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Top 6 Best eSIM for Canada in 2024

Choose from the best eSIM for Canada this 2024 to make the most out of your travels! Buy, scan, and connect!

Manuel M.

January 26, 2024

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When traveling, the best option to stay connected abroad comes with eSIMs. These have become the go-to alternative for travelers, and having an idea of what the best 6 eSIM for Canada will save time to travelers. That’s why we have prepared a guide for travelers to help them choose the option that will suit them most.

eSIM for Canada

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How does eSIM work in Canada?

Yes. People can use an eSIM in Canada thanks to the different carriers in the country that now provide this service.

Depending on the travel eSIM for Canada people takes, they will get access to different mobile networks. For example, Holafly works with Rogers Canada, one of the best companies in the country.

Why should I get an eSIM for Canada?

Moraine Lake, Canada
Moraine Lake, Canada. Source: Unsplash

For people who want to stay connected, rather than using a Pocket WiFi or roaming service in Canada, the eSIM is a better option for several reasons. 

People can get an eSIM in no time, which makes it easier to purchase compared to services that take some time to arrive. It’s also cheaper than roaming services, which makes it a better alternative for travelers who want to use their mobile data without restrictions.

The downside of eSIMs comes with the fact it needs an eSIM-compatible device, but there’s nothing more to worry about. Also, depending on the company people choose, these will provide more benefits to their customers!

Which eSIM is best for traveling to Canada?

When choosing what eSIM to take to Canada, there are different options to consider in the market. But to make it easier for everyone, we have taken the main companies offering this service and put all the information together to make it easier for everyone.

The options we have are Holafly, Flexiroam, GigSky, YeSIM, Ubigi, and Orange. So, let’s see what each one of them offers.

eSIM featuresHolaflyFlexiroamYeSIMGigSkyUbigiOrange
Do they charge for the eSIM?NoNoNoNoNoNo
Voice CallsYesNoNoNoNoNo
Top-UpYes. (Top-up  for unlimited data plans increase the amount of working days)YesYesYesYesNo
Unlimited dataYesNoYesNoNoNo
Comparison between Holafly, Flexiroam, YeSIM, GigSky, Ubigi, and Orange.

1. Holafly

Holafly home website

1. Holafly: Unlimited data eSIM for Canada

Our first option comes with an international company that offers eSIMs in more than 160 destinations and has one of the simplest purchase processes in the market. With Holafly, traveling connected to Canada is something easy to do.

Holafly is a company that offers many things. Besides having a lot of destinations to visit on their website, they also offer unlimited data packages for many countries. Something great to know is that Canada is part of that list.

With the Holafly eSIM for Canada, people will get access to a variety of data plans, here are some of the options:

  • Days: 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20.
  • Data: Unlimited data packages for all data plans.
  • Price: Vary from $34 to $77 depending on how long people are staying.
Unlimited data eSIM for Canada
Holafly eSIM for Canada. Source: Holafly store

Besides offering unlimited data on their packages, there are other features worth mentioning about Holafly.

  • Holafly has a mobile app that works on Android and iOS and allows to purchase and manage eSIMs.
  • Various payment methods are available to make it easier for everyone worldwide to get an eSIM.
  • 24/7 customer support is available in different languages and through different channels.
  • People can make a purchase using different currencies available on the website.
  • Top-up service for people who want to stay longer in Canada and need more unlimited data.

Based on everything Holafly offers, it’s fair to say it is the best eSIM for Canada in 2024.

Holafly 4.6 rating from Trustpilot reviews. Source: Trustpilot.

2. Flexiroam

Flexiroam Logo. Source: Flexiroam.

The second alternative for travelers in Canada is Flexiroam. The company offers eSIMs for travelers in different countries, making Canada part of their destinations with limited data packages.

Flexiroam allows travelers to get an eSIM for Canada through their website or mobile app, but people need to create an account before completing the purchase. There will be different data packages available for use. 

Also, the company allows making purchases with a valid credit or debit card or with credits on the Flexiroam wallet. There are no other methods available for now. These are some of the plans available:

  • 3GB for 8 days for $26.
  • 5GB for 24 days for $41.
  • 7GB for 24 days for $53.

3. YeSIM

YeSIM Logo. Source: YeSIM.

The third alternative for travelers who need an eSIM for Canada is YeSIM. Similar to other options, the company allows people to make a purchase either through their website or mobile app, but they only accept Euros as a payment currency for now.

Before getting an eSIM for Canada from YeSIM it’s required for people to create an account as it’s a must-do for the process. As for now, the company changed some things, such as the payment methods, only allowing Binance and credit or debit cards to complete purchases on their website.

As for now, these are the data plans available for Canada:

  • Limited data plans: 7 days with 3GB for $14, 15 days with 5GB for $20.50, 30 days with 10GB for $34.50, and 30 days with 20GB for $49.
  • Unlimited data plans: 7 days for $32 and 15 days for $49.50.
Effortless connectivity
Effortless connectivity. Source: Unsplash.

4. GigSky

GigSky Logo. Source: GigSky.

The fourth option on our list comes with GigSky. The company offers a variety of data plans for local, regional, and worldwide plans.

Currently, the company offers three data packages for Canada, which come with the North America, Canad, and World Plan eSIMs. For people to complete a purchase from GigSky are required to create an account and have a valid credit card as there are no other payment methods available for use.

Here are some of the available plans:

  • North America: 1GB for 7 days for $9.99, 5GB for 30 days for $44.99, and 10GB for 30 days for $79.99.
  • Canada: 1GB for 7 days for $5.99, 3GB for 15 days for $14.99, and 5GB for 30 days for $24.99.
  • World Plan: 5GB for 30 days for $69.99.

5. Ubigi

Ubigi Logo. Source: Ubigi.

Our fifth option comes with Ubigi, as for now, the company only offers one-off eSIMs for Canada, and not annual or monthly plans, as they do with other destinations.

Ubigi allows people to buy an eSIM through different channels, whether it is the app or website, people have to create an account before getting their eSIM. They also have a variety of payment methods available, which makes it accessible for travelers.

The one-off eSIMs for Canada plans are the following:

  • One-off eSIMs: 1 day with 500MB for $4, 7 days with 1GB for $14, and 30 days with 3GB for $29.

6. Orange

Orange Logo. Source: Orange.

The last option on our top comes with Orange. Around Europe, it has become one of the main companies when offering SIM and eSIMs for locals, and thanks to the “Orange Holiday” service, now travelers can get mobile internet in different countries.

Currently, Orange Holiday is available with one data plan for Canada. This data plan comes with 10GB of mobile data for 14 days and doesn’t include phone calls or text messages. As for the price, it costs $32.50.

Compared to other alternatives, Orange offers a lot less and people will surely be required to buy more than one eSIM when traveling. However, the company will make sure travelers know if their device is compatible with an eSIM before completing the purchase.

Best eSIM for Canada travel: Which one to choose?

Based on everything we saw about the companies, the best eSIM for Canada is Holafly. Overall, it’s a better option due to everything it offers and in terms of prices, making it the most accessible virtual SIM card for travelers.

Compared to other alternatives, Holafly includes unlimited data on all their data plans. But what makes this feature great is the fact prices are accessible. And if we add up the rest of the features offered by the company, it’s a great option that will help all types of travelers to stay connected while in Canada.

But to make things clearer, let’s see some extra questions people might have about the eSIM for Canada.

Which one offers more mobile data?

Based on the information about each provider, Holafly and YeSIM offer unlimited data. But between these two, Holafly has a wider catalog of data packages compared to what YeSIM can offer to travelers.

Making a side-to-side comparison, Holafly eSIM for Canada is a better option due to everything it offers to travelers and the easiness of getting one, which, compared to YeSIM, is a lot lower.

Which operators support the eSIM in Canada?

In Canada, the providers that offer eSIMs are Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, and TELUS Mobility. 

Nonetheless, please keep in mind that getting an eSIM from a local provider may be more difficult given that you’ll probably have to provide documentation. The worst part is that you won’t be connected as soon as you get to your destination.

FAQs about the Best eSIM for Canada

What is the best eSIM for Canada and the USA?

Based on the list of eSIMs we explored, the best eSIM for North America comes from Holafly. It offers unlimited data, 24/7 customer support, a variety of payment methods, and much more.

Which is better Airalo or Holafly?

All of the data plans Airalo offers for Canada are limited, while the data plans offered by Holafly for Canada include unlimited data and make it a better option for travelers who want to stay connected as much as possible in the country.

Is Airalo good in Canada?

Airalo eSIM for Canada works well based on different reviews on Reddit, but none of their data plans include unlimited data, which is something Holafly eSIM for Canada does have.