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Mobile internet in Trinidad and Tobago: What is the best option?

Learn all about the alternatives to have mobile internet in Trinidad and Tobago: such as eSIM and SIM cards.

Brenda Beltrán

November 3, 2022

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These Caribbean Isles are definitely worth visiting, so if you are traveling to this destination and you will be exploring its wonderful landscapes, you have to know all the alternatives to get a cellular internet connection in Trinidad and Tobago.

In this article, we are going to tell you about alternatives like international SIM cards, eSIM cards, Pocket WiFi, international roaming, and public WiFi. Also, we will show you their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and characteristics, so you can pick the best alternative that suits your needs.

eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago

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eSIM card, the best alternative to connect to the internet in this destination

In case you don’t know what an eSIM card is, don’t worry. It is the next step in the evolution of the traditional SIM card. It has the same characteristics, except that it does not need a physical installation nor do you need to insert a chip into your phone.

With the new eSIM card, you don’t need to have a physical card anymore because it works the same way but is virtually activated. The eSIM profile is already integrated into the smartphone. You can find it on iPhone devices or high-end Android devices. It is a great advantage because it saves time and money (thanks to the free shipping and delivery).

Also, activating this device is very easy, and it is becoming the traveler’s favorite option that you can avoid the expensive price of international roaming. So, if you are traveling to the Caribbean, we recommend you buy an eSIM card to have a cellular internet connection in Trinidad and Tobago.

You can read below some of its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of the eSIM card

  • Easy and quick activation process.
  • Forget about international roaming’s high fees.
  • You don’t need to go to a physical store to acquire it.
  • You can share your cellular data.

Disadvantages of the eSIM card

Prepaid SIM cards for Trinidad and Tobago

Another alternative that will also allow you to have cellular internet in Trinidad and Tobago is the prepaid SIM card. This is ideal for tourists, as you will be able to choose plans that last for the duration of your trip.

Once you arrive at the island, you will be able to find physical stores of cellular operators that offer prepaid SIM cards for tourists, such as Digicel and Bmobile. Below you will find information about the plans they offer and the coverage of each one.

OperatorServices and prices
DigicelDigicel only offers a SIM card at $7.23
Table 1. Digicel SIM card prices.

Digicel coverage map

Digicel coverage in Trinidad and Tobago
OperatorServices and prices
BmobileData plans from $30.99 to $51.65
Table 2. BmobileSIM card prices.

Bmobile coverage map

Bmobile coverage in Trinidad and Tobago

Get your SIM card through an online store before traveling or at a local store when you are at the Trinidad and Tobago airport. Activate the SIM card when you arrive at your destination, not before. This way, you will avoid international roaming.

Renting a Pocket WiFi for Trinidad and Tobago

You can also connect to the internet with this alternative. It is a portable WiFi Router that you can buy or rent to have cellular internet in different places of the Isle. Usually, it is more expensive than SIM or eSIM cards.

Some companies let you rent Pocket WiFi devices for Trinidad and Tobago for around $7 daily. The battery of these devices lasts almost 13 hours, and the shipping and return of the device are simple.

You can buy 1 GB daily, with 4G speed, and connect up to 5 devices simultaneously; it is a great advantage if you travel with your laptop, tablet, cellphone, or smartwatch. But, when you reach the daily limit, your speed will be reduced, and it will be reset the following day.

Public WiFi networks in Trinidad and Tobago

When you arrive at your travel destination, you can find public WiFi networks in places such as hotels, restaurants, airports, and many other places. But since these are open networks, the connection speed is not the best. So many people connect to these networks, so it may not be the greatest option, and they can be very unsecure as well.

You will probably find Public WiFi in airports, but you have to ask about the time limitations and ensure they are free. Another thing that you have to consider is how safe the network is. Usually, they are not safe, so all the personal information you enter can be easily stolen.

Activate international roaming for Trinidad and Tobago

International roaming for Trinidad and Tobago is very expensive, and the price of the data roaming plans of each operator is usually very high. You can check some of the standard prices of international roaming to Trinidad and Tobago from some cellular operators in the table below:

AT&T$2.05/MB and $3 per minute
O2$6 per day
Table 3. International roaming rates for Trinidad and Tobago

Which is the best alternative to have cellular internet in Trinidad and Tobago?

The best alternative to connect to the internet abroad and avoid the expensive price of international roaming is to get an eSIM card for your trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Since this is the easiest way to purchase a cellular service, and you can purchase it from anywhere in the world through an online store, read on to find out how to buy an eSIM for this destination.

Where can I get an eSIM card for Trinidad and Tobago?

The best place to buy an eSIM card is through an online store. However, you must ensure that the online store offers internet connection from important cellular operators and providers. You can also visit physical stores and get an eSIM.

On the other hand, before getting an eSIM card, you must make sure your cellphone can support this technology. If it is possible to use the eSIM card, you can buy one at the airport, where you will find the official stores of cellular carriers and providers.

Holafly, eSIM card provider for Trinidad and Tobago

Holafly offers products like the eSIM card to connect in Trinidad and Tobago; it has three data plans: one week with 3 GB at $37; two weeks with 7 GB at $44; or a month with 15 GB at $54.

Also, the eSIM card from this company has some benefits. It is easy to use if you follow the instructions; you can keep your WhatsApp number, share your data with other devices, keep your SIM card, and have 24-hour chat service and support.

On the other hand, all you have to do to buy a Holafly eSIM card is to access the virtual store of this company, click on the destinations section, and look for Trinidad and Tobago. Then, pick the data plan you want and add it to the cart.

You end the purchase by choosing the payment method. After the confirmation, you will receive the activation instructions in your email. With over 150 destinations you can go almost anywhere!

Recommendations to fully enjoy your cellular data

  1. You have to configure the eSIM card on your cellphone and activate it when you land at the airport, not before. It is better if you use cellular data to look for directions, enter your bank account, make WhatsApp calls, or book a hotel.
  2. To use the SIM card in Trinidad and Tobago, your cellphone must have unlocked bands and be compatible with your destination’s networks.
  3. The frequencies you will find in this destination are the following:
5G bandsN41 (2500)
4G bandsB2 (1900)
3G bandsB2 (1900), B5 (850)
2G bandsB2 (1900), B3 (1800), B5 (850)
Table 4. Network frequencies in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Avoid downloading apps with your cellular data because it consumes so much data. If you are going to use GPS try downloading maps without a connection. And try making this using public WiFi networks.
  • Keep your cellphone charged. To avoid running out of battery, you can have a portable charger.