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Comic-Con San Diego – 2023 Guide

Visiting the Comic-Con San Diego 2023 and need some guidance? Here's everything you need to know to make it through the event!

Julio Osuna

November 23, 2023

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The Comic-Con San Diego is an annual event that brings thousands of fans to the same location to celebrate their passions. It’s taken place for over 40 years and is known for being one of the biggest comic book conventions worldwide. People must be prepared for the four-day event, and there are many things to remember! That’s why a guide to Comic-Con will always help newcomers and experienced geeks.

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Guide to comic-con: everything you need before 

Before going to San Diego, if you’re not from the city or even a foreign traveler, you must keep several things in mind. Firstly, remember that you are going to the world’s largest Comic-Con convention center, and that’s a lot to start with, mainly because this event takes place in different places worldwide. However, it is worth witnessing the art and the best artist of the genre.

Natalie Portman handling the Thor’s Hammer in the San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Source: Getty.

So, what’s the first thing you’ll need for the Comic-Con? Of course, you must get tickets for the event! But beware that these tickets were sold out incredibly fast, and the event is completely sold out now. These tickets are sold for the whole day pass or for the 4 days of the event.

But if you already have your tickets and you are waiting for the day, there’s a checklist you need to point off first:

A beginner’s guide on where to stay in San Diego

  • When it comes to San Diego, it is an expensive city, so it’s fair to say one hotel room will go from $300 and more for the duration of the Comic-Con event. There are, cheaper options, but these are far from the event. On the other hand, using an Airbnb is an affordable alternative as well, and the best thing is prices are more accessible, starting at around $150-$200 for the whole event!

Google Maps is your best ally

  • New to the city? Coming from a different country? You probably don’t know exactly how to get around the city, and you will need some guidance. If you don’t have a friend who goes with you to the Comic-Con, use Google Maps. It offers detailed information about how to reach specific places, and will even give you options on how to get there, and the only thing you will need is an internet connection!

Be sure you will have an internet connection

  • You need access to the internet for different reasons; you might need to work while abroad, you might have to communicate with your family, and you have to make an Airbnb or hotel reservation. Who knows? The thing is, having an internet connection is as vital as any other thing! For this, eSIMs come in first place over other alternatives!
People walking outside the Comic-Con event. Source: Getty.
  • Pack enough clothes for the event and the rest of the days you are staying: Even though it’s summer in the United States, in some cases, San Diego can surprise people with some cold days during July. Be prepared for everything, not only for the Comic-Con, and take enough clothes with you while traveling because, who knows, chances are you stay for a bit longer to get to know more about the city!
  • Coming from somewhere else? Be sure you have all your tickets: If you are not in San Diego, but you’re in the US, and have a car to get there or someone that will take you with them, you need to check that you have everything ready to avoid unnecessary stress! Keep your bus, train, plane, or cruise tickets somewhere safe that’s easy for you to access!
  • Get the official Comic-Con app to stay tuned: The event launched an official app that all attendees can use while at the Comic-Con! Don’t miss anything happening by simply downloading the app on your phone.
Official Comic-Con App. Source: Comic-Con.

Things to keep in mind in the convention center 

Once you’re in San Diego for the Comic-Con, it’s time to prepare for the adventure of meeting Spider man, Scooby Doo, and other characters from your favorite comics! If you are ready to go, we assume you have all the previous items prepared for the biggest Comic-Con on the planet.

But being prepared for what’s to come before the event is one of the many things to do. And during the event? Most people can get lost amidst so much to do, the gaming zones, the movies stands, the featured costumes, and the exciting panels of some celebrities.

Look at the schedule of the event

  • There will be numerous things to see when you’re at the Comic-Con and few hours for all. Not only are you at the most significant event where pop culture comes to life in every corner you see, but you will also get to meet many famous writers, artists, actors, cosplayers, and much more! And, if you want to go to Hall H, where most of the magic happens, be ready to get in the line early that day!

Think about how you will get to the event

  • Consider how you will get there if you are far from the event. Will you take an Uber? If so, you need an internet connection, so why don’t you get an prepaid eSIM USA? If you want to go by train or bus, you must also get the internet for guidance, primarily if you use Google Maps! You can also share your days at the convention with your friends.

Keep yourself hydrated, and don’t forget to eat

  • Attending to this event can be stressful. We know that. There’s a lot to see, there’s a lot to do, and you need to keep yourself hydrated and with all the meals during the day and night. Near the Comic-Con, there will be plenty of places to grab coffee, water, energetic drinks, and food to help you survive the weekend! Don’t get carried away by your excitement, and sit down occasionally.
San Diego Comic-Con Official Map. Source: Comic-Con.

Try to keep yourself connected during the event

  • Getting internet is generally a must when you are at these events; the same goes for the phone battery. Check that everything is in order so you can show the world what’s in front of your eyes while having enough battery and mobile data to make this possible! If they are doing a review of the convention, it will also be essential.

Organize your budget to get some pop culture memorabilia

  • Going to the San Diego Comic-Con is a massive event for fandom. Therefore, save cash to grab souvenirs that remind you of that day! It can be some mangas, action figures, books, and other merchandise who knows! 

What to do once the Comic-Con San Diego is over?

Once the event is over, surely there will be some nostalgia. But don’t worry; there’s a lot you can discover in San Diego if you have some days left over there! The city offers plenty of places to visit, so let’s talk a bit about it:

  • Where to go after the Comic-Con is over? When visiting San Diego, places like Balboa Park, with over 15 museums, are a great start! But San Diego Bay is also worth getting to know, and people can even have fun in the boats around the area! Also, it’s worth mentioning that the city’s food is a must-know, especially the local burritos! Any person must try on these
  • Make sure you have all your belongings with you: Traveling back to your city, or country, requires preparation. Therefore, check that you carry your belongings in your bag and that everything else is packed. Double-check your suitcase and the hotel before leaving for the airport or train station, especially if you bought some memorabilia from the event. You don’t want to leave that at all! 
San Diego Bay at sunset. Source: Pexels.

FAQ about the San Diego Comic-Con

What’s the best way to get an internet connection while in the Comic-Con?

The Comic-Con area allows users to get wireless internet with the major carriers from the USA, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. If you’re traveling from somewhere else, getting an eSIM for the USA is the best idea over roaming and Pocket WiFi devices. If you are a local, then enjoy your trip with the available local carriers!

Is it reliable to get tickets from non-official sellers in San Diego?

We don’t recommend people buy or pay tickets from someone they don’t know. The official tickets have an RFID that will allow the security of the events to know whether the badges are official or not. At worst, they could be breaking the law.

What rules should people have in mind if they are making a cosplay?

Firstly, don’t take any type of gun or weapons with you. Creating a cosplay takes preparation, so try not to add something that can harm others, as this might become an issue while you are getting to the event. If you are going to cosplay also get used to being asked for a photo.

Leon the Professional Cosplay, Comic-Con 2022. Source: Getty.
Can people buy water and snacks inside the Comic-Con?

Absolutely. All around the event, there will be countless things to see, and among those things, people will get the chance to buy as much water and snacks as they need! So heads up, you won’t need to walk a few blocks every single time you want to get something, and that’s even more important if you don’t want to miss a beat!

How do you plan for Comic-Con?

Mark the date in your calendars. It is possible to use the Comic-Con app or the online schedules if you like the most. Picking your favorite events and indicating where you might wait is the easiest. Once you have all these bases, you can complete your itinerary with events that are less important in your case. Doing it ahead of time will help you save money