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Spring Break 2024: What is that? When and where is it celebrated?

Such a great celebration is happening soon! Find all the information about it here, and make sure you don't miss Spring Break this year!

Brenda Beltrán

February 2, 2024

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Are you ready for Spring Break 2024? Read how, when, and where it is celebrated this season. Find all this information and so much more in this article, where we are going to tell you everything you need to know to enjoy Spring Break fully at your favorite destination.

If you are not sure about what Spring Break is, it is a celebration of the spring holidays, which are usually during March and April, Easter time.

Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to travel, go on vacation, celebrate, and relax. So, get ready, because you will read below about the most important Spring Break festivals. But remember that it is very important to get cellular data for your trip, so you can share your adventures thanks to the connection through Holafly.

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When does the Spring Break week start?

Spring Break
Enjoy Spring Break in the best destinations. Source: Pixabay

The Spring Break exact dates depend on the academic calendar of schools or universities. This tradition was born in the United States, but it has been adopted by other countries all over the world, so the dates mostly coincide with North American holidays.

Generally, the Spring Break week is from March 11 to March 17, but it can vary. In basic education districts, the dates are from April 22 to April 30.

What are Spring Breakers?

Spring Breakers are university students who are on holiday during the whole week, and take advantage to go visit their families, go out with friends, travel and so much more!

This tradition began in 1933 in the United States, and from there, many people decide to travel throughout the country or even to Mexico and Europe, since many festivals are usually held in Spain to celebrate spring break.

When is Spring Break USA 2024?

Spring break usually lasts a week or two. The dates for the Spring Break 2024 go from March 11 to April 1.

As we told you before, weeks vary depending on the academic calendar, which is very positive because you can choose the best moment to travel, since the dates of festivals change depending on the state.

The most important celebrations are usually held in Texas, Florida, and Orlando. But many springbreakers travel to Mexico.

Spring Festival
Enjoy the best spring holidays connected to the Holafly network. Source:

Where is Spring Break celebrated?

There are many different places where Spring Break is done. But the cheapest cities in the USA are Atlanta, New Orleans, Raleigh, Denver, Myrtle Beach, Newport News, Orlando, and San Diego.

Moreover, you will find Spring festivals in different countries and cities in America, Europe, and Asia, even though in Asia, these holiday celebrations are not very important.

Enjoy Spring Break in the USA 2024

If you are looking where to celebrate Spring Break in the USA, there are many great destinations to travel to, and they are the following:

  • Spring Break Texas 2024: Visit the city of South Padre Island. This is one of the student’s favorite destinations because it has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, live events, concerts, and parties with DJs during the Spring Break celebration.
  • Spring Break Miami 2024: It is the best destination to enjoy the nightlife, parties with great entertainment, and great weather to rest on the beach. We suggest you go to South Beach because there you will be able to experience some of the best events during the holidays. To stay connected, we recommend you get a Holafly eSIM for Miami.
  • Spring Break Florida 2024: This place is great for students, friends, and families. In Fort Lauderdale, you will find outstanding restaurants, hotels with nightlife, bars, and many things to enjoy your holidays.

Of course, it is common for us to take these days off to travel. In these cases being connected is essential and with an eSIM North America from Holafly, you can maintain connection in Canada, Mexico, and the USA with a single data package!

Travel to the Riviera Maya for the Spring Break in Mexico

Mexicans really know how to throw parties, and that’s the reason why it is the favorite destination of North American Spring Breakers. Many people wonder if it is safe to travel to Mexico. It is. But you have to be careful with pickpockets because since it is a great festival, many people go and more often than not, crowds form and you may be one of their victims.

Which are the best cities to enjoy Spring Break in Mexico?

  • Spring Break Cancun: the best parties happen in Cancun, especially in Puerto Vallarta, where the celebration starts and never ends. This destination has so much to offer, from parties in El Malecon to nightclubs with music events. We recommend you visit the Coco Bongo Beach Club.
  • Spring Festival in Playa del Carmen: Travel to this beautiful destination and enjoy beaches with crystal-clear waters and coral reefs, archeological zones, streets full of pubs, and a remarkable nightlife, all in just one place.

When is the Spring Break in Mexico? Spring Break in Mexico is celebrated at the same time as in the US, so it starts on March 11. And remember to take your Holafly’s eSIM for Mexico to stay connected!

Enjoy Spring Break in Spain

Spain doesn’t fall behind. If you want to go to another place to celebrate Spring Break, some of the best destinations in Spain are the following:

Enjoy the Mediterranean with the Spring Break in Punta Umbria

One of the greatest festivals is being prepared in Punta Umbria, Huelva. Spring Festival 2024!

This celebration will take place from March 21 to March 24, 2024. So, you still have time to get ready. You have to know that to enter you have to get your tickets, prices start at €99 and higher. It will depend on the room you choose to sleep in. Why do you need a room? Because the event is being held in the Resort Barcelo of Punta Umbria.

Spring Break festival in Punta Umbria
Spring Break Punta Umbria. Source:

Spring Break in Alicante

Another alternative is to travel to Alicante to enjoy Spring Festival Alicante. Here you will enjoy great bands like Fangoria, Alizzz, Carolina Durante, Carlos Sadness, Leiva, Amaia, Delaporte, Jimena Amarillo, and more.

Spring Festival in Alicante will take place from May 31 to June 1, so get ready to travel! It will take place in Multiespacio Rabasa, so make sure you reserve a room beforehand.

Remember that for this festival you have to get your tickets in advance because the price of the tickets will increase as the day of the festival gets closer. Currently, they cost €35.99.

Spring Break in Ibiza

From April 27 to May 1, 2024, you will find Ibiza environments full of music, beach, fun, parties and extreme sports activities for all tastes and holiday preferences. So don’t miss the opportunity and book your flights and even your accommodation now because capacity is limited on the island during the spring season.

The recommended activities for this Spring Break are: Relax at Playa de las Salinas beach, go on a sailing boat to Es Vedrà, experience the incredible parties at the mythical Pachá discotheque, enjoy the best atmosphere in Ibiza at the Bora-Bora club, dine at the Port of Ibiza and stay at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel to enjoy its pool parties.

But if you still don’t think it’s enough, go to the parties at clubs like Amnesia, Privilege, Space, Es Paradis, Hï Ibiza, and Lío Ibiza. Now, if, as a last resort, you want to see a spring sunset, head for Café del Mar or Kumharas Sunset Bar.

How to get internet during Spring Break 2024?

It is very important to be connected to the internet during these events, so you can share your best moments on social media, or with your family and friends. Holafly offers a very nice alternative to getting the internet wherever you go.

It is the Holafly virtual SIM or eSIM card. With this device, you will have an unlimited data connection in some destinations, 24-hour customer service and support, 3G/4G/LTE speed of connection, and you will be able to purchase before traveling, which means that you will be able to connect to the internet as soon as you land.

When traveling to multiple destinations, you can opt to purchase regional eSIMs such as eSIM for Europe or USA travel eSIM. This allows you to have coverage in multiple destinations with a single virtual SIM card.