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How to use WhatsApp internationally?

New to WhatsApp, read about everything you need to know and stay in contact with your loved ones even when using data!

Manuel M.

July 10, 2023

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Instant messaging is a feature that has changed how we communicate. WhatsApp is one of those apps that helps us stay in contact with friends and family. If you’re still new to this tech, continue reading to be well-informed and reap the benefits of this simple but very helpful tool. Use WhatsApp internationally and stay in contact with home!

Even traveling abroad, you can use WhatsApp to text and call others. Of course, you’ll need an internet connection and even though there are plenty, one that we recommend is the eSIM.

Use WhatsApp internationally with an eSIM!

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What is WhatsApp?

Using WhatsApp iPhone
Use WhatsApp on your travels. Source: Unsplash

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with features including texting, calling, sharing media (photos, videos, and audio), and group chatting. It’s cheaper than regular SMS since it uses your phone’s data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages.

Whenever you purchase a data plan, either at home or on your vacation in another country, it’s vital to check if the package includes data for social media apps. Generally, WhatsApp consumes the data included in your plan, but at other times, there are specific bundles where you can or cannot use WhatsApp, so keep your eyes peeled.

How does international WhatsApp work?

Using WhatsApp in a different country is quite similar to using it at home. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with your contacts through text, voice calls, and the sharing of media, so long as you have access to the internet. Connect and use WhatsApp from anywhere in the world thanks to Wi-Fi or mobile data (through the Holafly eSIM).

When comparing WhatsApp with SMS, what are the key differences?

WhatsApp’s fundamental technology is what sets it apart from SMS (Short Message Service). WhatsApp relies on an active internet connection, whereas SMS requires cellular networks. In addition to audio and video conversations, media sharing, group chats, and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp provides a number of other useful functions. In contrast, short message service (SMS) can only be used to transmit text messages and often includes extra fees for international communications.

How secure is it to use WhatsApp while traveling?

WhatsApp is typically safe to use when traveling. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures that only the intended receiver can decipher their messages and calls. However, it’s crucial to be cautious when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. Connecting to secure or password-protected Wi-Fi hotspots or reputable wireless data services is a good way to increase safety.

What can I do with WhatsApp in a foreign country?

WhatsApp user
User on WhatsApp. Source:

There’s plenty that you can do with WhatsApp abroad. Given that WhatsApp is not only an app used by regular consumers, there are also businesses that implement WhatsApp as a tool to connect with customers and generate conversion to sales.

You can contact a local restaurant or business through WhatsApp to find out products and prices before having to go there in person. This may help you save time and money.

Change your name and profile picture?

Personal information such as your name and profile image can be changed to reflect your current situation and sent to your connections. You can even customize WhatsApp and your chats by changing the wallpaper.

Create groups with your contacts

You may set up group chats with your contacts so that you can all talk to each other at the same time. This function is helpful for communicating with or coordinating a small group of people for things like work, travel or even a meet-up.

Send voice notes with WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to record and send audio notes to your contacts in place of text messages. When you’re on the road, this feature makes communication easy and quick.

React and reply messages

The ability to “react” to messages with emojis and “reply” to specific messages inside a chat facilitates simple conversational participation.

Edit or delete messages after sending

WhatsApp even lets you go back and change or delete texts you’ve already sent. You may edit your messages to fix typos or delete unnecessary parts as needed with this function.

What are the advantages of using WhatsApp internationally?

There are several benefits to using WhatsApp abroad.

Cheap: WhatsApp’s use of an internet connection data rather than standard SMS messaging can save communication costs, especially when making international calls. Generally, data plans and packages allow users to make calls through WhatsApp and this is not charged separately. Nonetheless, remember to check the fine print with some providers because there might be a distinct data package for only social media apps in the bundle.

Awesome Features: Voice and video conversations, media sharing, group chats, and more are just some of the ways in which WhatsApp improves your communication experience thanks to its long list of capabilities.

Ease of Use: As long as you have an internet connection, you may use WhatsApp to maintain communication with your friends and family back home. It facilitates instantaneous interaction and enables straightforward file and video sharing.

Encryption: End-to-end encryption for both messages and phone calls is a feature of WhatsApp that guarantees secure and private communication.

What do I need to do to get started with WhatsApp?

  • You can get WhatsApp via the Google Play Store for Android smartphones or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
  • Download the app and group it up with your other social media apps, or perhaps you can set up a widget on your home screen for easy access.
  • Open up the app, and setup will be handled through a user-friendly flow.
  • Enter the verification code provided on your smartphone to confirm your phone number.
  • Finish creating your user profile by adding your name, profile photo, and other information you’d want to share.
  • Sync your phone’s contact list with WhatsApp, or manually add your friends and family using their phone numbers.

What can I do if WhatsApp is not activated?

Verify that you have successfully completed the WhatsApp activation process if it has not been activated. Attempt the following after ensuring a steady internet connection:

  • In some cases, activation problems can be resolved by just restarting the device.
  • Delete and reinstall WhatsApp by erasing it from your smartphone and downloading it again. Repeat the initialization steps.
  • If the problem persists after trying contacting WhatsApp’s support staff. They can guide you through their troubleshooting steps depending on your unique circumstances.

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How to install and set up an eSIM for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s eSIM installation and configuration steps may differ somewhat based on your phone and wireless service provider. Nonetheless, below is a step-by-step guide of the procedure:

  • Check Compatibility: Verify that your phone supports eSIMs. Unfortunately, not all current devices support eSIM given that this tech is pretty recent.
  • Get the QR code: To get an eSIM QR code or activation code, you need to get in touch with your cellular operator or service provider. They will explain everything in detail and provide you with all the resources you need. Generally, you can buy through official channels like the website or through the official app. Holafly immediately sends your QR code to your email after purchase!
  • Setting set-up: To adjust your eSIM settings, open the eSIM settings menu on your device. The network or cellular configuration is usually where you’ll have to go. Depending on the device, the process might differ.
  • Scan: Just input the activation code or scan the QR code. According to your carrier’s or service provider’s instructions, scan the eSIM’s QR code or manually enter the activation code.
  • Finishing touches: After the eSIM has been activated, you will need to finalize the setup procedure by adjusting the data, call, and message settings. Your service provider or carrier will provide instructions, but generally this is done through the settings on your phone.
  • Install WhatsApp: After you’ve set up your eSIM and you’re connected, head over to the app store to download WhatsApp and get it all set up. Verify your phone number and finish setting up your profile as you normally would for WhatsApp.

Installation and configuration of an eSIM may differ slightly from device to device and carrier to carrier. For additional information, check with your service provider or carrier first or directly on the WhatsApp Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WhatsApp with an eSIM when traveling abroad?

When you are overseas, you may use WhatsApp with your eSIM. When traveling internationally, having a local phone number and access to local data plans is a huge help, and that’s precisely what some eSIMs provide.

Will I be able to use my existing WhatsApp account with an eSIM?

Yes, you can use your existing WhatsApp account with an eSIM. When you’re setting up the new eSIM you won’t be required to change your phone number. Nonetheless, you can definitely simply change your WhatsApp’s account phone number, but remember to have a backup so you can recover your chats.

Can I switch between physical SIM card and eSIM while using WhatsApp abroad?

Yes, it is possible to transition between a physical SIM card and an eSIM while using WhatsApp internationally. If your device supports dual SIM functionality, you can simultaneously activate a physical SIM card and an eSIM. You can select which SIM card to use for WhatsApp and alternate between them as necessary.

Are there any additional charges for using WhatsApp with an eSIM abroad?

The fees associated with using WhatsApp abroad with an eSIM depend on your wireless service provider’s data plans and roaming fees. It is imperative to check with your carrier or service provider about any additional fees for data usage or international roaming. WhatsApp is free to use, but data fees may apply if you use mobile data or roaming services.

Can I have an internet connection in several destinations?

Yes, with some Holafly data packages, such as the eSIM card for Europe or unlimited data eSIM USA, you can have coverage in several destinations with a single service. You will not pay for additional roaming charges even when moving from one country to another.