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How much data does Google Maps use? Navigate without worries

Learn how much Google Maps spends! 5MBs per hour, 0.5MBs per mile, up to 190MBs for downloading a map, and much more!

Julio Osuna

April 9, 2024

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If you are a traveler, you need to know where you are going. Many tools can help with that, but Google Maps is surely the most important available in 2024. That’s why people need to know how much data Google Maps uses.

That’s why we’ll discuss everything travelers need to know when using Google Maps abroad. The article will include useful tips and information about how the app works, so keep reading if you are visiting a new place soon!

What is the Google Maps data usage?

Similar to other mobile apps, Google Maps uses a certain amount of data per hour. While using Maps to navigate, the consumption will be around 3 to 5MBs per hour. In other cases, people can try to measure the consumption per minute or mile, which is around 0.08 MB per minute and 0.5 per mile!

Therefore, if you walk around 10 miles per day, you will only use 5MB of mobile data. You can also measure this by getting an idea of how much you will walk. So, if you walk 3 hours with Google Maps on, then you will consume around 9 to 15MBs during that time!

Google Maps also allows you to download maps. You can save a whole city map or small parts of it. The download size will vary from 85 to 190MB in most cases, but if the map is bigger, it will take more mobile data!

How to use Google Maps without consuming data?

Related to downloading maps on Google Maps, there’s a way to use it without consuming data. This feature is available on both Android and iOS devices, and the two main requirements are to have space for the download and an internet connection to complete the download.

To download a map, people must press on the profile picture in Google Maps. There will be different options, but people need to push “Offline Maps” to choose what they are downloading. Once there, the next step is to press “Choose your own map.”

Maps downloaded on Google Maps. Source: Holafly.

To download a map, people need to choose a small area to download it, or they can increase the size of the map if they plan to visit a whole city! These maps will be stored on the device for up to 1 year, but they can be kept for longer if needed. 

Tips to optimize Google Maps usage data

Now that people know a bit about how Google Maps works, it’s time to discuss tips for optimizing their usage data. There are different tips for people to consider, and most will give users the chance to save some data on their devices.

Google Maps menu. Source: Holafly.

So, if you plan to travel soon, keep reading to learn more tips about Google Maps data usage and how to optimize it.

Watch how much data you consume

The first thing is to know how much data Google Maps consumes on your device. This is an option that allows travelers to track their data consumption better, especially as they can see exactly how much Google Maps uses.

There are two different ways to do this. 

  • Data consumption on Android: Android users must go to Settings and search for “Other connectivity options.” There, they must find the “Data Usage” option and press it. After a few seconds, the data usage of all apps will be shown.
  • Data consumption on Apple: The process is quite similar for iOS users. The first thing to do is open the “Settings” menu. There, people have to press “Ceullar or Settings” and then press “Mobile Data.” After a few seconds, the information on data consumption from the apps will appear.
Data used on Google Maps over a month. Source: Holafly.

 With this, people can check how much data Google Maps uses per hour

Use WiFi connections

WiFi connections are the best option for saving mobile data when using Maps. But there’s a detail with this: travelers won’t always have access to WiFi connections while abroad.

So, how can people take advantage of WiFi connections? Easy: download maps from Maps. That way, when walking on the streets, travelers can access their downloaded maps and guide themselves without a WiFi connection.

how much data does google maps use
Part of the Bogota map on Google Maps. Source: Holafly.

But, if you are in a WiFi connection, you can use it to guide yourself from one point to another. WiFi will help you save mobile data on Google Maps by giving you the route to follow and how much time it takes to get there.

Both ways work, but the idea is to download maps to use Google Maps offline, as it is more helpful for travelers.

Download maps before you travel

One thing we have mentioned is downloading maps from Google Maps. The idea is to have them on your device so you don’t have to spend data searching for addresses or finding out how to get to a place.

Remember, you can download a whole city map or a specific section of one. So, let’s say you are visiting Bogota, and you don’t want to download the whole map as it takes up too much space on your device. Well, you can download small parts of it, like the Candelaria map or Simon Bolivar Park, and get there without downloading the whole Madrid map.

how much data does google maps use
Bogota, La Candelaria on Google Maps. Source: Holafly.

One thing to keep in mind is to check if your map will work when you travel. Even though these map downloads last for more than a year, it’s always important to take a look before traveling!

Use operators that do not charge for extra data consumption

When traveling, it is a must to have a proper mobile internet connection. The idea of using carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, Rogers, and similar is that these companies charge for each MB consumed while roaming.

That’s why it’s better to use a mobile operator that doesn’t charge extra for consuming data. There are different options online, and we prefer to use Holafly as they offer unlimited data plans in most of their destinations.

The idea behind using Holafly is to get an eSIM that provides unlimited data plans and, when necessary, use Google Maps to move around a city. These plans won’t charge extra, so it’s a great alternative to save some money while also saving mobile data.


Up to this point, travelers will have a better idea of how much data Google Maps uses. Even though this app doesn’t consume too much data compared to Netflix or YouTube, it’s better to have an idea of how much data people need for traveling while using this app.

This allows travelers to prepare for their next trip and to avoid roaming charges while traveling abroad. So, get your Google Maps ready and prepare to explore new cities!

FAQ about Google Maps data usage

How long does 1GB of data last on Google Maps?

1GB of mobile data can last more than a week when using Google Maps. This app doesn’t use much mobile data, as it only consumes 3 to 5MB of mobile data per hour. As for people downloading maps, the data will last less as these consume more data than using the app to move around a city. 1GB will allow you to download around 10 maps.

Does using Google Maps use a lot of data?

Google Maps doesn’t use a lot of mobile data. This app actually consumes a lot less data, as it only consumes up to 5MB per hour. Maps can consume more data, but that’s an alternate feature that can help save extra data in some cases.

How much data does a GPS use per hour?

Google Maps is not the only GPS app people can use, but it’s the one that consumes less data. Other GPS apps can consume up to 10MB per hour, which is double that of Google Maps and can be an issue for people looking at how to use the internet worldwide while saving data.

How much data does Google Maps use in 8 hours? 

For those wondering how much data Google Maps uses in 8 hours, the app will consume around 24 to 40MBs. This is for people using the app to navigate, not to download maps.