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The best 12 things to do in Ginza for tourists

Best things to do in Ginza: Luxury shopping, dive into the past, try the local cuisine, go to Ginza Six, and try Tsujiri Ice cream and more!

Julio Osuna

March 14, 2024

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Ginza is the luxury shopping center of Tokyo, where brand enthusiasts and visitors arrive to seek the best from Japanese and international fashion. With so much to do and see, we’ll give a clear guide on the best 12 things to do in Ginza. But luxury isn’t the only attraction in Ginza; you’ll see cultural sites that take you to a different past, architecture, shrines, and much more.

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What is Ginza famous for?

Ginza is famous for its top-notch shopping centers, Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional tea houses, and cultural landmarks. The district boasts a rich history dating back to the Edo period and has evolved into a modern hub of entertainment and luxury.

What to do in Ginza: Tourist attractions

1. Walk around and meet luxurious stores

Stroll along Chuo-Dori Street, Ginza’s main thoroughfare, lined with the most recognized stores of renowned international brands and exclusive boutiques. Don’t miss the iconic Wako Building and Mitsukoshi Department Store for a premium shopping experience.

Take advantage of the weekend when the street is closed to traffic and becomes a pedestrian walkway. If you’re driving or taking a cab, start at Nihonbashi and go down for around a kilometer and a half until Ginza. You’ll find renowned brands and the best souvenirs for your favorite ones back home.

This is one of the no-fee, no-cost activities you can do in Ginza, and you’ll learn a lot during your walk.

Wako Building
Wako Building. Source: Unsplash.

2. Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture

It’s crucial to get a taste of Japanese culture, and what better way is there than to explore its unique artistic expression, beliefs, traditions, and green architecture?

Visit the Kabuki-za Theater to witness breathtaking performances or explore the historic Tsukiji Honganji Temple, a small oasis within the concrete landscape. Experience a traditional tea ceremony at Jugetsudo or sample exquisite Japanese cuisine at Ginza’s finest restaurants.

3. Appreciate art at renowned museums

Discover the works of renowned artists at the Ginza Graphic Gallery or explore the fascinating exhibits at the Pola Museum Annex. Art enthusiasts will appreciate Ginza’s prominent galleries’ diverse collections and innovative exhibitions. We’ll dive deeper into where you can go to glimpse Ginza’s rich past.

A few artistic attractions to visit in Ginza are:

Shiseido Gallery

  • An art center showcasing contemporary art in Ginza, which has been operating since 1919, has over 3,100 exhibitions and free entrance.

Pola Museum Annex

  • A contemporary art space located in a skyscraper offering free exhibitions, aiming to refine people’s sense of beauty through art.

Ginza Tsutaya Books and FOAM Contemporary

  • A renowned art bookstore with a café and gallery showcasing exhibitions and events, known for its vast collection of 60,000 art books and free entrance.

4. Relax and unwind in a tranquil oasis

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting the Hamarikyu Gardens, a popular park with traditional tea houses and scenic ponds. The garden comes alive during the cherry blossom season between March and May, which also happens to be one of the best times to travel to Japan.

Hamarikyu Gardens
Take a peaceful stroll at Hamarikyu Gardens. Source: Unsplash

How to get there:

10-15 minute walk from Shimbashi Station or a 5-10 minute walk from Shiodome Station, and you can even take a water boat for only $7. Keep tickets and entry costs in mind and find out how much it costs to travel to Japan.

5. Admire the architecture

Take a look at the striking architecture of iconic buildings like the De Beers or the Tokyo International Forum buildings in Ginza. Inspired by feminine beauty and the peculiar dynamics of the streets of Ginza, visiting this iconic structure is one of the things that tourists have to do.

Just a 2-minute walk from Itchome Ginza stop, this is the perfect place to take that new profile picture. Make sure you’re connected to the internet with a digital SIM so you can quickly upload your photos to social media platforms!

6. Try the Tsujiri ice cream in Ginza

Ice cream can be its own art and cuisine in Ginza, along with Tsujiri’s famous matcha ice cream, which is made with premium Japanese green tea. Located within the Six department store, treat yourself to a refreshing dessert while exploring Ginza’s vibrant atmosphere—prices for this specialty range from $4.50 to $5.50.

But that’s not all. There are all sorts of tea drinks and desserts that you can try and share your experience with your travel companions or family back home.

Places to visit in Ginza for tourists

Let’s dive into the top hotspots for tourists to visit while in Ginza, where each place represents a small part of the district with its unique attractions. 

7. Ginza Six

Discover a world of luxury and sophistication at Ginza Six, a premier shopping complex featuring 241 designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and a rooftop garden with panoramic views of the city. The tourist information center will guide you on how best to get to know Ginza Six from top to bottom.

Even the interior design of the shopping center has been inspired by the narrow streets of Ginza. Top brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior offer luxury items in their own inspired stores within the complex. There is no entry fee, and Ginza Six is open from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm.

Ginza Six
Discover the world of fashion at Ginza Six. Source: Unsplash.

How to get there:

From Ginza Metro station, Ginza Six is only a 4-minute walk with several entrances, so you can’t miss it!

8. Sukiyabashi Park

Experience the tranquility of Sukiyabashi Park, a miniature green oasis among the bustling traffic and the chatter of everyday work. Take a peaceful walk along the forest trails and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

Even though we are talking about a small park, people can take a look at the Taro Okamoto work’s which will make this site more interesting to visit.

How to get there:

In front of the Young Clock Tower, you just have to walk around 4 minutes from Ginza Station and sit on a bench to take a break.

9. Dive into ITOYA

Itoya is the most famous stationery shop in Ginza. Born as a tiny shop in 1904, it was renovated and reopened in 2015. It is now a department store with ten floors all dedicated to stationery. It became famous for selling Japanese and international stationery.

You’ll be amazed when you see all the cool items they have. Make sure to stop here and see what Itoya has to offer. If you’re into drawing or want to try luck into manga or anime sketching, then this is the perfect store for you.

Itoya Ginza
Visit Itoya in Ginza and discovert all your artistic side: Unsplash

How to get there:

Step out of Ginza station from the north exit and head on for two blocks or 5 minutes next to the Bvlgari store. You’ll be in for a wonder.

10. Fukutoku Shrine

A tiny place spot for meditation and a moment of enlightenment, the Fukutoku is a small shrine but perfect for a quick rest stop. Here, the faithful come to pray for luck in winning the lottery and fortune.

Although there’s no precise date on when the Shrine was built, and it has been moved several times, it’s believed to have been constructed in the ninth century.

How to get there:

Get off at Ginza Station and walk 2 minutes to Kyu-Nikko-Kaido St, crossing from a large pharmaceutical building.

11. Discover the Ginza Art Aquarium

If you’re traveling with kids, going to the Ginza Art Aquarium is the perfect place to go on the whole family trip. You’ll see a variety of species of goldfish in different types of containers that create a distinct attraction. The Aquarium is divided into different sectors:

Aquarium SectionDescription
KaleidoriumSee goldfish in kaleidoscope-vision, offering a unique perspective on these mesmerizing creatures.
Procession of CourtesanWitness stunning goldfish resembling oiran and geisha in their colorful fins and tails as they parade through the courtesan area.
The Forest of GoldfishImmerse yourself in towering illuminated tanks filled with hundreds and thousands of goldfish, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.
Round Window & SekiteriumObserve goldfish in a round window tank, reminiscent of birds flying across the sky, and explore cube-like tanks resembling ice cubes housing goldfish.
TemariumExperience popular paper handbells, and Temari transformed into glass forms filled with goldfish, offering a unique and artistic display.
Earthaquarium JaponismExplore a globe filled with colorful pond koi, known as nishikigoi, showcasing an artistic blend of Japanese culture and aquatic beauty.
Viewing BalconyGain a new perspective on the Goldfish Forest exhibit from the second floor, witnessing the changing colors and immersive atmosphere.

The Aquarium is open from 10 am-7 pm daily, and the entrance tickets cost around $16 per person.

12. Explore Marugoto Kochi

Find local foods and spirits at the Marugoto Kochi in Ginza. Each floor has its specialty, and the first floor is for a variety of local fruits and processed foods. Descend to the basement for a vast selection of Sake and Shochu from all 18 storehouses in the prefecture, plus crafts.

Enjoy traditional Tosa meals or modern Kochi-inspired dishes in the second-floor restaurant. Some dishes that you’ll find are:

  • Dashi ga Yoku Deru Sodabushi (flavorful, dried tuna)
  • Gokkun Umaji (yuzu beverage)
  • “Abe-san no Shoga” (Kochi-grown ginger)
  • Mire Biscuit (sweet and salty snacks)
  • straw-grilled katsuo no tataki

Their opening hours are from 11 am to 3 pm and then from 5 pm to 9 pm. To get there, take a three-minute walk from the Kyobashi Exit of Yurakucho Station or a short walk from Ginza-itchome Station Exit 3.

General tips for tourists in Ginza

Ginza, Tokyo, is a treasure trove of experiences and gems to discover. Now that you know the best places to go and the things to do in Ginza, Tokyo, you can organize your itinerary and pack accordingly.

Whether you’re traveling alone in Japan or with the company, you’ll have an excellent time, and with a stable digital SIM connection, one of the best tips ever.

A few recommendations are the following:

  • Pack wisely for international travel and keep in mind the season.
  • Decide whether you’ll stay in a low-budget hostel or a high-end hotel with amenities.
  • Learn a few phrases in Japanese that’ll show your respect for the culture
  • If visiting a Shrine or sacred place, be respectful and dress appropriately
  • Follow the local norms and have all your documents in order
  • Use the Tokyo metro to get around quickly
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    • Unlimited data during your entire trip
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Follow our short guide and don’t miss out on everything that Ginza has to offer. From unique and delicious delicacies to the hot brands and the exquisite craftsmanship of luxury brands. Learn about the cultural past and how modernity blends with tradition. With a seamless data connection, you’ll travel worry-free!

FAQ about things to do in Ginza

Is Ginza worth going to?

Absolutely! Ginza is one of Tokyo’s most iconic districts, known for its upscale shopping, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife.

Is Ginza better than Shinjuku?

Both Ginza and Shinjuku offer unique experiences, but Ginza is renowned for its luxury shopping, fine dining, and cultural landmarks. Shinjuku is known for its vibrant entertainment district and bustling atmosphere.

Where is Ginza?

Ginza is located in the Chuo ward of Tokyo, Japan, and is easily accessible by public transportation. This includes the Tokyo Metro and JR lines.

How to have mobile internet in Ginza?

For reliable mobile internet access in Ginza and throughout Japan, consider using Holafly’s eSIM. You’ll receive seamless connectivity on your smartphone or tablet.