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Buying an unlimited data SIM card for the USA

Read everything you need to know about the best unlimited data SIM card for the United States. This way you won’t run out of mobile data

Brenda Beltrán

September 8, 2022

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Are you traveling to the United States and you don’t know how to connect to the internet there? Don’t worry! In this article, you will read everything you need to know about the unlimited data SIM card for the USA. This way you won’t run out of cellular data, and you will be able to connect anywhere, either in New York, Miami, or any other place inside the country!

So, let’s begin! While you read this article, you will read about different ways to get a SIM card for the USA, before or during your trip. You will also read its characteristics, advantages, prices, and more. Also, we will tell you about one of the best alternatives you have to connect in the United States.

Unlimited data eSIM for the USA

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Can tourists buy a SIM card in the USA?

With the technological evolution, many companies have been created with the purpose of offering international SIM cards for tourists or people who have to travel somewhere because of work. And, of course, the United States is one of the most visited destinations.

So yes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the USA; you can get a SIM card there too.

How to get an unlimited data SIM card for the USA

As we told you before, different companies offer international SIM cards, which means that there is a wide variety of ways of getting a SIM card, either before traveling to the USA or when you arrive at your destination. We will show you below the advantages and disadvantages of the different acquisition methods.

Buying before traveling

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a SIM card, and the one that we recommend. Why? Thanks to the different virtual stores you can get a SIM card immediately and receive it at your door.


It is one of the easiest ways to get a SIM card, but also, getting your SIM card before traveling will let you connect right when you land at your destination. It will help you save time since you won’t have to queue to get a SIM card in one of the physical stores you may find at the airport. Also, if you arrive late at night and you need to take a taxi, you will be able to order one immediately.

And, of course, you will never lose contact with your loved ones.


One of the main disadvantages of the SIM cards you can get online is that virtual stores do not always offer worldwide shipping. So, if your country is not on the list, you will not be able to receive your SIM card.

Buying in the USA

If you feel better buying your SIM card in physical stores, you can do it when you arrive at your destination. However, you will spend time queuing in line, and the local stores may ask for some specific information.

Some of the available options are the following: you can get your SIM card in any of the different stores at the airport, or you can visit a store from a local operator such as AT&T or T-Mobile.


One of the advantages of getting a SIM card in a physical store in the USA is that you will find a wide variety of brands and prices, so if you have time, you will be able to choose the option that best suits your needs.


Not all the SIM cards will activate immediately, so you will have to wait some hours or a day for them to activate. Also, you will have to queue, and maybe the store will ask for some specific documentation.

How much does an unlimited data SIM Card for the USA cost?

The prices of most SIM cards in the United States vary depending on the amount of data and the number of days you need. They can go from 1 GB to unlimited data, and from 3 to 60 days.

Anyway, since you are here to know about an unlimited SIM card for the United States, we will show you below the characteristics of some of the options you have.

AT&T and T-Mobile SIM Cards

T-Mobile and AT&T are the main operators in the USA, so we recommend that if you are planning to get your SIM card when you arrive at your destination, you make sure that it includes the coverage of any of these two operators. Or you can buy it directly from them.

Alternatives to the SIM card for the United States

If you cannot get a SIM card for the USA, don’t worry! There are other alternatives to connecting to the internet in the United States. One of these alternatives is the eSIM card (also known as a virtual SIM card).

Virtual SIM Card for the USA

If you don’t know what an eSIM is, let us tell you about them. An eSIM is a virtual SIM card that lets you use cellular data that you can get anywhere and anytime. They are implanted in your cell phone, but it does not mean that all cell phones have this feature. So, before getting an eSIM card, you should check if your device is eSIM compatible.

If you own a high-end iPhone, you won’t have to worry about it, because all the new devices on the market are eSIM compatible.

Since you can get an eSIM from anywhere and anytime, this option is becoming one of the most favorite options among travelers, especially for those who spend much of their time traveling from one place to another, or business people who have to travel a lot.

Holafly virtual SIM card for the USA with Unlimited data

Among the different eSIM cards that are available in the United States, you can find an eSIM card from this company. It has the same advantages as the physical SIM card, and you can activate it in only five minutes, no matter where you are.

Holafly offers more options of the eSIM unlimited data USA, all of them with data sharing to use while traveling.

eSIM with unlimited data for the USA

Holafly unlimited data eSIM Card for the USA

The eSIM card of this company has many advantages, it provides unlimited data for the USA, free shipping, and 24/7 customer service in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Holafly offers an eSIM card for the United States with unlimited data and data sharing up to 500 Mb daily which you can customize and use only for the days you need. They range from 1 to 90 days. Some reference prices are as follows:

DaysPrice (USD)
Table N°1 Pricing of unlimited data eSIM for the USA. Source: Holafly.

To get the Holafly USA eSIM for tourist, all you have to do is go onto their virtual store, choose the option that best suits your needs, fill out the form, and that’s it! You will receive your eSIM card in your email immediately, with the QR code you will have to scan to activate it.