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Cheap countries to travel to from Mexico, don’t miss out!

Discover cheap countries to travel to from Mexico. We include plans, tickets, hotel reservations, food, and internet.

Leoneska Ruiz

January 1, 2024

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Finding cheap countries to travel to from Mexico depends on several factors: the cost of services at your destination, the time of the year, and the flight and accommodation offer that best suits your wallet and may other factors.

To help you save some time during your searching and planning, we have prepared this post with a list of recommended international destinations, including some saving tips that you can apply while planning your next trip. We will discuss plans, tickets, hotel reservations, average food rates, and alternatives to getting internet without paying for roaming services.

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Cheap countries to travel to from Mexico

Albania, a Mediterranean paradise to be discovered

Albania, a cheap destination to travel to, from Mexico / Photo: Pexels

This is an unmissable destination to start getting to know Europe at a low cost. It is located southeast of the Balkan peninsula. The official language is Albanian, and the local currency is LEK (one of the oldest currencies in the world).

It is a little-known destination compared to other countries such as France, Spain, or Italy, so the experience for tourists is very inexpensive in terms of prices for accommodation, food, and transportation. You won’t find crowds either, so that you will have plenty of peace and quiet.

What are the requirements for traveling to Albania?

  • You must present travel insurance.
  • Valid passport at the entrance.
  • If you are Mexican, you do NOT need a tourist visa.

What to see in Albania?

You will find cultural, natural, gastronomic, and leisure plans in Albania. You can start by visiting Skanderbeg Tirana Square, the Albanian capital, as it is an important urban axis representing the nation’s history, struggles, and freedoms. From there, you can get to know its people, its history and go on different guided tours.

Of course, if you prefer the beach, you can visit the beaches of Ksamil, towards the south of the country. It is known as the Albanian Riviera, and its main attraction is to discover the less-known part of the Mediterranean. In addition, you can also visit ancient castles, churches, mountains, and natural parks.

Cheap flights from Mexico to Albania

If you check flight offers for Albania with third parties like Expedia Mexico, you’ll find a list of options sorted from lowest to highest price, so you can quickly choose the cheapest option for your trip. Remember to check the fine print.

However, if you are looking for a little more savings, the platform gives you one more option to compare prices on nearby dates. This way, you can find even more affordable alternatives, and to prove it, we share this example with you:

Flexibility in travel dates is an option to find cheap flights / Source: Expedia Mexico 2023

We know that not all travelers find it easy to change travel dates to find a flight with the best price. That’s why we advise you to invest time in planning so you only end up paying a just price and within your budget.

Cheap hotel reservations in Albania

With Expedia Mexico, in addition to finding flights, you can also find a guide to hotel reservations for less than $60 USD per night. With a 4-star rating and breakfast included in the city of Tirana. Among many other options:

Example of a hotel reservation search at the lowest price in Tirana / Source: Expedia Mexico

What budget will you need to eat in Albania?

Preciosmundi is a very useful online platform to keep in mind and compare prices with other destinations. So for this occasion, we’ve laid out a comparison between Albania and Spain to get to know how much food could cost you in this destination and also to give you a price guide so you can estimate your budget.

Water (33cl bottle)$0.65$1.37
Coca-Cola / Pepsi (33cl bottle)$1.34$2.02
Cappuccino coffee$1.32$1.90
Imported beer (33cl bottle)$2.37$3.3
Domestic beer (0.50 liters)$1.57$2.75
Menu from Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or similar$5.58$8.8
Meal for two in an á la carte restaurant (two courses and dessert)$28.39$55
Meals in a cheap restaurant$5.58$13.2
Food price comparison between Albania and Spain / Source: Preciosmundi 2023

How to get mobile internet in Albania?

When planning your trip to Albania, it is essential that you find an alternative to get cellular internet on your smartphone without having to pay for the expensive roaming service in your country.

For this, we recommend Holafly’s eSIM for Albania. This way, you won’t have to buy a SIM card that you will later have to throw away. Nor will you have to rent a WiFi pocket and pay additional shipping costs to connect.

Colombia: A must-see destination

A cheap destination to travel to from Mexico is Colombia / Photo by Jossie Diaz on Unsplash.

Colombia stands out as one of the best tourist destinations in the world for its geography, nature, climate, gastronomy, islands located in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, cultural heritage, colonial architecture, and many other places to explore. Additionally, airline ticket prices, food, transportation, and accommodation vary so much that there is something for all types of travelers, so there’s no excuse to miss this oasis.

What are the requirements to travel to Colombia?

  • You must present travel insurance.
  • Certificate of vaccination against COVID.
  • Valid passport at the time of entry.
  • In Colombia, there is no visa requirement for Mexican tourists either.

Tourist cities to visit in Colombia

The main tourist cities in Colombia are Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena, Cali, San Andrés, Manizales, Salento, and Leticia. You will find guided tours to churches, natural parks, museums, squares, and delicious gastronomic, commercial, and cultural areas in every city. But also, in towns near these cities, you can discover the magic of the geography and the warmth of Colombians.

Cheap flights from Mexico to Colombia

Colombia is one of the Latin American countries with a wide range of airline tickets and hotel reservations at very good prices. In fact, Mexican airlines such as Volaris and Viva Aerobus are based in Colombia, so you can find direct flight offers in their online stores.

Example of low-cost flights with Mexican Airlines based in Colombia / Source: Volaris

To get to Colombia, you have many options. We suggest you arrive in Bogotá first, the capital of the country, and then, depending on the region you want to visit, you can choose local flights to arrive in the shortest time or use ground transportation services to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know this scenery. Prices are quite affordable.

Cheap hotel reservations in Bogotá, Colombia is an online booking platform for travel and accommodation from anywhere in the world. Particularly in Colombia, it is a very popular platform for local travelers to plan their vacations.

You just have to search for a destination and filter the results by price, considering ratings from other travelers and the services you include so you can book just the way you need to.

Example of hotel reservation search at the lowest price for Bogotá / Source: Booking

It is important to note that the low-cost offer of accommodations in Colombia is very varied. There are definitely much cheaper options, but keep in mind that the price reflects the service and even security and safety, so it’s best to go for a suitable option and a place that is comfortable, safe, and quiet.

What budget will you need for food in Colombia?

Comparing food costs in Colombia with other Latin American countries such as Brazil, you can see that food in cheap restaurants, and even where you get à la carte dishes, is very affordable:

Water (33cl bottle)$0.48$0.63
Coca-Cola / Pepsi (33cl bottle)$0.63$1.03
Cappuccino coffee$1.12$1.56
Imported beer (33cl bottle)$1.95$2.97
Domestic beer (0.50 liters)$0.97$1.62
Menu from Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or similar$5.19$6.31
Meal for two in an à la carte restaurant (two courses and dessert)$18.17$29.68
Meals in a cheap restaurant$3.24$5.34
Comparison: food costs between Colombia and Brazil in USD / Source Preciosmundi 2023

How to get an internet connection on your trip to Colombia?

Talking about cheap countries to travel to from Mexico goes beyond finding an airline ticket or a hotel reservation at a good price. This includes a smart management of your finances while traveling.

Having a travel budget helps you control your expenses, even when you are looking for alternatives to getting the internet on your cellphone. Remember that when you use roaming, absolutely everything you do on your cellphone will be very expensive, and this will be reflected in your next bill.

As an alternative, we recommend Holafly’s eSIM for Colombia because you can buy one from the comfort of your home and start using it as soon as the plane lands.

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Travel from Mexico to the Dominican Republic

Beach in the Dominican Republic / Source: Pexels

Spending a few days of family vacation in the Caribbean is a very good alternative for Mexicans and travelers from all over the world. Being in the middle of the ocean, immersed in the beauty of its aquatic landscapes, is a plan that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic

  • The Dominican Republic charges a tax called Tourist Card that is charged for visiting the country. The value is included in the air ticket. That is why it is important that you check what is included in the value you are going to pay in an airline.
  • Mexican travelers do NOT need a tourist visa.
  • Present a valid passport upon entry.

Plans to enjoy in the Dominican Republic

In this tourist city, there is fun for the young and old. Here you can snorkel in the Caribbean Sea; visit the Manatí theme park to learn about the culture, flora, and fauna of the country; swim with dolphins; rent a bicycle for a ride, among many other low-budget touristic options.

Cheap flights from Mexico to Punta Cana

Skyscanner is another cheap flight search engine. The key to using all these platforms is to take advantage of lightning deals that can make your trips very cheap. The only thing is to have some flexibility when choosing the dates for your trips, as you can get even lower offers!  

For example, to travel to Punta Cana, we found a roundtrip flight for $550 USD per person, considering that the trip would be scheduled for the next few days.

Example of cheap air tickets Mexico – Punta Cana / Source: Skyscanner

On the other hand, if we plan this trip with a little more time (for example, for October), we will find much cheaper tickets, from $311 USD per person. Note that you can also save on your trip to these beaches by using an eSIM for Punta Cana to have mobile internet.

As you can see, investing time will undoubtedly help you find cheap countries to travel to from Mexico.

Cheap hotel reservations in the Dominican Republic

Remember to search for accommodations on this type of digital platform, keeping a 4-star rating, including breakfast and a room for two people. This will help you find comfortable and safe places with a basic budget, but if you have other preferences, you should know that most likely prices will increase.

In our search, we found accommodation from $59 USD per night at the Capriccio Mare Hotel, located 18 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport.

Example of a hotel reservation search for the lowest price in Punta Cana / Source:

What budget will you need to eat in the Dominican Republic?

In Punta Cana, a cheap lunch can cost you around $6.24 USD or a coffee for about $1.91 USD. To get to know the details of some products, we checked further information on

ProductDominican Peso (RD$)Dollar ($)Euro (€)
Water (33cl bottle)39.50 RD$$0.70€0.64
Coca-Cola / Pepsi (33cl bottle)54.00 RD$$0.96€0.88
Cappuccino coffee107.00 RD$$1.91€1.73
Imported beer (33cl bottle)250.00 RD$$4.46€4.05
Domestic beer (0.50 liters)138.00 RD$$2.46€2.24
Menu from Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or similar400.00 RD$$7.13€6.48
Meal for two in an à la carte restaurant (two courses and dessert)2000.00 RD$$35.66€32.42
Meals in a cheap restaurant350.00 RD$$6.24€5.67
Food prices in the Dominican Republic / Source Preciosmundi 2023

What Internet options for traveling to the Dominican Republic?

When you travel, you have the possibility of finding multiple alternatives to have internet. However, when it comes to roaming, many travelers know that this is a service that nowadays can be replaced by a cheaper alternative.

One of the best options is Holafly’s eSIMs for the Dominican Republic because you secure your internet connection before traveling, and when you arrive, you can use your favorite apps whenever you want, even when you are passing through the most visited tourist destinations in the country.

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Toronto – Canada, a city and multicultural destination

Night panorama of Toronto, Canada / Source: Pexels

Low-cost destinations are definitely not synonymous with boredom. In fact, you can visit large urban centers such as Toronto, while also taking care of your wallet. Remember that when we travel to other countries and learn about new cultures, we overlook this small detail, so it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on your budget while still living and enjoying new experiences.

Requirements to travel to Canada

  • For short stays, Mexicans are exempt from a Canadian permit or visa.
  • They only need to process the electronic travel authorization eTA. It is very simple. You only have to fill out a form 72 hours before traveling.
  • Have a valid passport at the time of entry to the country.

Places to visit in Canada

Urban tourism is making its way in Toronto. Here you can enjoy the beauty of a cosmopolitan city, visit the best stores and boutiques of national and international brands, and even be amazed by the architecture of the second-tallest building in the world. You can look for cheap plans, go to local festivals and visit art museums or simply tour the city with good company.

Cheap flights from Mexico to Toronto

CheapOair is a search engine specialized in cheap flights for travelers to explore the world, in alliance with more than 500 airlines. We took the opportunity to lookup information for a trip to Toronto, and the results gave us a comparison of prices and rates per person with different airlines such as American Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, and Aeromexico.

Example of cheap flights to Toronto from Mexico / Source: CheapOair 2023

In addition to looking for a good price, we recommend you check if the flights are direct or with layovers and how long it will take you to wait between one flight and another. Remember that switching airlines means that you will have to check in on your own and keep an eye on your bags and luggage.

You may even want to check if you have to pay additional fees to avoid surprises of additional charges. In the case of CheapOair, you can note that the price includes taxes and fees per person.

Cheap hotel reservations in Toronto, Canada

Monte Carlo Inn Oakville Suites is located 23 minutes from Toronto International Airport. With an offer of $81.00 USD per night, breakfast is included for two people. You find a cheap option to stay in the city for a few days. So, depending on your travel preferences, you have hundreds of options to choose how you want to travel.

Night panorama of Toronto, Canada / Source: Pexels

What budget will you need to feed yourself in Canada?

ProductCanadian dollar (C$)Dollar ($)Euro (€)
Water (33cl bottle)2.03C$$1.53€1.39
Coca-Cola / Pepsi (33cl bottle)2.44C$$1.84€1.67
Cappuccino coffee4.70C$$3.54€3.22
Imported beer (33cl bottle)8.00C$$6.02€5.48
Domestic beer (0.50 liters)7.00C$$5.27€4.79
Menu from Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or similar12.00C$$9.04€8.22
Meal for two in an à la carte restaurant (two courses and dessert)87.00C$$65.51€59.56
Meals in a cheap restaurant20.00C$$15.06€13.69
Food prices in Canada / Source Preciosmundi 2023

Would it be possible to have mobile internet in Canada without paying for roaming services?

Yes, you can definitely find alternatives to get internet without paying more than you should. For example, Holafly’s eSIM for Canada offers good speed and stable coverage in destinations such as Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, and other tourist places in the country.

Summary: Cheap countries to travel to from Mexico

Albania, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Canada are some examples of cheap countries to travel to from Mexico in 2024. Remember that to get the best price, you should spend time looking for airline tickets and hotel reservations; be flexible with the time of year to travel; create a budget for your travel expenses such as food and transportation; get an eSIM in Mexico for the destination you are visiting, and finally, choose the best options to get internet, without paying expensive roaming fees.

Fortunately, many platforms now help travelers find excellent deals and offers that you can’t ignore. You have to put some time aside to dig through all the options available and review the details we shared in this post to make your low-cost travel experience successful.