noise, go for the aisle seats—they’re way quieter than the ones by the windows.

On the other hand, the preferred seats for less turbulence are those close to the wings or at the back of the plane.

Airplane seat with less noise / Image: Freepik

Picture-perfect airplane seats

If you’re all about capturing those remarkable in-flight shots and noise isn’t a problem for you, then the best seats for you are the ones right by the windows.

And that’s not all! These seats come with an added perk: when you need a break, you can cozy up with your travel pillow and rest your head against the window, without bothering fellow travelers.

Standard airplane seats

If you’re not picky about seat location, no worries! Standard seats are a great option. Whether it’s due to budget constraints or the desire to stick together with your fellow travelers, these seats are perfect for you. You’re free to choose them without any fuss. And if you want to be extra sure, you can always pay a little extra to secure your spot.

In conclusion: What are the best airplane seats?

As we mentioned earlier, the ultimate airplane seats are the ones that match your travel preferences and what you value most—whether it’s safety, luxury, or comfort. That’s why we strongly recommend not leaving the seat selection to the last minute. Take the time to choose wisely and ensure a fantastic travel experience.

Remember, this is just as crucial as preparing your travel checklist, packing your backpack, figuring out the best internet options for your phone while globetrotting, finding the ideal time to travel in high season or scoring affordable trips from Spain or Mexico, and so much more!

FAQs about airline seats

Where can I check out the seat map for my upcoming trip?

You can easily access the seat map for your next adventure on online platforms like SeatGuru and Set Maps for FREE. Also, when booking your flight in advance on the airline’s website, you can find this information there.

Would it be possible to reserve an airline seat ahead of time?

Absolutely! When you’re buying your plane tickets, some airlines allow you to secure your preferred seat by paying an extra fee. Alternatively, you can do it through the airline’s website in the customer section.

When’s the best time to book airline seats?

The sooner, the better! It’s ideal to confirm your seat reservation as soon as possible. The airlines usually make this option available at any time, ensuring you have a higher chance of spotting the seat that perfectly meets your expectations.

Which airline seats offer the most legroom?

For some extra legroom to stretch out comfortably, aim for the seats located at the front of each section or group.

Can the airline change the aircraft unexpectedly?

Yes, it’s a possibility. Sometimes, due to technical issues, schedule changes, aircraft maintenance, or unforeseen events, the airline might switch up the aircraft.