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Best Pocket WiFi for Dubai: How much does it cost?

Trying to find the best Pocket WiFi for Dubai? We have different ideas that you can look at to see which is best for you!

30 sierpnia, 2023

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In the Middle East, there are many destinations you can choose for an unforgettable trip. And in the United Arab Emirates, you will find one of the most beautiful and most visited worldwide. That’s right. We are talking about Dubai, a city where luxury and modernity mix with tradition and nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit, while staying connected during your trip! With a reliable Pocket WiFi for Dubai.

So please continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about these technologies. Particularly because before purchasing one, you must familiarize yourself with its essential features, methods of operation, costs, etc.

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What is a Pocket WiFi?

This Pocket WiFi for Dubai may seem like something unknown if you are unfamiliar with modern technology. However, you shouldn’t worry because they are very accessible and simple to use.

Simply put, it is a compact WiFi device that is available for purchase or rental, depending on your needs or budget. Even though there are more well-known alternatives, this is one of the services that are provided to tourists by a wide range of companies and is thus one of the most frequently requested.

Remember that several factors must be considered, just as with any service. Price, size, equipment kind, and shipping are all important factors for the customer. So, let’s learn more about these products and everything they offer for your trip.

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How much does Pocket WiFi for Dubai cost?

Customers surely ask themselves this before considering a Pocket WiFi for a trip. Specifically, because people are continuously searching for the best deal when it comes to travel. This differs significantly among all the devices and depends on the services provided.

But fortunately, there is a wide range of options available that we can compare to see which one best fits our requirements. Now let’s discuss their costs and the features that their plans often include.


The company MioWiFi is located in Argentina. This is very convenient for consumers across South America. But you can rent your equipment anywhere around the globe, including Dubai.

The fees for renting their equipment are fixed. A week of service, for instance, starts at $64 and includes 1 GB of daily internet connectivity. But don’t worry, the price will only change if you need this Pocket WiFi for longer.

As for the delivery, their reliable shipping service allows fast shipping to Dubai. Of course, the price could change between $40 and $50 depending on where it is being delivered.

Finally, there is a fixed fine, as is the case with most of these companies, charged if something happens to their devices. Therefore, we recommend you use them with extreme caution, especially considering the potential $250 penalty.

Travel Wi-Fi

Another company, Travel WiFi, is another company known for its top-notch cellular internet service. And you can still use their services when in Dubai even though their headquarters are in Spain. People who want to use their plans will also be offered various prices. For a week’s worth of use, 1 GB of data costs as little as $31.

You also can extend it, although doing so would cost an additional $30. Depending on where you are located, if you are outside the country, there may be an extra shipping charge.

The additional shipping fee will change depending on where you are and whether you are outside the country. But wherever you go around the globe, your Pocket WiFi for Dubai will be able to reach you. Usually, the business will charge $2 to $23 for delivery.

You should be aware that customers who don’t follow Travel WiFi’s terms and conditions will be charged. And only if any piece of equipment is lost or damaged. In this case, Travel Wi-Fi must receive the full $179 immediately.

Solis Pocket Wi-Fi 

Solis is undoubtedly the best option for you if you want to get a Pocket WiFi device before your visit. More than 130 nations, including Dubai, offer a useful Pay As You Go option. Additionally, to entirely unlimited WiFi, and a useful VPN.

Renting your device is ideal if your trip will only last a few days or if you travel frequently. But you can also obtain a personal one if you’d like.

In addition to the $99.99 purchase price, the device has a $5 daily usage fee. Alternatively, you can sign up for their service for $99 monthly. Also, shipping charges should still be considered even though they are not included in any pricing.

Thanks to its global roaming feature, you can stay in touch with your loved ones back home when traveling with this device.

My Webspot

My Webspot brings this list of Pocket WiFi for Dubai choices full circle. Despite being based in Switzerland, this corporation has operations across all of Europe.

Its pricing is comparable to others that we have reviewed, which is one of its advantages. It’s important to note that they only supply 1 GB daily since this frequently leads customers to choose other providers. It costs only $72 for a week’s worth of use, but you can rent it for longer if necessary.

You should also consider the company’s equipment loss, theft, and damage policy. Each penalty carries a fine between $102 and $204. Now that this has been established, we can discuss the alternatives to Pocket WiFi.

Pocket WiFi alternatives

We have only discussed the many Pocket WiFi for Dubai rental and purchase options up to this point. But, many of them could be out of some tourists’ budget ranges, so it’s always a good idea to consider other options. eSIM and SIM Cards are two alternatives that stand out for their effectiveness and simplicity.

eSIM and SIM Cards are two that stand out for their effectiveness and simplicity.

We expect many users to be wary of these services, but they shouldn’t be concerned. Once you learn more about them, you’ll find that they’re a practical and secure alternative for everyone.

Dubai. Source: Unsplash

eSIM for Dubai

eSIMs have become popular for tourists, especially those who frequently visit other countries. Even though everything is done digitally, an eSIM is quite similar to a regular SIM card. It also enables global activation, increasing its functionality and accessibility.

You should be aware, though, that this type of eSIM only works with the most recent generation devices. But don’t panic. There are still many excellent options to consider if your device is incompatible with this service. For now, we recommend using the Holafly for Dubai eSIM with unlimited data! If you need more days of service you can re-purchase data packages through top-ups

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Dubai prepaid SIM Card

The practical international SIM cards are next on this list. It is a particularly useful option for those without recent-generation phones or even smartwatches that do not enable an eSIM.

The excellent compatibility of this SIM Card is the main reason to consider it. So don’t be hesitant to start using it if it is something that works for you.

Among the options available to tourists are online stores with international shipping and local operators in Dubai. Regarding online stores, it is important to check the speed and coverage you will have in the city. With the local options take into account that they are somewhat expensive and less accessible for tourists than other alternatives.

Free WiFi

You can rely on free WiFi hotspots for a while. They are good for people who are getting to know the city and have access to these connections.

But, eventually, it is better to rely on other services. They are easier to use, and give more access to an internet connection!

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Which is better?

eSIM for Dubai

Numerous factors will always affect your final decision. Every option on this list has both benefits and disadvantages, and details like costs, deliveries, etc., have previously been examined.

However, looking at their key aspects, one might be more favorable for travelers. The eSIM cards in this situation. And this is because they are substantially less expensive than renting a Pocket WiFi and significantly more practical. Particularly because accidents can be avoided, and you won’t need to pack extra equipment.