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Power Trip Music Festival 2023 – Guide

Are you going to the Power Trip 2023? Here's everything you need to know about the event and enjoy the festival as much as possible!

Julio Osuna

August 4, 2023

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The USA is home to many music festivals, many of which are rock or metal, and then there’s the Power Trip, a combination of both genres that will take place for the first time this year. People are waiting with their arms wide open to see how the festival will be, and there’s still time to prepare for it.

So, if you want to hit the road to go to the Power Trip in the USA, the time has come to know everything you need to know about the event. That’s why we have prepared a guide for those who are planning on going to the festival!

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What’s Power Trip?

The Power Trip festival is a new face for everyone in the United States. This is not a festival people have seen before, and it might be the first time people will get to see an event that surely will become important throughout the following years. Like other festivals, Power Trip will last for three days, and the date for the festival is still months away!

Something important to mention about the Power Trip, since it’s a new festival that no one has seen before, it’s the fact that at the beginning, it was going to be a festival where the rock legend, Ozzy Osbourne, was going to return to huge shows. But this won’t happen due to his health issues.

Power Trip Logo. Source: Power Trip Official Instagram.

Still, huge names are part of the festival now, and since Ozzy is no longer in the festival. For example, the replacement for the rock legend is Judas Priest, another legendary band in the rock world.

Of course, some other important bands are performing during the three-day event, such as Tool, Metallica, and Iron Maiden. So is the perfect time for metal and rock lovers to hit the road and see some of the music legends hit the stages one more time!

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When is the Power Trip 2023 taking place?

The event will take place in October. As this is the festival’s first edition, it’s hard to tell whether the date will remain the same in the following years or if this will change. It’s even hard to tell whether it will be a Power Trip in the following years too.

Where is the Power Trip 2023 taking place?

As said before, the event will take place in the USA. But to be more specific, it will take place in California. The Power Trip will be held in the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California! Other places like Oklahoma have their own festivals, too, such as Rocklahoma!

Everything you need to attend the Power Trip

In case you are planning on going to the USA and it’s your first time ever going there, you need to keep some things in mind to have the perfect trip. And even more important, to have perfect memories of the festival! So, preparation is the key to success in this case.

As for those who are either traveling to the USA for the first time for a festival, there are some things that are, well, quite helpful. Therefore, let’s make a checklist of things everyone should pay attention to!

  • Get your tickets for the festival: Before you travel to California and reach the event, the main thing you will need is tickets, right? Then, to avoid wasting some time before the event takes place, you better buy them through the official website. Currently, there are tickets still available, and people can buy them according to whether they want to go to the whole festival or just for a day.
  • Use apps that will help you move around in California: If you are not from the USA and you are attending the Power Trip festival, you will need help moving from one side to another. Therefore, try using an app that can help you with this. Our favorite alternative is to use Google Maps, but you can go with the one you prefer using!
  • Think about how you will connect to the internet: One thing it’s sure; you need an internet connection. No matter where you go, you must make sure you have a way to access the internet. Currently, to travel to the USA, there are different ways to do it, such as through Pocket WiFi, roaming services, or an eSIM card USA. All of them are good options, but we prefer using eSIMs because they easy they are to use and get.
Power Trip Event Rendering. Source: Power Trip Official Website.
  • Pack enough clothes for the festival: If you are attending a music festival such as the Power Trip in the USA you must have enough clothes. Especially because things can get really messy in no time, so pack enough clothes not only for the whole event, but also for the whole trip!
  • Get a place to stay: You will need a place to stay during the festival. If you are staying in the camping zone, it’s easier to move to where you will sleep. But if you don’t stay there, you need to think about where you will stay. It can either be in a hotel room or an Airbnb. It’s up to you.
  • Check the social media platforms of the Power Trip for updates: Do you want to stay updated? Check the Power Trip social media accounts. That way, you can get to know everything that will happen at the event!

Tips for Power Trip 2023 attendees

Moving forward on what to remember when going to the festival, it’s time to get some tips for the event. Knowing what to do before it’s great, but having in mind what to do during the festival is also something important!

As for now, having in mind some of these tips will help you out during the event and even will allow you to help others as well!

  • Check the schedule to know who’s playing next: If you have in mind seeing a certain band, you need to keep an eye on who’s playing next. Or maybe, if you are going for a single day, you want to check the schedule to see at what time the band you want to see live performing. And checking the schedule is actually quite easy; it’s on the website!
  • How are you moving while at the festival: If you are not staying at the camping site, you need to know how you will move from one way to the other. Even when the festival day comes, you need to know how to get there. So, think about how you will move around. There are lots of alternatives, so you won’t have a hard time at all finding the best option for you.
  • Eat, drink water, and get enough sleep: The last one is optional, just in case. But drinking enough water during the festival is important. You don’t want to be dehydrated and taken out while your favorite band is playing, right? Pretty much the same goes for the food. You need to eat in order to be strong enough to get into the mosh pit, don’t you think?
Power Trip Promotional Images. Source: Power Trip Instagram.
  • Keep an eye on those who are near you: Do you have the chance to help others? Then do it. Those who are alone in the festival might have a hard time trying to get help if necessary, so if you see you can help them because something is happening to them, do it. Chances are they will help you back if you need it too.
  • Don’t travel on a tight budget: If you want to enjoy as much as possible the event, traveling with a low budget is not advisable. Therefore, if you can take as much money as possible, take it with you. That way you don’t have to worry too much while at the festival and after it!

Spending more days in the USA: What to do after the Power Trip?

Once the Power Trip is over, you might want to spend some days in the USA. If so, people can do many things while being there. California is a huge city, and getting to know it is an amazing plan. But what else can people do there?

  • Get to know California: California is a lovely city. During that time of the year, the weather will be easier to handle, so getting to know the city and its surroundings will be much easier than people might think!
  • Travel to another U.S. city: If you have the time, and money, to travel to a different city within the United States, go for it. There are many incredible places to meet, such as New York or Las Vegas, and that’s just saying some.
  • Ensure you aren’t leaving anything behind: Once you leave the festival, say goodbye to anything you left there. And the same goes if you are staying in a hotel room or Airbnb. Check that everything you brought to the festival is there with you!

FAQ about the Power Trip 2023

What’s the main lineup for the event?

The event itself won’t have many bands. But the bands attending the event will make the three-day festival unforgettable. The current lineup is Judas Priest, Tool, Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses!

At what time does the venue open for the Power Trip?

For people who are assisting the Power Trip festival, knowing at what time they will get to see their favorite bands is important. Therefore, arriving just in time is going to be their best ally. During the event, the venue will be open at 3 PM!

Is the camping at Power Trip free, or does it have an extra cost?

Camping at Power Trip is not free. But it is also not so expensive depending on the alternative people prefer to take. With the simple camping option, people can stay in a camping tent for $199 plus taxes. But for those who want to feel some extra luxury while in the event, prices can be higher than $1.000.

How much do the Power Trip tickets cost?

For the Power Trip event, there are different prices based on how people want to go to the festival. Prices will vary from $599 to over $2.500. The final price will depend on what people want with their tickets and whether they are paying to get access to additional features while at the festival.