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Cheap places to visit during April: unmissable destinations

If you are looking for cheap places to visit during April, in this article we are going to recommend you some destinations that you cannot miss.


February 26, 2024

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If you are looking for cheap places to visit during April. In this article, we are going to recommend some destinations that you cannot miss. 

It is a great moment to visit the United States because it is a low season. If you want to go to Latin America, you can find many cheap places to visit, except during the first week of April because that’s when Easter is celebrated, and these holidays are high season. We are going to show you below the best destinations to travel to during April!

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Destinations in Latin America that you cannot miss

In Latin America, you will find cheap places to visit, and also beautiful beaches, cities, cultures, and so much more.

Latin America
Latin America. Source: Pixabay

Colombia: a country that has everything

This country is a great destination because, after the second week of the month, you will find discounts and sales on flights and hotels.

You might be wondering about all the things that you can do during your trip. Well, we recommend you organize your schedule depending on your likes and needs because, in Colombia, you will find plenty of things to do and different landscapes, like mountains, beaches, jungles, and more.  

If you don’t know where to go, we recommend you travel to Cartagena de Indias.

Cartagena was declared a World Heritage site. There you will be able to enjoy a spectacular nightlife and try delicious food. And if you want to go to the beach, we recommend you visit Playa Blanca, Islas del Rosario, Punta Arenas, and Isla Baru so you can take the Luminous Plankton tour.

Peru: April is the best month to go to the Machu Picchu

This month is the best month to travel to Peru because the weather is warm, the days are sunny, and there are low chances of rain. Thanks to the weather, April is considered a high season, but you can find good discounts and offers through tourist services.

Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world, and it was declared a World Heritage site by Unesco. It is located in the eastern range, in Los Andes, 2430 meters above sea level. To get to Machu Picchu, we recommend you go with a tour guide associated with a trusted travel agency.During your trip, you can visit places like Cuzco, Colca Valley, Sacred Valley, and cities like Lima or Arequipa, which are pretty. Keep in mind that you can always use a SIM card for Peru to stay connected on your adventure.

eSIM south america
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Unmissable places in North America

North America has nice places to go; it’s full of energy and good vibes. So, suppose you don’t know where to go. In that case, we recommend you visit the United States, especially places like California or Florida, so you can enjoy the music festivals, sunny beaches, parks, cultural buildings, and well-known malls.

Coachella festival 2023. Source:

California will host Coachella Music and Arts Festival

If you want to go to the United States, but you like parties, this month is perfect for you. Do you know what Coachella is? It is one of the best festivals in the country, which will be celebrated in California from April 14th to April 23rd.

For two whole weekends, you’ll be able to enjoy concerts and music presentations by artists like Gorillaz, Becky G, Blackpink, Bad Bunny, Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, Testpilot, Rosalía, Labrinth, Jai Paul, Fisher, A Boogie, Underworld, Porter Robinson, Fabulous Cadillacs, and so much more.

If you don’t know where to stay during Coachella, the festival offers the option of staying in one of their camps. However, you can also find hotels on their website. And, to ensure you are always connected, we recommend you get a Holafly North America eSIM card with unlimited data.

Unmissable places in Europe

Europe is the best continent for all types of people because you have multiple options, like traveling to Portugal to enjoy cold weather at low prices or visiting noisy cities with an active nightlife and warm beaches.

Sevilla fair
Sevilla Fair. Source:

Switzerland: the best place to practice skiing

Switzerland is the best destination to visit during April because even though it is very cold during this month, you will find paradise in this country. April is considered a low season here, so you will find low prices and more readily available hotels and transportation options.

We recommend you do outdoor activities, such as climbing Mount Titlis, taking a guided tour of Chamonix or Mont-Blanc, going to Jungfraujoch by train, and skiing in Zermatt or Verbier. Although if you are a chocolate lover, you will want to visit the Lindt Museum of Chocolate, we recommend you buy the tickets in advance. And, don’t forget to buy your Swiss eSIM for your travel!

Traveling to Switzerland can take you to nearby countries like the United Kingdom. Simplify your UK travel with Holafly’s eSIM for this destination

Netherlands and the Tulip season

The Tulip season in the Netherlands starts in April, so you will be able to visit fields and farms in places like Keukenhof, where you will find 6 million tulips blooming in different colors. A breathtaking view.

You can also visit cities like Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans, Utrecht, Kinderdijk, and Rotterdam since they are great places to learn about the culture, architecture, and national heritage.

Don’t forget to use an eSIM for the Netherlands to stay connected throughout your adventure!

Spain starts the April Fair in Sevilla

The April Fair is one of the most important and awaited celebrations in Spain, and thousands of tourists attend every year. When is the April Fair? It usually begins two days after the Christian Easter ends, which depends on the lunar calendar. In 2023, the Sevilla fair will be from the 23rd of April until the 29th of April.

What to see in Sevilla? During the April Fair, you will find many things to do in the city because, during the celebration, you will enjoy its gastronomy, live music, flamenco shows, and so much more.

And if you are wondering where to eat in Sevilla, you will find many food stalls that offer tapas, ham, prawns, Jerez wine, churros with chocolate, and more. But if we are talking about restaurants, we recommend you go to Cañabota, La Taberna de Alabardero, El Rinconcillo, Lobo López, and Palo Cortado.

Czech Republic: the cheapest place to travel to during April

The best months to travel to the Czech Republic are usually April and May because these are low-season months, so there will be great offers, better discounts, and fewer tourists around.

Usually, tourists prefer to visit Prague to learn its history, see the famous Golden Lane, explore the biggest castle in Europe,, or see the most famous astronomical clock in the world. But the truth is that the Czech Republic is one of the cheapest places to travel to if you love to taste different types of beer. Did you know that it is cheaper than water?

Take advantage of your visit and discover the city of Karlovy Vary. It is not only one of the most famous spa cities in the world, but it’s also the most visited place in the country, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, buildings, and waters with medicinal properties.

eSIM Europe
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Unmissable places to Visit in Africa

Africa is an exotic continent full of savannahs, desserts, lakes, jungles, and archipelagos. Additionally, thanks to all these different ecosystems, it also brings along very varied weather. That’s the reason why it is hard to know which is the best moment to visit Africa. If you are traveling during April, we recommend you visit countries like South Africa or Tunisia.


South Africa: the perfect destination for those looking for adventures

There is no doubt that one of the best seasons to travel to South Africa is the month of April. Why? Because the weather is much friendlier for tourists, and you can also see presentations such as Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.

During the month of April, there are exclusive activities like going for a walk outdoors, going out on safaris, going on an excursion to Cape of Good Hope, swimming with the seals in Plettenberg Bay, seeing crocodiles and hippos by boat, and so much more.

If you want to share your travel experiences with your loved ones, you can get cellular data with the Holafly eSIM card for South Africa for a reasonable price.

Tunisia: perfect destination during April

Traveling to Tunisia is the dream of many people since this country offers Mediterranean beaches for lower prices than the ones on the European continent. The weather in Tunisia during April is perfect because it is really pleasant both to go to the beach and to visit the monuments.

So, if you are wondering what is the best time to travel to Tunisia, plan your trip for April.

We recommend you visit the coast of Hammamet, where the biggest beach in the Gulf is located, and the coast of Sousse. You also should visit the island of Djerba, the neighborhood of La Medina, the Bard Museum, the Djem amphitheater, and the South Oasis.

Frequent questions about where to go during April

Which are the requirements to travel to Colombia?

You only need to have a valid passport, a round-trip plane ticket, and a hotel reservation for the days you are going to stay in the country. It is also recommended to get travel medical insurance.

What to eat during the Fair in Sevilla?

If you want to try the local food, we recommend El Rebujito, which is considered the most popular drink at the fair. We also recommend dishes such as Gazpacho, Potato omelet, salmorejo, oxtail casseroles, or seafood and fried fish.

How much does it cost to go to Switzerland from Spain?

The cost of traveling to Switzerland from Spain could vary depending on the city you are in since this factor will change the price of plane tickets.

Plane tickets have an approximate cost of €200, renting a car per day €46, eating in an average restaurant for lunch and dinner, €30, lodging per night with breakfast included €95 and the price of leisure activities will depend on whatever you want to do.

If we calculate a budget for 7 days based on the above, we could say that traveling to Switzerland from Spain without including tickets to museums or attractions would have an approximate cost of €1,597 per person.

Where can I see the Tulips in the Netherlands?

The best place to see the Tulips is Lisse city, especially in the Keukenhof yards. You can also see them in cities like Dunin, Bollenstreek, Noord-Holland, or in Flevoland with its ‘Tulip route’.