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How to activate an eSIM on a Huawei Watch

If you already have a Huawei Watch compatible with eSIM, in this guide, we show you step by step how to activate an eSIM on your Huawei Watch 2.

Mark Robins

May 12, 2021

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There are two versions of this Huawei smartwatch. The first one with nanoSIM, and the second one with eSIM. In this guide, we will show you how to activate an eSIM on your Huawei Watch 2.

If you also have a Huawei cell phone, check out how to activate an eSIM on a Huawei P40.

Activating an eSIM on Huawei Watch via QR code

Huawei has its own app to install an eSIM.

It helps if you had the Wear OS and Huawei Wear apps installed on your smartphone to perform the setup.

Time needed: 12 minutes

Here we’ll show you how to activate an eSIM on a Huawei Watch 2 using a QR code.

  1. Connect the phone to the watch via Wear OS

    You must turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone. In the Wear OS app, go to Configure. Turn on your Huawei Watch 2 and follow the steps until the name of the watch and a similar code appears on both the smartwatch and the phone; now press Pair for Pairing.
    esim huawei watch paso 1

  2. In the Huawei Wear app

    Go to Device management > eSIM service > Activate
    esim huawei watch paso 2

  3. Scan the QR code

    The camera on your cell phone will turn on for you to scan the code provided by the operator.
    esim huawe watch paso 3

  4. Download and installation

    The download will be performed automatically, and the eSIM will be activated.
    esim huawei watch paso 4

What you need to know

  • It is only possible to pair your smartwatch with one phone at a time. If you want to add a new phone, you need to remove the first one.
  • If your watch prompts you to download Android Wear, it is the former name of the Wear OS app.
  • While it is possible to connect the Huawei Watch 2 with a compatible Apple device, the features will be reduced for marketing purposes.
  • Wear OS is compatible with Android devices from version 6.0 and iOS 10.0 or higher (from iPhone 5).

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Frequently asked questions about the eSIM on the Huawei Watch

How to activate an eSIM on my Huawei Watch GT, GT 2 and GT 2e?

No. The Huawei Watch GT, GT 2, and GT 2e do not have eSIM support.

Does any Huawei Watch smartwatch support eSIM?

No. Most Huawei Watch smartwatches do not have eSIM support and work only via Bluetooth.

Can I set up the Huawei Watch eSIM with any cell phone?

No. They must be compatible to pair them. You can use the Google Wear Check tool to verify if your phone is compatible.