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Solo Travel to Europe: Best Places and safety tips

Make your solo travel to Europe that best time of your life. Get tips and tricks to get around on a budget and stay connected with the eSIM!

October 28, 2023

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Are you a daring person looking for an experience that will change your life? Solo travel to Europe could be just what the doctor ordered. The old continent is a paradise for lone travelers due to its rich history, varied cultures, and spectacular scenery.

We’ve laid out some tips and tricks today so that you’re well-informed on how best to enjoy your travels across European countries. Stay well-informed and don’t forget to remain connected while abroad! Continue reading to find out more.

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The Freedom of Solo Adventure

Relaxing on vacation alone. Source: Pexels

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Let’s talk about what makes solo travel so special before we get into the specifics. Solo travelers are those who are willing to keep an open mind, change their plans on the go, and experience new things. Due to its low crime rate, well-developed public transit system, and friendly natives, Europe is a fantastic destination for those who like to travel without a companion. Enjoy the independence to grow and create cherished memories.

Essential Stops on Your European Vacation

Barcelona, Spain: Kick off your trip in this dynamic metropolis, where history, art, and breathtaking architecture coexist in perfect harmony. Visit the famous Gaudi buildings like the Iglesia de la Sagrada Família and Las Ramblas, and relax on the sandy beaches. For as low as 26 euros, marvel at the delicate artwork on the inside of the church.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Roam the charming canals and little streets. Experience the relaxed Dutch lifestyle while visiting world-renowned attractions like the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. Adapt to the eco-friendly way of life and rent a bicycle for less than 10 euros per hour.

Paris, France: The City of Love is a well-known tourist destination. Visit the Eiffel Tower for as little as €11.30. Stroll down the Seine, and stuff your face with sweets from one of the city’s many bakeries. If you’re really up for a dare, dive on a tour into the spine-chilling Catacombs of Paris for just €23.

Rome, Italy: The Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Roman Forum are must-sees for any history buff. Strike a deal on a bundle to visit multiple historical sites and save tons! Starting at €18 you’ll be able to take yourself back in time and live the ancient Rome experience.

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What to Bring on a Solo Trip

Smart packing is essential for a stress-free solo trip. The following is a list of must-haves for your suitcase:

  1. Travel Documents: Passport, Visa (if required), Travel Insurance, Electronic Copies, and Travel Copies.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Bring clothes that are easy to move around in and can be worn in a variety of climates. The weather in Europe is so fickle that it requires you to dress in layers.
  1. Travel-Friendly Shoes: Pack some sneakers for daytime exploration and a dressier pair for dinner and drinks. Choose your shoe wear wisely so you don’t end up with sores on your feet.
  • First Aid Kit: assemble a collection of over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as basic first aid supplies.
  • Travel Adapters: Be sure you have the proper adapters to power your electronics while you’re away from home. Additionally, take a power pack just in case you spend more time outdoors than expected.
  1. Snacks and a Reusable Water Bottle: When traveling for an extended period of time, remember to bring water and snacks. You want to stay hydrated and have sufficient energy for all your activities.
  2. Travel Journal and Pen: Write down your thoughts and experiences as they happen while you’re away.

Advice for Thrilling Adventures Alone

  • Stay in touch: While getting to know new places on your own is an exciting adventure, remember to keep in touch with loved ones back home to guarantee your safety. Get an internet connection through a local SIM card, WiFi or an eSIM, a new trend in the consumer market.
  • Learn the local language: The second piece of advice is to learn some basic phrases in the local language, such as how to say “hello” and “thank you” in the local dialect. The locals will appreciate the gesture, and it can serve as a fantastic conversation starter.
  • Safety First: Always use caution, but especially in busy areas and popular tourist destinations. Keep your valuables hidden and your records safe. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for pocket pickers.
  • Public Transportation: Take use of Europe’s well-developed and user-friendly public transit infrastructure, which is our fourth travel tip. Use public transportation like trains and buses to go about town without breaking the bank.
  • Socialize at Hostels: Staying in hostels is a great way to meet fellow travelers and take part in exciting hostel-based events, resulting in unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships. Who knows? You might even end up with a travel buddy someday.
  • Try the local cuisine: Trying the local food is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a new place. Join a cooking class and
  • Watch Out for Scams: Be wary of con artists, particularly in tourists populated areas. Be prepared for the most typical scams. Keep your eyes on the ground to not step in “intentionally” placed obstacles. Don’t pick anything up when you notice someone “accidentally” dropped it. Avoid letting others tie things to your wrists.
  • Prepare for the Unexpected: Create a general itinerary but allow for some flexibility. Accept the challenges and opportunities that life throws your way.

Frugal Solo Travel

Budgeting for a trip to Europe on your own is possible. Here are some ways to reduce your travel expenses:

  • Lodging: Look into hostels, guesthouses, or low-cost hotels. It can help you save your money if you book in advance.
  • Free Attractions: Many European towns provide free attractions and walking tours. You can still discover the local culture and gastronomy with free entertainment. There are plenty of places to go and events with no charge at hostels.
  • Tourists/City Card: Discounted or low cost public transportation and admission to local attractions are just two of the many perks of purchasing a city card. Do your due diligence and order these cards ahead of time.

European Transportation System

The transportation network in Europe is reliable and well-established. Here’s a guide on how to use it:

First, think about getting an Eurail Pass if you intend to visit more than one European country during your trip. Download a local transportation app to get real-time information about routes, schedules, and more. And finally, you can bike around many European cities at your own pace.

Take advantage of the European train system. Source: Pexels

Solo Travel That Won’t Break the Bank

Adopt eco-friendly habits on your solo trip to reduce your negative effects on the planet:

  • Public Transportation: Reduce your carbon footprint by taking public transportation or walking as much as possible.
  • Reusable Items: Instead of using disposable items, carry your own water bottle, shopping bag, and silverware.
  • Support Local Businesses: Boost the neighborhood economy by staying at or eating at locally owned establishments.

Staying Connected

You definitely need to have internet access while you’re in Europe. Look up information, check the local weather and stay up to date with events. As we mentioned before, the eSIM is a great way to get a data plan on your phone. As long as it’s compatible, you can easily download, install and activate a digital SIM. The Holafly eSIM for Europe is a perfect option to connect abroad, and the best part is that a new feature was recently included. You get a total of 120 minutes to make and receive calls along with an Austrian (+43) phone number.

You can easily get one on their website or through their app as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just buy, scan and connect! You won’t miss a beat during the one in a lifetime journey.