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Best Pocket Wifi for Canada: How much does it cost?

If your next travel destination is Canada. Then a Pocket WiFi for Canada will help you stay connected during your trip.

Leoneska Ruiz

July 28, 2023

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If you will be traveling to Canada soon and you still don’t know how to stay connected to the internet. We recommend you read about one of the best alternatives to stay connected while traveling, Pocket WiFi for Canada. 

While you stay in Canadian cities like Toronto, you must be connected to the internet to communicate with your family. Share your best moments on social media, or simply look up any address you need. 

Through this article, we will explain Pocket WiFi, what it is, the prices, and whom to buy it from. In addition, we will be mentioning some other alternatives that will also allow you to stay connected to the internet abroad. 

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What is Pocket Wifi?

Understanding what Pocket WiFi is, is simple. These are small devices that you can carry with you and will allow you to connect to an internet networt. 

Over the years, the Pocket WiFi has been a faithful companion for many travelers. Since it will be rented for the days, you are traveling. Also, you can connect several devices simultaneously to the pocket Wi-Fi connection. 

However, you must know the prices and where to buy one of these services, as they may vary depending on the provider. Usually, renting a Pocket WiFi will have costs for rental, delivery, and extra accessories. So, we will be taking to you into more detail about each of these items. 

How much does Pocket WiFi for Canada cost?

One of the most frequent concerns of people when purchasing any service is the price. That is why you need to know how much you will have to spend to stay connected to the internet in Canada with Pocket WiFi. 

The first thing you should consider is that each Pocket WiFi price varies depending on the provider. Must pay rental fees, delivery fees, and even extra accessories are rented separately. So below we will explain in more detail each of the prices and features of different companies that offer this type of service. 

Travel WiFi

This is a well-renowned Swiss company which offers the possibility to rent your pocket Wi-Fi for your travels. They are effortless to rent through their website. All you have to do is enter the days you require and the location, choose the delivery destination and finalize your purchase. 

For example, if you want to use a Pocket WiFi from this company during your trip to Canada, you can choose between different days and cellular data options. For a week of use, prices for renting this device range from $63.6 to $95.6, depending on the amount of data you choose. 

On the other hand, you can also choose extra accessories, such as power banks and car chargers, for around $10 each. Also, delivery will depend on where you want to receive your Pocket WiFi but can range from $5 to $30. 

Finally, it is important to remember that the company charges a penalty of around 160 dollars in the event of losing one of its devices. 

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is an excellent option for people who live in the North American subcontinent, as they are located in the United States. So, this could be an excellent option if you are traveling to Canada. 

With this company, you can rent a Pocket WiFi for a week at a price of $349.93 for Canada. However, they also have other data plans for longer trips, in case you need it. As for delivery, for people living in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, rates vary from 10 to 30 USD.

On the other hand, you can also purchase extra accessories, such as a car charger, extended batteries, and even insurance for the device. And you may wonder why you need insurance. That’s because if you lose or damage the device, the company will charge you a fine. 


Another company you might want to consider is MioWiFi. This is a company based in Argentina. So, delivery to Canada could be much easier and cheaper. 

The Pocket WiFi from this company is priced at $64 for 7 days of use in Canada, and with it, you can enjoy unlimited data, you can share data with 5 devices in total, and the battery will last up to 12 hours daily! 

Customers can use the delivery services to get the device in a few days. It won’t matter where they are. In this case, it will only change the price. Customers must pay between $40 and $50, depending on where the device will be delivered.

Finally, it is important to know that if you damage or lose the device, you will have to pay a fine of around $250. So, it will be better if you are cautious with it. 

Hippocket WiFi

The last company we will talk about is Hippocket WiFi, one of the best options if you are traveling to Canada. Compared to the previous two, this company is based in Europe, so if you live in one of the European countries, you can easily rent their services. 

The rental price is quite affordable, the cost for a week is $43.79, so you can enjoy 1 GB per day. However, you can also order the unlimited data plan, priced at $58.63.

On the other hand, the shipping price may vary. If you are in Europe, shipping can be free or cost you about $10, while if you are in another continent, the price can go up to about $20. Finally, in case you lose one of the devices, you will have to pay a penalty, which can be between $154 and $170.

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Pocket Wifi alternatives

If, after reading all about Pocket WiFi, you determine that it is not the best option for you, don’t worry; there are other alternatives that will also allow you to connect to the internet during your trip. 

Among those alternatives, you will find some options such as eSIMs and SIM cards, which have become more and more popular among travelers due to the ease with which they can be purchased. 

On the other hand, there is also Free WiFi, but if you are interested, you should know that it is a somewhat insecure alternative to use. However, we will tell you more about each of the options. 

Emerald Lake, Canada. Source: Unsplash

eSIM for Canada

eSIMs are by far the easiest and quickest option to purchase. You can buy one of these eSIMs for your trip from anywhere in the world and at any time. Purchases can be made online through online stores like Holafly. 

Many of the latest generation phones are available for use on eSIMs. So, if you are interested in this product, verify that your cellphone is compatible with eSIMs. 

With Holafly, you can choose an eSIM for Canada with unlimited data and the days that best suit your trip; they all include data sharing for up to 500 MBs per day! It is complicated to find solutions with unlimited data for tourists; with Holafly, you have access to this benefit and others. Such as 24/7 customer service in multiple channels and languages for all types of users.

Canada Prepaid SIM Card

Our second recommendation to stay connected to the internet during your trip is with the Prepaid SIM card for Canada. These work like regular SIM card, with the big difference being that they are mainly for cellular data use to your destination country.

These prepaid SIM cards can be purchased before travel with international providers or once you are in Canada through local operators. Please note that this process may take longer than using Holafly’s eSIM cards.

Free International WiFi

Free WiFi is something we look for anywhere we go, as it allows us to have an internet connection without paying anything or and even helps us save up a little of our cellular data. 

Of course, during your trip to Canada, you will find numerous places to connect for free to their WiFi network. Places like restaurants, hotels, cafés, and shopping malls are the most common places to get free WiFi.

However, keep in mind that staying connected to free WiFi is a very unstable and an insecure option. So, we recommend you to have it as an option to simply save data. 

Which is better?

After talking about each of the alternatives to having an internet connection while traveling to Canada, it is necessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each one. While Pocket WiFi has been a very common method for travelers, it is not the most affordable option of all. 

So, undoubtedly, some eSIM cards for Canada are one of the best options for staying connected while traveling. Not only are they effortless to acquire, but they can save you some money since they are much cheaper and easy to acquire!

People can also take a North America eSIM, which will work in three different countries, allowing travelers to stay connected with an eSIM Mexico, Canada, and the USA.

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