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Reading Festival 2024 – Guide

Are you planning on going to the Reading Festival this year? Here's everything you need to know about the festival!

Julio Osuna

December 13, 2023

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Reading Festival is one of the oldest music festivals in the UK. Following a yearly tradition, it takes place during August of each year. So if you are planning on assisting with one of the major events in the world, keep an eye on what we have to say!

If you want to go or are planning to go to the Reading Festival in 2024, you need to be prepared for the whole event, and of course, if you are traveling from abroad, you need to have everything prepared for the trip!

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What’s the Reading Festival?

The Reading Festival is currently one of the oldest and most popular events in the world. The very first time the Reading Festival took place was in 1961, but back then, it was known as the National Jazz Festival. It wasn’t until later that the name changed to what we know today.

Before being known by the name it has today, the festival used to take place in different places in the UK, such as Plumpton and Windsor, but back in 1971, it found its forever home in Reading. Later on, a different version known as the Leeds Festival started to take place in 1999.

This event takes place during the “Bank Holiday” in the UK. It offers people the chance to enjoy different concerts on seven different stages where music from different genres such as rock, indie, metal, alternative, punk, and many others are present during the festival.

Up to this point, the festival has allowed people to enjoy the participation of some huge bands like Blink-182, Muse, The Strokes, Pendulum, Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, and Nirvana. Those are just some of the bands that have performed at the Reading Festival.

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When is the Reading Festival 2024 taking place?

As has happened before, the Reading Festival will take place during the Bank Holiday in the UK, which is a holiday that, back then, only people working in the banking sector used to have. But, now, it has grown into a holiday for most people in the UK, and that’s when the Reading Festival will take place!

As for this year, the dates are taking place from August 21st to August 25th. Just like previous years, it will be a three-day festival! A few weeks back, Bloodstock also takes place in the UK!

Where is the Reading Festival 2024 taking place?

The Reading Festival basically has its own place. Richfield Avenue will be the one hosting the event, as in previous years.

Basically, camping sites will be available in the area where the festival takes place, so it’s great for those wanting to live the full Reading Festival experience!

Bastille at Reading Festival 2022

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Everything you need to attend the Reading Festival

As you are traveling to the UK to attend one of the most important festivals in the world, there are plenty of things to keep in mind to make this possible. Even if you are traveling from another city in the UK, there are many things to do before hitting the road to enjoy the Reading Festival 2024!

So, for people traveling for the first time to this event, or needing guidance to go through the event, let’s make a quick checklist!

  • Get your tickets on time: Tickets for the event are still on sale, and there are plenty of options for attendees to take a look at! Depending on whether people want to go to the whole festival or only on a specific date, tickets are still on sale on the official website of the Reading Festival! Also, there are tickets for the camping area, so be sure you know which ones you are buying!
  • Google Maps is your best ally: Moving around a place you don’t know is surely a headache. Not knowing where to go or what bus to take is not a good idea for those who want to enjoy the festival. But if you use Google Maps, moving around the city will be much easier!
  • Don’t forget your internet connection: If you are coming from a different country, chances are you don’t want to miss getting an internet connection to be capable of showing the world you are at the Reading Festival, right? Not only that, you will also need the internet to use Google Maps, order an Uber, and many other things! Want to have an idea of which service to use? Go ahead and use an eSIM!
People enjoying the Reading Festival in 2022. Source: Reading Festival Official Website
  • Ensure you pack enough clothes: Remember, the festival will take place from Friday to Sunday. Are you going to wear the same clothes on those days? Chances are that you need to change your clothes, especially because, even though Reading is not such a hot place, the weather, the jumping, and the people can make you sweat. So please ensure you have enough clothes to change them when necessary.
  • Rent a hotel room or Airbnb before traveling: One travel requirement to enter the UK is to have proof of where you’re staying. Ensure you have a place to stay when entering the country so you don’t have difficulty trying to attend the festival.
  • Follow the Reading Festival’s social media accounts: The best way to ensure you are updated on everything taking place at the event is by following the festival’s social media accounts. All of them are being updated on a constant basis, as is their official website. So, keep an eye on them!

Tips for Reading Festival 2024 attendees

Once you have arrived in Reading and are on your way to Richfield Avenue, it’s time to be prepared to enjoy one of the most popular events in the UK and the world. So, here are some tips if you don’t want to miss anything happening in front of you or near you during the event! 

  • The festival schedule is your best friend: Three days of pure music is a lot to hear, right? And some big bands and artists will perform at the Reading Festival, so how can you know when they will be on stage? Well, that’s actually easy because of the schedule. Keep it as close to you as possible, but you can wait until the full lineup is released. That way, you will know for sure when bands like Spiritbox, Blink-182, Skrillex, Lana del Rey, The Prodigy, and many others are to come.
  • If you are not staying at the campsite, think about how you will reach your destination: Paying an extra fee for the campsite is surely not part of the plan for some attendees. Of course, if you get the chance to stay there, and if it is cheaper at the end of the day, then it is an idea to consider, but if you are staying somewhere else, you better think about how you will move from one part to another!
Reading Festival 2019 – Foo Fighters

More tips

  • Don’t forget to eat and drink water: You are attending a festival with thousands of people. You won’t want to miss a thing, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some breaks to drink some water or eat something. Once again, the schedule will be your perfect partner for this because you can easily go and get something while a band or artist is performing who you don’t actually want to see at the time!
  • Help others if you have the chance: If you see someone having a hard time during the event, the best thing you can do is help them out. Some people are at the concert alone, and chances are they don’t know whom to ask for help. So if you have the chance, help those who need it!
  • Don’t travel on a tight budget: Once you are done with the tickets and the hotel or Airbnb reservation, you need to think about the budget for the trip. Chances are, you have enough money for the trip. But it is better if you have enough to buy food, water, and, of course, merch from the artists performing at the Reading Festival!

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Spending more days in the UK: What to do after the Reading Festival?

When traveling to the UK, if you intend to get to know more about the country or even in Reading, you might want to have an idea of things to keep in mind:

  • Get to know Reading: Reading is a beautiful place to visit. No doubt, traveling and visiting the city and its surroundings will be a perfect ending after the Festival. But once again, make sure you have Google Maps to get some guidance while in the city!
  • Visit another city: The UK is huge. Getting to know other cities might be the best plan you can make after attending the Reading Festival. So why don’t you prepare for a short trip to London, Manchester, Leeds, or elsewhere?
  • Always check that all your stuff is complete: Music festivals can be wild, that’s for sure. So before you move from one side to another, make sure you are taking enough time to check that all of your stuff is complete and that you aren’t leaving anything behind!

FAQ about the Reading Festival 2024

Is there a VIP camping area at the festival?

Yes. There will be a VIP camping area for those who want to avoid leaving the concert area, making it easier to enjoy the festival as much as possible during the weekend. This area is available for people buying Camping Plus tickets!

Are shuttle bus services available for people to visit the Reading Festival?

Yes, there will be shuttle buses during the whole event! People won’t have to worry if they are near the 97 and 98 routes, as buses will go back and forth around the area during the festival.

Can people volunteer at the Reading Festival in 2024?

Yes! Actually, on the event’s official website, people can read everything they need to know regarding volunteering at the Reading Festival 2024. There are different volunteering opportunities, and people can take a look at them directly on the website!