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Best Pocket WiFi for Vietnam: How much does it cost?

To use a Pocket WiFi for Vietnam, there are many things we need to consider. Here, we will help you to choose the best option for your trip!

Eylül 6, 2023

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On the Asian continent, you can find wonderful countries where you can spend unforgettable vacations. But even though there are many impressive destinations, only a few get all the popularity. One of them is beautiful Vietnam, a place that offers you a little bit of everything: landscapes, food, art, and history. And the best way to enjoy it is to stay connected during your stay, and one of the best options is Pocket WiFi for Vietnam.

So if you are interested in learning more about these devices to stay connected to the internet, please read on. Especially because you will need to learn all the little details, modes of use, prices, etc. before you start using one.

Unlimited data eSIM for Vietnam

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What is a Pocket Wi-Fi?

At first, and particularly, if you are not that familiar with technology, this Pocket WiFi may seem unconvincing. But you don’t have to worry as they are effortless to use and are available globally.

In general, terms, as its name suggests, it is a pocket Wi-Fi that can be purchased or rented. A wide variety of companies offer this service to travelers, and although there are more popular options, this is still one of the most requested.

Likewise, it is important to remember that, as with any services, a great variety of details must be considered. Whether it’s cost, connection, type of equipment, or whether they offer worldwide delivery, among other things, nothing should be overlooked. So let’s start learning more about these devices that will surely make your trip an unforgettable experience.

How much does Pocket WiFi for Vietnam cost?

Consumers undoubtedly ask this the most frequent question before considering a Pocket WiFi. Especially because when it comes to traveling, people are constantly looking for the best value for their money. And in the case of these devices, this varies greatly depending on the services offered. 

But luckily, there is a wide range of options on the market that we can review to find the one that best suits our needs. So let’s move on and discuss their prices and what is generally offered.

Solis Pocket Wi-Fi 

If you want a Pocket WiFi device that you can get before you leave on your trip, Solis is the ideal choice for you. Especially because it offers you the possibility of using it on a Pay As You Go plan in more than 130 countries. As well as completely unlimited WiFi, which lowers the speed after consuming 500 MB daily. It also includes a useful VPN.

If your trip is for a few days, or you’re constantly traveling, it is best to rent your equipment for a short-term plan.  Although if you prefer, you can also buy a personal one.

The unit is priced at $149.99, and thereafter you can pay for days of use starting at $5. You can also subscribe to their $99 monthly plan. And while both prices do not include shipping costs, it is still a very convenient option to consider. 

It is also worth noting that it is a service with the ability to use worldwide roaming connections, plus you will be able to keep in touch with your family and friends at home while traveling abroad!

Travel Wi-Fi

Another company that is known for its excellent portable internet service is Travel WiFi. It is based in Spain, but you can access its equipment even while traveling through Vietnam. 

And those who wish to sign up for the service will be able to choose from a variety of prices. Starting with a week’s usage starting at $63.6 , you will be offered 1 GB of cellular data. In addition, in case you want to extend it, you can do so, although this will have an additional cost of approximately $35.

Now, as for delivery, if you are abroad, the additional price of this will vary depending on the destination. The company generally has a rate ranging from $2 to $23, but no matter where you are, your Pocket WiFi for Vietnam can be delivered, no matter where you are.

You need to be aware of the fact that following Travel WiFi’s policies. Renters will be charged a fine only if any of the devices are damaged or lost.  In this instance, Travel Wi-Fi must get the whole $179 cost immediately.


This company is conveniently located for people in South America, as MioWiFi is based in Argentina.  In addition, it allows you to take your Pocket WiFi anywhere you want, even in Vietnam.

The costs of using their devices are flat. For example, for a week’s use, the rate starts at $64, and here you will have unlimited data of internet connection on your devices daily. But don’t worry if you need to rent this Pocket WiFi for a longer period of time. The only thing that will vary in that case is the final price. 

Now, for getting the device, they can be delivered within a few days to Vietnam through their efficient delivery service. And, of course, depending on the place to which it is to be sent, prices can vary from $40 to $50.  

Finally, as is the case with most of these companies, there is a stipulated penalty. If the equipment is lost, not returned, or damaged, it is best to be cautious when using it. Especially since the amount of this fine can be as high as $250.

My Webspot

Now to finish this list of Pocket WiFi options, we have My Webspot. This company is based in Switzerland, but it offers its services to all European countries!

One of its features is that its prices are very similar to those we have already seen above. Although it should also be noted that they only offer 3 GB per day, which often causes consumers to opt for other providers. And as for its cost, a week of use is approximately $90, but if you need to rent it for longer, you can also do it.

Also, you must consider the company’s policies regarding damage, theft, or loss of their equipment. The rates for fines range from $102 to $204. Having clarified this, we can now list the alternatives to Pocket WiFi for Vietnam.

Pocket WiFi alternatives

Up to now, we have only discussed the different options for renting or buying Pocket WiFi devices. However, many of them may be too expensive to fit into some traveler’s budget, so it is always good to look for other alternatives. Among the ones that stand out for their convenience and practicality are eSIM and SIM Cards.

Although we know that many people will be dubious about these services, they have nothing to worry about. Once you learn more about them, you will find them a viable and safe option, and who knows, they may even become your favorite cellular connection method!

Vietnam. Source: Unsplash

Unlimited data eSIM for Vietnam

eSIMs have established themselves as one of the preferred options for travelers, especially those who travel abroad constantly. Its use is very similar to that of a conventional SIM card, with the difference that everything is done digitally! This makes it much more accessible and convenient; you can activate it anywhere!

However, a crucial fact you should know is that this type of eSIMs only works on the latest generation of phones. But don’t worry. There’s still an option for those who don’t have a top-notch phone, such as the ones mentioned here.

And if you are traveling abroad, the best alternative to stay connected is the Holafly eSIM for Vietnam with unlimited data plans. You should only remember that you will need internet access for the activation process.

Vietnam Prepaid SIM Card

To continue with this list, we always have reliable international SIM Cards. It is an especially good solution for those who do not own a last-generation phone or even those who have smartwatches that do not support an eSIM.

There are many reasons to consider this SIM Card, the main one being its great accessibility to many types of devices. So if it’s something convenient for you, don’t hesitate to start using it. Among the most popular are online stores, which you can purchase to explore Vietnam for a low price.

Free WiFi 

Finally, the free WiFi option. This one is preferred among people who don’t want to spend much money on keeping their phone connected to the internet!

But, there’s a downside here. Free WiFi is useful, that’s true, but not as much as other alternatives because once we leave the hotspot area, it won’t work longer!

Which is better?

eSIM for Vietnam
eSIM with unlimited data in Vietnam. Source: Holafly.

Making the best choice will always be influenced by a variety of circumstances. Each choice on this list has pros and cons, and information on prices, deliveries, etc., has already been covered.

However, if we examine their general qualities, there is one that might be more practical for travelers.  In this case, the eSIM cards are the ones we like most. They are cheaper and easier to get than Pocket WiFi for Vietnam for sure!

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