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Top 10 Things to Do in Costa Maya for tourists

Discover all the things to do at the Costa Maya. 1. Maya Chan Beach 2. Maya Ruins 3. Relaxing Massage 4. Local Cuisine 5. Mahahual Beach

Manuel M.

January 9, 2024

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Add the Costa Maya to your bucket list and find out the best things to do in this paradise. Adventure awaits with amazing activities like snorkeling, diving, visiting the temples and monuments, relaxing on the crystal clear beaches, and so much more. But that’s not all, the cruise ships are also filled with entertainment and excitement. Stay tuned and learn about all the things there are to do and experience in our guide.

Where is Costa Maya Located?

Costa Maya Mahahual
Costa Maya Mahahual. Source: Unsplash

This perfect vacation spot is on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Costa Maya is famed for its breathtaking scenery beaches, and vibrant cultural scene. You can arrive by land and sea, and there are plenty of things to do once you get there. Let’s look into the best experiences available to you.

Best Things to Do in Costa Maya

Let’s begin with the things you can do on land, directly on the Costa Maya strip.

1. Go to Maya Chan Beach

At only a 20-minute ride from the port, kick back and relax at the serene Maya Chan Beach. You can reach it by taxi or shuttle, and this hidden gem offers a calm escape. Take advantage of the water activities like paddle boats and kayaks.

At the Maya Chan Beach Resort, you’ll have access to a private beach with no noise and unlimited drinks! For a full day, all-inclusive reservation, the price is $79 for adults and ranges from $19 – $59 for children.

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2. Visit the Costa Maya Ruins

Step back in time by exploring the ancient Maya ruins. At only a 50- minute drive, you’ll dive into the ancient history of the region and discover the rich cultural heritage behind. It’s recommended to take a tour with a native guide who knows the secrets and past of these temples.

You’ll learn about the civilization that occupied the area long ago. Be aware and respect the local flora and fauna that still lives there, like the deer, fox, armadillo and so much more. Tours normally cost around $55 – $119 per adult, some include a visit to the beach as well.

3. Enjoy a relaxing massage

Drop all the stress and heal your body with a powerful massage that will leave you energized and ready for more adventure. You can reserve these full-body massages for around $58 and take around 30 minutes to an hour.

4. Flavor the local cuisine

There are plenty of restaurants for you to have a taste of the local dishes that the Costa Maya has to offer. From tacos and nachos up to fresh seafood along with authentic drinks. The most common foods that you’ll find at this destination are:

  • White Sea Bass
  • Mexican Bean with Bacon
  • Tortillas
  • Green Pasta
  • Octopus tentacles
  • Lobster

If you get homesick, you can even get American-style foods like hamburgers, pizza and hotdogs.

5. Explore the Maya Museum

Learn about ancient Mayan culture, their way of life and their customs at the Mayan Museum of Culture. If you decide to take a guided tour throughout the museum, it’ll take approximately an hour and a half. The Museum’s opening hours are Sunday through Thursday from 9am to 7pm, and Friday and Saturday from 9am to 8pm.

Things to Do in Costa Maya Cruise Port and Beyond

Royal Caribbean Cruise at Costa Maya
Royal Caribbean Cruise at Costa Maya. Source: Unsplash

6. Go to Mahahual Beach

Take a break at Mahahual Beach for a day of sun, sand, and sea. You can enjoy water sports, excellent food, and amazing local markets. Ideal for cruise passengers looking to grab a taste and scenery of the local area. Make sure you look for a time that’s so busy to make the most of your stop.

7. Visit the Mahahual Lighthouse

Climb to new heights at the Mahahual Lighthouse. Capture breathtaking panoramic views of the coast and surrounding areas. Accessible by foot or taxi, this spot offers a perfect blend of history and scenery.

8. Have a Close Encounter with Flamingos in Port

Once you step off the cruise, walk past all the stores, you’ll witness the elegance of flamingos at the Costa Maya port. Walk through the designated areas to observe these majestic birds up close.

9. Go Snorkeling or Diving

Get close to the local sea life with an underwater experience. Snorkeling and diving tours are available, starting at just $40 up to $100. You’ll be able to see the beautiful colors and shapes of all types of fishes and plants. These experiences last from 2 to 4 hours, so pack accordingly and be ready to do some exercise swimming.

10. Swim with Dolphins

For an unforgettable experience, consider swimming with dolphins. Costa Maya offers opportunities for interactive encounters with these playful creatures. Book a guided experience and make lasting memories. The dolphinarium is located within a conservation area, and you can enjoy a Dolphin encounter for $79 and swim with a dolphin for $109. This will definitely be a story for you to tell your friends and family back home!

General Tips for Tourists in Costa Maya

Besides enjoying all the adventures and the tastily local food, we have some tips for you that will help you make this trip one of your most memorable. Here are some of our recommendations for you to keep close before you head out and once you’re on the go:

  • Reservations: Make sure you book your tours and tickets beforehand to avoid long lines and overpriced tours.
  • Rent a Car: To get around the best and easiest way, you can rent a car for as low as $20 per day.
  • What to Pack: Make sure you pack sufficiently and wisely so you don’t end up using your budget to cover what you forgot. It’s best to take clothing for warm weather, and definitely your swimsuit.
  • Travel Guide: Inform yourself about the most popular tourist spots at the Costa Maya and get tips on how to save. Use our travel guide for a more in-depth experience in Mexico.
  • Stay Connected: Post your pictures and videos on social media for all to see with a data connection. Options like roaming or pocket WiFi, but for seamless connectivity during your Costa Maya adventure, consider using a digital SIM like Holafly’s.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Costa Maya best known for?

Costa Maya is best known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and rich Mayan cultural heritage. The destination offers a perfect mix of relaxation, water activities, and opportunities to explore ancient Mayan ruins.

How far is the beach from the cruise port?

Mahahual Beach is only around 10 minutes from the port. If you decide to walk, it’ll take you around 40 minutes to reach the clear waters.

Are there things to do for free at the Costa Maya?

You can explore local markets, take a walk along the beach, enjoy the music, traditions, and culture of the port area, and take in the views of Mahahual Malecon, and not spend a dime!

Can You Walk Around Costa Maya, Mexico?

Yes, Costa Maya is pedestrian-friendly. Explore the port, nearby restaurants and bars, and breathe in the fresh warm air. Try to find a time when the port is not overcrowded.

Which is the Best Beach Near Costa Maya Port?

Mahahual Beach is generally a popular choice. There are sandy shores, chill beach bars, water adventures, and a relaxed feeling. Uvero Beach and Maya Chan Beach are also options with crystal waters and warm sun.

Can I get internet at Costa Maya?

Definitely, there are many ways to connect. The most reliable one is the virtual SIM from international providers like Holafly. Get unlimited data and connect to the best network in the region.