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Mobile internet in Haiti: What is the best option?

Learn everything you need to know about mobile internet for Haiti: providers, rates, plans, mobile coverage, and more.

Carolina S.

January 8, 2024

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Many musical and cultural events, gastronomic varieties, and enchanting beaches are enriched by the warm waters of the Caribbean. Also, colorful natural landscapes, enigmatic caves, and a valuable historical heritage deserve to be posted and viewed on social media. All of this makes you as a traveler who wants to know how to get mobile internet in Haiti.

Here you’ll learn about the features, advantages, rates, and other aspects of Haiti’s virtual SIM cards or eSIM. Moreover, you’ll find out how to make the most of your internet connection on this island. Also, other options to browse the web when you arrive in Haitian territory.

There are several alternatives to get mobile internet in Haiti. Compare them so that you can make the decision that best suits your needs and budget for this Caribbean island.

eSIM for Haiti

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eSIM card to have cellular internet in Haiti

If you read about the digital SIM card, they are referring to the eSIM. This is a step forward from the traditional SIM card that is integrated into the latest variants of high-end smartphones.

For six years, eSIMs have been in the spotlight because they came to provide incredible benefits to their users. For example, the convenience of everyday use, since it’s not necessary to insert a SIM card in the cellphone chip slot. In addition, you can activate this device almost as soon as you buy it, just by following simple instructions from the provider.

The boom on the eSIM market for its functional and monetary benefits, one can also mention how easy it is to buy it. In other words, by going on to virtual stores of cellphone companies, you can get this product and use it according to your needs as a traveler.

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SIM cards for Haiti that may interest you

The SIM card is a small chip that is inserted into the phone, allowing the operator to offer you the services of calls, data, and messages.

The prepaid SIM cards for Haiti that attract the most attention in the cellular internet solutions market are those of the companies Digicel and Natcom. Both of them will ask you to fill out an application form and register on their websites to buy the SIM cards they offer for this Caribbean island.

In addition, they will ask you to check if your cellphone supports the frequencies used in Haiti. Additionally, your smartphone must be SIM-lock-free so that you can use an International SIM card for this country.

These cards are available in physical and online stores. Also, through authorized and third-party stores, as well as in supermarkets, pharmacies, and at Port-au-Prince-Toussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP) and Cap-Haitien International Airport (CAP–Natcom only).

Rent a Pocket WiFi for Haiti

Through this option, you can get mobile internet in Haiti with a portable WiFi router that you can buy or rent. This device is designed to help you surf the internet all over the island. This service is usually more expensive than the plans offered by SIM cards or eSIMs.

For Haiti, the company WiFi Travelers offers pocket WiFi devices for rent for $5.77 per day. These devices come with 13-hour battery life and company pickup and delivery facilities.

In addition, In Haiti and in the rest of the countries covered by this company, you get up to 500 MB of daily browsing. Also, the data surplus is included and is unlimited, with a reduced 3G speed of 512 Kbps, until the next day.

Use free WiFi networks in Haiti

You may find open and free WiFi networks in hotels, lodges, restaurants, airports, and some public establishments in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien. However, because they are free for everyone, they have some limitations in connectivity. That is because of their high consumption, the browsing speed is often slower and can be unsecure.

Therefore, we recommend you use them as long as your personal information is not at risk. Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi when making bank transactions, using passwords or when being asked for personal data. Don’t forget to ask if the WiFi service is charged, as it is in some places.

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Activate international roaming for Haiti

Roaming for Haiti is not free. As in most countries where each operator’s international data roaming plans apply, the cost overruns can be very high. Therefore, if you’re going to use the internet offered by your operator during your trip to any destination on this island, you must consider the rates that the operators handle:

AT&T2.05/MB and $3 per minute of call
02 UK6$ per day
T-mobile15$ per MB
Average international roaming costs in Haiti

As we know, the great disadvantage of the roaming service is that it’s very expensive. In fact, there have been many cases where bills have doubled or risen. Also, the client could be very limited when connecting, calling, or receiving calls.

So, what is the best option to connect to the internet?

Currently, the best alternative that a tourist or frequent traveler has to avoid these cost overruns is a virtual eSIM for Haiti. This allows them to stay connected to the best networks on the island, and they would only have to pay when activating the service. So, they won’t need to worry about how much they have to pay when they arrive from their trip.

Where to buy an eSIM for Haiti?

In earlier paragraphs, we gave you a clue about where to buy an eSIM. These are online stores, preferably from operators and suppliers recognized for offering this product to Haiti. You can also go to official stores, just as you could do when you buy a SIM card when you travel to a certain destination.

Before buying an eSIM to connect to the internet, find out if your smartphone is compatible with eSIMs. If it is, you can purchase this service from online stores. We recommend you do it with Holafly, a store known for selling excellent quality eSIMs and with a good internet connection.

Holafly, eSIM provider for Haiti

Holafly offers tourists and frequent travelers products such as the eSIM in Haiti to connect to the internet with three plans: 7 days with 3 GB at $37; 14 days with 7 GB at $44; and the last for 30 days with 15 GB at $54.

On the other hand, the eSIM for Haiti that Holafly offers has several benefits. For example, it’s easy to use if you follow the instructions. Likewise, they allow you to keep your WhatsApp number, share your data with fellow travelers, keep your SIM card, and have customer service 24/7 in English.

Moreover, buying an eSIM for Haiti in the Holafly web store is effortless: enter the website, click on the Destinations tab and search for Haiti. Then you click on one of the three plans available and add it to the shopping cart.

You finish the purchase by choosing the payment method, and your purchase is complete in a matter of seconds. Then you’ll receive some instructions in your email to activate your eSIM so that you can connect to the cellular internet in Haiti.

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Digicel and its coverage map for the internet in Haiti

Source: GMSA.

Natcom and its coverage map for internet in Haiti

Source: GMSA.

Recommendations for having better cellular internet in Haiti

1) To get the most out of your internet access in Haiti, you must set up the eSIM on your cellphone and activate it when you land in Port-au-Prince.

2) Keep in mind that the data of your eSIM plan is ideal if you’re going to look for addresses, carry out bank transactions, download specific apps for the destination you visit, make calls by WhatsApp, or if you’ll make reservations at hotels, restaurants, events sports or shows.

3) If you use streaming platforms, try to do it with WiFi networks. However, many public WiFi networks are unsafe, and your personal information can end up in the wrong hands of hackers for extortion purposes.

4) To use SIM cards in Haiti, your cellphone must have open bands and be compatible with cellular internet networks in its territory.

5) These are the frequencies supported by the internet connection in Haiti:

3G bandsB1 (2100)
2G bandsB8 (900)
Source: Kimóvil

6) Try not to download large files from the network using your data plan, as it will consume a significant amount of data.

7) Better internet use in Haiti’s destinations will depend on how good your cellphones’ battery is. Therefore, don’t let it run out of battery, or at least use a portable charger so that you don’t end up without a connection and with a dead battery cellphone. You won’t be able to capture that memorable moment.

8) You won’t always have a WiFi spot nearby, so use your plan data wisely to stay connected to the internet.