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How to use iMessage internationally?

Keep in touch with your loved ones with the iMessage service. Read how to activate it, features, and more information in this article!


March 16, 2023

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Traveling to another country doesn’t mean losing touch with your loved ones because if you have an Apple device, you can use the iMessage service to text. But do you know how to use this service abroad? If you don’t, you can keep reading this article, where we will tell you the steps you must follow to enjoy this service.

If you don’t know where to start, we will tell you about iMessage, installing and using the Holafly eSIM card.

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What is iMessage?

This service is Apple’s exclusive instant messaging app, and it is not very popular with its users. With it, you can receive and send texts for free, whether connected to the internet or using cellular data.

You must pay attention to the color of the bubble you are sending. If it is blue, the message is free. If it is green, it will be sent as an SMS, and it will have an additional cost. Why? Because green means that the person you are texting does not have an Apple device.

How does international iMessage work?

It works just as it would nationally. You can keep sending texts, photographs, videos, and voice notes.

Remember that this service is only available for Apple devices, so you must have an internet connection or cellular data to enter the app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

It is important to note that if you want to send a message with this function, it has to be to Apple users. If you need to send a text to a device with other operative systems, you will have to use the traditional SMS service, which would not be available with cellular data, so you will have to use WhatsApp or Telegram.

What is the difference between iMessage or SMS?

The answer is simple. The texts you send with iMessage will have text, photos, videos, or musical clips, and they are directly sent to other Apple devices with cellular data or WiFi.

SMS needs to be sent as a text message from the service of an operator. And you can send SMS to any type of device. It does not have to be only Apple.

How safe is using iMessage abroad?

It is as safe as using it in your home country. Remember that text messages are encrypted. They are end-to-end encrypted.

If you activate functions such as iCloud, you will have a copy of your texts online, but it won’t put your personal information at risk.

What can I do with iMessage abroad?

As we just told you, you can send texts, voice messages, photos, files, videos, and music, create an avatar, pin essential notes, share your location, and play with your friend’s online games available for iMessage.

Read a summary below of the things you can do with iMessage.

Use iMessage to text with your friends
Use iMessage abroad. Source: Pixabay.

Change your name and profile photo.

You can edit your profile photo and have a personal name in iMessage. It is very easy to do. You have to click on the upper left part of the app, click on edit, and change the name and profile picture.

Create groups with your contacts.

You can enter the iMessage app and start writing a text and add other contacts by clicking on the symbol ‘+’. When you are done adding contacts, you have to press send, and that’s it! Easy-peasy.

Send voice notes with iMessage.

It is very easy because you only have to press the recording button while you talk or slide your finger up to fix the recording and talk as much as you want.

React and answer messages.

With it, you will be able to react with an emoji for each individual message. Or if you want to answer a contact in a private group, you can do it too, clicking twice the message until the option to answer appears.

Edit or delete messages after sending them.

You will only have 15 minutes to do so. After that time, you won’t be able to edit the message. This option is only available for iOS 16 and more recent versions.

If you want to delete a text you have sent, you have to press the message and pick the option ‘delete’. This feature is only available for iOS 16 and more recent devices.

Recover deleted messages

If you want to get a message back, you can do so. To undo the deletion, enter “filters” in the iMessage App, then tap “recently deleted,” and there you will find the deleted messages that you can recover.

What are the advantages of using iMessage internationally?

You can keep in touch with your loved ones, keep your privacy and security, send texts from many devices, and edit your messages.

How can I start to use iMessage?

The process is very simple. To start using the iMessage app, you have to follow the next steps:

  • Download the latest version of iOS to update your cellphone.
  • Sign in to iTunes and the App Store with your Apple ID.
  • Look for iMessage Apps in the Apps drawer.

To use all iMessage features, we recommend downloading the photos, music, digital touch, #images, cash, memoji, Memoji stickers, and audio messages app.

What can I do if iMessage is not activated?

If you cannot access iMessage because it is not activated, you need to unregister, which will remove your number from iMessage services. After that, you will be able to receive text messages almost immediately, although some devices take time to recognize the new option.

Is WhatsApp safer than iMessage?

Both WhatsApp and iMessage have a text encryption system. Both companies keep copies of their messages to access them. Either Apple or Meta are great options.

How to install and set up an eSIM card for iMessage?

If you plan to travel abroad to several countries and want to use iMessage, you can buy the Holafly regional eSIM card for Europe, among others. If you don’t know how to install or set it up, you can follow our tutorial on how to set up and activate your iPhone eSIM.

  • Ensure you are connected to the internet: to install or set up an eSIM card, you must be connected to a stable internet network.
  • Add the data plan: enter settings > data plans > add data plans. If these options do not appear on your cellphone, you can try other options that suit your device. (Check our eSIM installation guides).
  • Scan the QR code: you can enter your laptop into the email where you receive your purchase and scan the QR code with your cellphone. If you haven’t received the email, call the 24-hour customer service and support.
  • Start downloading it: after scanning the QR code, the eSIM card will automatically download after you press the confirmation button.
  • Pick the name for your data plan: We suggest you call it Holafly, so you can easily find it.
  • Pick the data plan: personalize your eSIM card so it is only for cellular data.
  • Turn on cellular data and data roaming: you can do it from the settings of your cellphone.

Frequent questions of iMessage

Can I use the iMessage app on a PC or Android?

No. It is only available for Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, or Apple Watch.

iMessage is free?

Yes, you can send free messages with this app if connected to the internet. That’s why we recommend taking an eSIM United States, Europe, Asia, or Latin America with you.

How to configure iMessage?

Go to Settings and then Messages. Activate the iMessage button, and enter ‘send and receive’ to select how you want to send or receive your texts.

Can I cancel my iMessage registration on my iPhone?

If you transferred the SIM card from the iPhone to another device with a different operating system, you must insert the card into the iPhone again. Connect to the cellular network or Wi-Fi and go to settings → messages → disable iMessage.

Would it be possible to deregister iMessage online?

Yes. You must enter Unregister iMessage and follow the steps indicated on the platform with your cellphone number.

Can I use iMessage to message someone abroad?

You can do it connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi. But if you’re online and still can’t send messages, we recommend you check the iMessage activation from settings with your number and Apple ID.