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Best lounges in Dubai Airport in 2024

Learn about the beautiful lounges in Dubai Airport. Get the features, rates and additional benefits so you know how to choose the best one!

Manuel M.

February 5, 2024

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If you are looking for information on the best Dubai Airport VIP Lounges, continue reading this post. You will learn everything you need to know to live an experience full of luxury and comfort while waiting at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

To begin with, it’s important to know that access to VIP Lounges depends on several factors. Therefore, you must know how they operate, entry requirements and the additional benefits you can enjoy by making a reservation at the right lounge.

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General information Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest air terminals in the world for several reasons, foremost being that this emirate country is considered an important tourism and business destination.

Secondly, because Emirates headquarters are located at this airport, one of the largest airlines in the world, with operations at more than 150 destinations. And thirdly, because it is one of the most strategic air connection hubs in the world for more than 20 destinations.

What VIP services does Dubai Airport offer?

The VIP services that travelers can enjoy at Dubai Airport include access to VIP lounges, driving service, check-in, priority boarding, and the possibility of enjoying a series of amenities in spaces designed for well-being and comfort.

Regarding internet connection, travelers can enjoy free WiFi with no time limit in public areas of the airport, access the Premium WiFi service in the VIP Rooms, or purchase an international eSIM with unlimited data. There’s a chance to buy a multiple destination eSIM if people are visiting other countries and need to have internet access in these countries, like the Asia eSIM card alternative.

Dubai Airport Lounges

As for VIP Lounges, the airport has a varied list of options. Below, you will find the details of each of these special areas so that you know their characteristics, rates, location and additional benefits.

Emirates Lounges

Emirates airline has VIP lounges across six continents, and only flyers with membership and specific airfare have access. In total, there are seven lounges available to travelers, with the following eligibility:

Travel classLounge Eligibility
Economy Class and Special Business ClassPaid access
Business Class Saver, Flex and Flex PlusBusiness class lounge
First classFirst class lounge
Entrance to Emirates VIP Lounges at Dubai Airport
Entrance to Emirates VIP Lounges at Dubai Airport. Source:

Features of the Emirates VIP Lounges

  • Spa sessions with shower
  • Bar and international dishes
  • Free WiFi Internet
  • Direct shipment
  • Business center
  • Resting Area
  • Location: Terminals 1, 2 and 3, halls A, B and C
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week

Note: Fares depend on the type of customer and class of travel, so before making your reservation, you must confirm this information with Emirates.

Plaza Premium VIP Room

This space, with capacity for 300 people, has various amenities for all types of travelers. Here you’ll find comfortable seating, private family suites (maximum 6 people), smoking rooms, showers, relaxing spots, an aero-bar and live cooking stations.

Plaza Premium Lounge at Dubai Airport
Plaza Premium Lounge at Dubai Airport. Source:

Features Plaza Premium Room

Bar serviceDry cleaner
Food and drinkFamily Suite
Shower facilitiesGame room
WiFi connectionTV channels
charging stationFlight information
Armchairs / bayprayer room
Smoking areaVegetarian options
  • Location: Terminal 3, hall A, level 4 (past the Duty-Free shopping area)
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Rate 3 hours:$60
  • Rate 6 hours: $95

Al Majlis VIP Lounge

The Al Majlis VIP Room is a luxurious lounge with exclusive services for its most prestigious clients. Here, in addition to relaxing, travelers will find options to streamline the check-in process, immigration control, luggage clearance, assistance with travel documentation, among others.

Al Majlis Lounge at Dubai Airport. Source:

Features Al Majlis Rooms

Flat screen TVsVIP parking
WiFi connectionTravel announcements
Transportation in
luxury cars
Personal assistant for
Duty-Free purchases

Dubai Duty-Free outlet
Prayer rooms for
men and women
smoking room
Arrival/Departure in
VIP facility separate
from public terminals
  • Location: 25 VIP Lounges, distributed between Lounges B, C and D of Terminal 3
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Adult rate: $680
  • Children (3 and 12 years old): $140
  • Children under 3 years old: Free admission

Note: 5% VAT on the total booking amount and government fees of $6 each.

Executive Class or Business Class VIP Lounge

This lounge is designed for people traveling in first class with airlines that do not have their own lounge at the airport. They are ideal for business trips because they have multiple workstations with high-speed internet connection.

Passengers who travel in first class with the following airlines: Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, among others, are eligible to enjoy this VIP lounge.

Dubai International Business Class
Dubai International Business Class. Source:

Executive Class Room Characteristics

luggage area6 workstations
High-speed internetFree WIFI
Flight information updatesShowers
Children’s areaExclusive
smoking room
Food BuffetBar service
  • Location: Terminal 1, level 2
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Adult rate: $70
  • Children’s rate: $41

Note: Passengers with airport lounge access memberships, such as Priority Pass or LoungeKey, can visit the Business Class lounges at no additional charge.

First Class VIP Room

Dubai International’s first class offers a space for travelers who do not have an exclusive VIP lounge. It has essential services such as food, rest areas, work areas, and an internet connection.

Dubai International First Class
Dubai International First Class. Source: Pexels

First Class Room Characteristics

Luggage areaWork Stations
WiFi connectionFlight information Updates
BedroomsExclusive Smoking room
Food and DrinksShowers
  • Location: Terminal 1, gate C 14 and C 12
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Adult rate: $140
  • Children’s rate: $70

Note: Passengers with Priority Pass, LoungeKey or similar memberships can access first-class lounges at no additional charge.

Marhaba VIP Room

This lounge has business facilities, an open buffet with international cuisine and a full bar service. Ideal for a business trip, getting the most out of any layover time.

Marhaba Lounge at Dubai Airport
Marhaba Lounge at Dubai Airport. Source: Freepik

Characteristics of the Marhaba Room

Bar serviceWork Spaces
Food – BuffetFlight information updates
  • Location: Terminals 1, 2 and 3, level 2
  • Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Adult rate: $70
  • Children’s rate: $41

Note: Passengers with Priority Pass, Lounge Key, or similar memberships can access Marhaba VIP lounges at no additional charge.

Tips for booking Dubai Airport lounges

After reviewing the main lounges at Dubai International Airport (DBX), you can have a better picture of the available options. Therefore, it is critical that you keep these tips in mind to choose the right lounge:

  1. Check eligibility and make your reservation in advance
  2. Compare prices depending on the room, duration, and type of trip
  3. Consider your needs for the specific amenities you are looking for
  4. Have your ID or passport and boarding pass ready for entry
  5. Please use the informal dress code to enter the VIP rooms
  6. Be respectful of the people you meet in these spaces.

We hope this information helps you find the best VIP lounge and experience for your next trips to this Emirate country. Enjoy your time in one of the most luxurious and fascinating tourist destinations in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase lounge access at Dubai Airport?

Free lounge access depends on travel class, membership type, and airline.

How much does Dubai Airport lounge access cost?

The rate of access to VIP lounges varies depending on several factors. It ranges from approximately $40 to $680.

How can I access the Dubai Airport lounge for free?

Depending on the class of travel, you can access the airport VIP lounge for free.

Can economy class use the lounge?

No. This is why it is recommended to purchase a frequent flyer membership with airlines such as Emirates or buy a plane ticket in first class or business class.