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Best places to travel in June: Where to go?

Discover some of the best places to visit in June, such as Vancouver, Canada - Jersey Shore, USA - Ibiza, Spain - San Cassiano, Italy.


December 6, 2023

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The middle-year holidays are coming up fast, and you might be wondering where to travel in June and which are the best plans. In this article, we will show you a list of the best plans and destinations to visit during this time of the year.

Remember that the decision is yours and that it depends on your lifestyle, budget, and travel preferences. In this article, you’ll find multiple options to choose from.

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Where to travel in June? Best destinations (2024)

June is one of travelers’ most eagerly awaited months of the year. It marks the middle of the year, so it is a great moment to pause and relax for a few days in a different place.

Also, this month is considered a summer month in the northern hemisphere. So many people choose sunny, warm destinations in the dry season to enjoy outdoor activities. However, it is not summer in the whole world because this month is winter and the rainy season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Canada: a great destination

If you prefer sunny and warm days, June is the perfect time to travel to Canada since it is the beginning of the peak season for tourists. You will enjoy many outdoor activities in cities like Vancouver and Montreal, from walking tours to explorations made more accessible by the excellent temperature.

What to do in Vancouver during June?

English Bay Beach. Source: World Beach Guide.

English Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Vancouver and one of the most visited destinations in the city. Many people gather here to enjoy the sea and different outdoor activities.

Also, local and foreign tourists who visit this beach take one of the best postcards in Vancouver. So, you can stay contemplating this beautiful natural landscape. Nearby, you will also find shopping and culinary hotspots to enjoy local dishes and finish your day with coffee or a glass of wine.

Stanley Park
Stanley Park is a great place to visit. Source: Unsplash.

Another plan is to visit Stanley Park, one of the biggest parks in North America, surrounded by natural paths that you can tour with a little train. You can also visit the International Sculpture Biennial, an excellent museum.

 At night, you can also visit the night markets like Richmond Illumination or Shipyards.

What to do in June in Montreal?

Art and culture are part of the wonders that make Montreal stand out and make it one of the most important cities in Canada. There is no doubt that you will have many plans to discover and enjoy the city. Here we share some of these exciting adventures:

International Jazz Festival

This musical event is considered the biggest in the world. It is celebrated annually from June 29 to July 8. During ten days, lovers of this musical genre from around the world come together in Vancouver to enjoy multiple live music concerts starring its most outstanding musicians and hundreds of new artists.

Jazz music Festival
Jazz Festival in Montreal. Source:

There are so many more activities you can do in the city while you wait for the arrival of your favorite artists. And the best part is that many of the presentations are free!

Notre Dame Basilique in Vancouver

This architectural jewel has many religious marvels of incalculable value. You will be able to take a guided tour of approximately 20 minutes, where they will tell you the history behind this grand structure, the stages of construction, its architecture, and the origin of the works that are part of this neo-Gothic masterpiece.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral. Source : Diego Delso on Wikipedia

Street food festival. Almost during the same time, you can also enjoy the Montreal food festival, called “Les Premiers Vendredis” (first Fridays)—an event filled with entertainment and countless flavors.

Les Premiers Vendredis
Source: Les Premiers Vendredis on Facebook.

The particularity of this event is that it only takes place on the first Friday from June to October. It takes place in l’Esplanade du Parc Olympique (the esplanade of the Olympic park), where more than 60 “Food trucks” of street food park. Here, you will find a sample of the cultural diversity of the city, its flavors, and its people’s local traditions.

The truth is that these plans are just a few examples of what you can do in Montreal, but there is much more to enjoy in June, for example:

  • TransAmériques Festival (From May 24 to June 8)
  • Go Vélo Festival (From May 28 to June 04)
  • St-Ambroise Festival (From May 29 to June 18)
  • L’International des Feux Loto-Québec (From June 25 to August 6)
  • Mural Festival (From June 08 to 18) on Saint-Leonard Boulevard

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Places to visit in the USA in June

With warm temperatures and ample sunshine, June marks the start of summer in most of the USA.  Although the weather warms in early June, it’s less crowded than the peak summer months of July and August. For this reason, many of the destinations we will mention are on a suitable date, with better weather than in the shoulder season and less affluence of tourists.

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Yosemite national park 

This park perfectly blends warm summer days, comfortable nights, blooming wildflowers, and exciting outdoor activities. For hiking enthusiasts, there is the Yosemite Falls Trail, one of the classic activities in the park with stunning views of Yosemite Falls, the tallest waterfall in North America.

Rafting one of the most popular activities
Rafting is one of the most popular activities. Source: Unsplash.

Also, suppose you are interested in more intense activities. In that case, this time of the year is famous for offering rafting, rock climbing, and horseback riding, and although it may surprise you, there are several swimming holes in the park.

Jersey Shore is one of the best places to visit

June is a fantastic time to visit the Jersey Shore! The weather is warm and sunny but not yet scorching hot. The crowds haven’t peaked yet, and the vibrant summer atmosphere is just starting to blossom. Of course, activities on a beautiful beach are one of the first things we think of when we visit the place.

You can surf the beaches of Jersey
You can surf the beaches of Jersey. Source: Unsplash.

Wildwood Beach, Cape May Beach, and Ocean City Beach are among the most famous beaches. Classic activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and surfing are among the most popular among tourists there. Although it may seem contradictory, it is also very common to find an outdoor pool in the area.

Mackinac Island and its lovely weather

Mackinac Island transforms into a vibrant paradise during June. As the weather warms and the landscape bursts into bloom, the island welcomes visitors with many activities and events. Whether you seek thrilling adventures, strolls, or a taste of history, June on Mackinac Island promises an unforgettable experience.

Architecture full of history on Mackinac Island
Architecture full of history on Mackinac Island. Source: Unsplash.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find their haven here. Cycle the scenic island loop, enjoying breathtaking views and charming villages. Hike through the lush trails of Mackinac Island State Park, marveling at natural wonders like Arch Rock. Or, explore the island’s coastline from a unique perspective by kayaking or paddleboarding.

Europe: best plans and destinations to travel in June

In Europe, June is the beginning of the high season. Thousands of local and foreign people gather on the beaches and tourist destinations. We are going to share with you below some of the best activities that take place during this month:

Music festivals for everybody. For example, Glastonbury is the world’s largest outdoor event in England. In 2023, it will take place from June 21 to 25, with the presentation of different contemporary artists.

Music Festival
Source: Unsplash.

Some are Artic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, Elton John, Lizzo, Aitch, Alison Goldfrapp, Alt-J, Amadou & Mariam. And so much more! So, if you dare to attend this event, buy your tickets beforehand to avoid long lines at the entrance. Once there, you will feel like you are in a world of joy, music, and color that you will not want to miss.

In June, you can also attend the renowned music festival “Primavera Sound” in Barcelona and Madrid. In Barcelona, it will take place from May 29 to June 4. And, in Madrid, the festival will take place from June 5 to 11. Save these on your calendar if you’re in the area during these dates! There are also options like the Sonar Barcelona to attend.

Music Festival

In these two cities, the festivals will have the participation of groups such as Pet Shop Boys, Jake Bugg, Confidence Man, La Paloma, Blur, Halsey, and New Order, and many other invited artists, according to the event’s schedule. We invite you to visit their official pages for more information about these festivals.

Fun fact: Primavera Sound is also held in Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil. So, you might want to get a Portugal digital SIM card for tourists or for the country you are visiting!

June holidays: beach and parties in Ibiza

Ibiza is considered the nest of the most famous parties in the world since its history shows us that the Mediterranean island became the refuge for an entire generation looking to free itself from the military dictatorship led by the Francoist government during the first half of the 20th century.

Night Party in Ibiza. Source: Guia Repsol

As time passed, the music industry and others put their effort into turning this city into a magical place. The parties, beautiful beaches, warm weather, and the best artists in the world have made Ibiza a very attractive destination.

So, if you are looking for a place to party and have fun, Ibiza is the ideal place for you.

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Serene beaches of the Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa, are known for their volcanic landscapes, black and white sand beaches, and year-round warm weather. But June is uniquely charming as the islands come alive with vibrant festivities, blooming flowers, and pleasant outdoor activities. 

One of the must-sees for tourists is whale and dolphin watching, thanks to how calm the waters can be in June. Embark on a boat tour and witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. During your excursion, you might encounter whales, dolphins, and other marine life.

Diving is also common during June
Diving is also common during June. Source: Unsplash.

The two most famous festivities of the month are Corpus Christi and Bonfire of the Feast of San Juan, which celebrate a religious festival and the beginning of the summer solstice, respectively. This leaves us with an endless number of events to witness.

France in June near perfect weather

June is a delightful time to explore France, with its balmy weather, longer days, and many events and activities. From exploring the sun-drenched beaches of the French Riviera to witnessing the historic grandeur of Paris, some unforgettable experiences that await you in France are Fête de la Musique (June 21st), the Grape Harvest Festival, or biking along the Loire Valley.

Lavender fields in Roussillon, France
Lavender fields in Roussillon, France

Visiting the Lavender Fields of Provence is also advisable because they bloom this month, so you will enjoy the best views. If you want an adventure in addition to beautiful scenery, you can hike in the French Alps. They offer some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the world. Choose from trails, leisurely walks, challenging climbs, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. If you visit France, get an eSIM prepaid plan with Holafly!

The mountain village of San Cassiano in Italy 

Nestled amidst the breathtaking peaks of the Dolomites, the charming mountain village of San Cassiano transforms into a vibrant summer paradise during June. With its picturesque landscapes, delightful atmosphere, and diverse activities, San Cassiano offers an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Live the mountain biking experience
Live the mountain biking experience. Source: Pexels.

One of the area’s favorite activities is mountain biking, and experienced mountain bikers can challenge themselves on thrilling mountain trails that wind through valleys and forests. Experience the adrenaline rush of downhill routes or enjoy the leisurely pace of scenic trails.

Best destinations in Asia to travel to and visit during June

The Asian continent has so much to offer to its visitors. We recommend China, South Korea, and India for this opportunity. Because these popular destinations have so much to offer with their cultures and unforgettable experiences.

June is also a very appropriate season because, in many countries, it marks the beginning of summer. Remember that the weather will be different on the entire continent. So, make sure that you pack the necessary clothing.

We recommend you read our article about the Top 10 apps to travel worldwide.

South Korea: a great destination to live new experiences

South Korea
South Korea is one of the best Asian destinations. Source: Unsplash

One of the reasons why you should travel to South Korea is the possibility of getting to know the Korean culture in all its dimensions, thanks to the vast availability of various offers for tourists that will let you choose and enjoy the best plans for your trip.

For example, you can take tours of its natural, cultural, or architectural heritage. You can also enjoy the cuisine or contemporary events in trend. And so much more!

Jeju Island: a wonderful place

Jeju Island
Jeju Island

It is a very visited place throughout the year. Still, especially in June, you will enjoy warm weather, which is ideal for discovering its volcanic landscapes and natural treasures declared World Heritage by Unesco.

Jeju has two cities. Here, you will find accommodation and a wide gastronomic and cultural offering to enjoy or explore Mount Seongsan Ilchulbong, where you can witness beautiful sunrises. If you are interested in other destinations with ancestral culture, visiting India should be your plan. For these cases, Holafly’s eSIM plans are compatible with iPhones in India and are the best way to stay connected!

Visit China in June

Source: Unsplash

This is one of those countries that has ancient historical and cultural wealth. So, we recommend you visit emblematic places such as:

  • The Great Wall of China, North China
  • Forbidden City, in Beijing

Or if you prefer more cosmopolitan excitement, you can discover part of the Chinese culture in Shanghai. Here, you will find a city with very modern places, such as the Skyline The Bund, and very traditional ones like the Yuyuan Garden and market. However, they already have commercial areas inside.

Finally, you can enjoy Nanjing Road, an extensive shopping area, and a gastronomic offering with typical regional dishes.

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Advice to travel in June and every time of the year

Before choosing the best destination and plans to enjoy your holidays, we recommend you check the dates of your trip and plan your trip ahead of time. Leaving everything for the last minute will make you remember important things, such as forgetting to buy tickets for an event or places you will visit. Or something fundamental as getting internet during your trip.

Ideally, you can buy your flight tickets with a closed return and accommodation since in many countries, these are essential requirements for immigration and airport authorities to authorize your entry into the national territory.

Finally, remember to check the Visa and documents you must present. In many countries, there are few requisites to enter, but it is better to check this information on the consulate website.

Now it’s time for you to pick the best plans and destinations!

Frequent questions about where to travel during June

How to plan my summer trip with no problems?

Look for offers and deals on flights and lodging for the best prices. Confirm your flight requirements and ensure you have the necessary documents. Get your luggage ready and ensure you have an eSIM card to get the internet at your destination!

What can I take with me during my trip?

June is the beginning of summer in many destinations, so remember to take light and fresh clothes with you to enjoy sunny days. We give some examples in our article about necessary things for my trip.

Is it necessary to get international travel insurance?

It is essential to have international travel insurance to get medical help if you need it. In many countries, it is mandatory.

How to have the internet during my trip?

You can buy an eSIM card with cellular data before traveling, rent a pocket WiFi, or activate the international roaming service of your domestic operator. You can also find free WiFi networks at the airport, but remember that you may put personal information at risk.

What eSIM card to have the internet is the best?

We recommend you the Holafly eSIM card. You will find great data plans for more than 160 destinations, including individual destinations or multi-country eSIM cards. If you go to Europe, you can get eSIM cards for Europe, which cover 32 European destinations.