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Things to do in Europe in June

Europe is a multicultural and diverse continent with loads of history and much more! Know all the things to do in Europe in June.

Manuel M.

October 27, 2023

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Love the warm weather but want to escape all the snow and the cold? We have the perfect destination for you, or should I say… destinations. Get to know all the things to do in Europe in June. Europe is a multicultural and very diverse continent with loads of history, music, art, architecture, and so much more! Not to mention the beautiful beaches and the delicious cuisine! This terminus is an exciting place to go during your vacations. Continue reading to find out more!

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Best Destinations to Travel to Europe in June

There are many things to do in Europe in June, but you can’t do them all, so depending on your interests, you have to decide and plan ahead of time where you want to go and what places do you want to see. Also, if you don’t know what bus or train to take, it’d be good to look it up on your phone, so maybe thinking about how to get internet in Europe is also a good idea, we’ll endeavor more later on.

Visit the Eiffel Tower in June
The Eiffel Tower. Source: Unsplash


The home of the City of Love is one of the most romantic places for couples, and for those who love history and art, there are several museums to visit during this time of year, for example, the Louvre Museum or the Rodin Museum. Remember to arrive early, as these tourist hotspots can fill up quickly.

Each museum may have permanent and temporary exhibitions, for example on the Louvre, the Naples in Paris – The Louvre Hosts the Museo di Capodimonte exhibition begins on June 7th and finalizes in January 2024, so this is the only summer you’ll be able to appreciate this art and general admission is €17 and €0 for those under 18 and for citizens from the EEA. On the other hand, entry to the Rodin Museum is €13 and there are also 2, 4, and 6-day passes.

Other things to do in Europe in June for music lovers are going to love the upcoming La Fête de la Musique in Paris later this year on June 21st. The upside of this event is that it is a non-paid event and not in a single spot. It is a celebration all over Paris where citizens and artists are encouraged to play music on the streets. Additionally, there are also organized concerts where anyone can go for free.

If you’re traveling with your children, then you obviously want to go on an all-family vacation. Thanks to the summer climate of June, Disneyland Paris is the perfect plan for you to enjoy your time with those closest to you and your kids will have an adventure of a lifetime! Check out all the attractions, restaurants and amenities available for you and the entire family. This is one of the funniest family travels in June.

French Rivera

If you want something more exclusive and luxurious, then the French Rivera has it all. Nice is the biggest city in the French Rivera, and there, you can rent a yacht for a relaxing afternoon in the water for as low as $85/person, or perhaps go on a private sea excursion and there’s always the unmissable tours to Monaco & Monte Carlo for only around $60/person. That’s a deal!

Go to the French Rivera in June
French Rivera. Source: Unsplash


Since the 17th century, the British infantry regiment has put on a spectacular parade for the public and as a way to honor the sovereign’s Birthday, called Trooping the Colour, every year, one of many traditions and one of the things to do in Europe in June.

Even though each ruler has a different birthday, thanks to the weather conditions during June, the parade has been kept during this season. This year, the parade will be held on June 17th at 4PM. However, these are other parades on June 3rd and June 10th. Tickets range from £10 to £30. Ensure you have your seats by the time you arrive in the U.K.! Of course don’t forget Holafly’s eSIM options for England visitors.

Watching the British Infantry is something to do in Europe in June
British Infantry. Source: Unsplash

Like trying new things? New flavors and textures? Then the Taste of London is your first stop while you’re there this June. We’ve talked a lot about art and formalism, but the cuisine is something that attracts all of us. As we all know, full tummy, happy heart. Make sure you come in hungry as a horse! Entry passes range from £24 to £185, some with VIP benefits and exclusive perks.

The Summer Exhibition is the perfect activity to clear the mind and appreciate the talent and creativity of a selected panel of artists. From June 15th until August 20th, the Royal Academy of Arts will host a beautiful collection of artwork where you can speculate about the meaning of the colors, the figures and the contrasts. Don’t miss this opportunity, but keep in mind that to book your tickets online, you have to create an account.

Go to the Food Festival in June in Europe
Food Festival. Source: Unsplash


Some of you don’t want to go to boring museums or watch parades, maybe not even go to a gastronomical festival, some of you need…adrenaline. Go parasailing near Naples, feel the wind in your face as you see all and the excitement of speed, one of the best things to do in Europe in June, in this case, Italy, is to go on extreme sports. Take advantage of the clear blue skies in June!

On the Amalfi Coast, 1 hour from Naples, you can go on various extreme sports, from zip-lining, starting at $23, to a transparent kayak for only $85 per person. This is the place you want to be to capture the moment. You can also try scuba diving at $96 per person and discover the beautiful marine line on the coast or the breathtaking Ferriere waterfalls while you trek in the Valle delle Ferriere for just $17. All of these activities are bound to get you out of the routine or the regular touristic itinerary.

Amalfi Coast. Source: Unsplash


While you’re in Italy in June, don’t forget to add a stop in Rome. June 2nd is Republic Day in Italy and the celebration includes fireworks, parades, concerts and even picnics! Commemorate this day with the locals, try the exquisite Italian pasta in all its variations and preparations, and most importantly, have fun! Rome is a city full of history dating back to the beginning of the Roman Empire and her mythical founders, Remus and Romulus, with many ancient temples and places to discover and if you want to go to more than one, try getting a tourist pass that includes several of these attractions. Here’s a list of some of the main Roman Architecture examples:

  • Colosseum
  • Pantheon
  • Maison Carrée
  • Roman Forum
  • Arch of Constatine
Rome. Source: Unsplash

Advice when traveling in June

Before you head out on your next adventure, it’s essential to keep several things in mind. Make a travel itinerary so you know what flights to take, where to stay, and where to go, along with all the necessary documentation. Once you’ve selected the dates and destination, do your due diligence and research the requirements regarding visas or entry permits.

Make sure your passport is updated. Some countries require foreigners to present their inbound and outbound flight information along with accommodation reservations and international insurance as per each country’s immigration regulations.

One crucial factor to consider is how you’re going to remain connected to the internet on the road while you’re in a different place. With the revolution of SIMs, eSIMs are now the most straightforward options to get a reliable and stable internet connection abroad. Some even have the ability to share data with nearby devices.

Get everything ready, forget your worries, and go have a spectacular time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I plan my summer travels efficiently?

Check for good offers and deals on flights and hotels to get the lowest prices. Make sure you comply with all the requirements for your flight and make have the necessary documents on-hand. Once you’re all packed up, make sure that you have an eSIM card to get internet at your destination!

What can I take with me during my trip?

June marks the beginning of summer in many places, so remember to take light and comfortable clothes with you to enjoy the sun. See some examples in our article about necessary things for your trip.

Is it necessary to purchase an international travel insurance?

Some countries require visitors to purchase an international travel insurance before arriving in the country and there are certain requirements that the insurance policy must comply with to be valid at a port of entry.

How to get internet during my travels?

You can buy an eSIM card with cellular data before traveling, rent a pocket WiFi, or activate your domestic provider’s international roaming service of your domestic operator. You can also find free WiFi networks at the airport, but remember that you may put your sensitive information at risk.

What eSIM card to have the internet is the best?

We recommend you the Holafly eSIM card. There you will find great data plans for more than 170 destinations, including individual destinations or multi-country eSIM cards. If you go to Europe, you can get a European eSIM card, which covers 32 European destinations.