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Best Pocket WiFi for the USA: How much does it cost?

Planning on using a Pocket WiFi in the USA? Learn everything about how the service works and other alternatives to use there!

יוני 16, 2023

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Back then, using a Pocket WiFi device was the easiest way for people to communicate while traveling. Thanks to these devices, having access to an internet connection was something easy to do, and they can still be seen around the world nowadays. So, what are best pocket WiFi for USA?

This is one of the main questions people can get on their minds as there are many services to use. We will clear things up here so people can actually know which service is the best option for them while visiting the USA.

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What is Pocket WiFi?

In case you are wondering which service is the best one to use, you first need to understand what a Pocket WiFi device is. We can tell it is a portable WiFi device that you must have with you at all times to be able to have internet on your phone and other devices.

In fact, this is not wrong. Several companies rent these devices and have several plans available, so you can choose the most convenient one.

pocket WiFi USA

The problem comes when we talk about the service and how it works, but there’s nothing to actually worry about, as it works well as a traditional roaming service. However, carrying extra equipment on our trip may become more expensive and even less comfortable.

By renting this equipment you receive it wherever you are. There’s no limitation on where to receive it, as most companies offer, for an extra fee, to deliver the device to the preferred location of the person who rented it. You must also consider the time it may take to arrive so that it does not coincide with your departure for the trip.

How much does Pocket WiFi in the USA cost?

When discussing prices, we find ourselves with the most relevant question among travelers. How much does a Pocket WiFi rental in USA costs? These devices are not always on the same scale of prices, and that’s something we have to keep in mind as much as possible.

In some cases, renting a device of this kind can end up being quite expensive due to several reasons. But, there’s no problem telling which are the options available for people to use at this moment, so let’s see them.

Travelers WiFi

Located in Europe, Travelers WiFi allows people to rent and use their devices in the USA. You complete the process through their websites.

As for prices, this will depend on the time of reservation you decide to choose. As the days increase, the cost increases. If we take a one-week pocket WiFi rental for the USA, it will cost $73.40 for a basic plan. If we take it up to a month, it would be $257.10. Also have to choose one of three plan options, 1GB, 5GB, or 10GB daily of 4g browsing. After consumption, it will be reduced and unlimited to 3G.

Now, there’s something we haven’t mentioned yet, the delivery prices. They can ship the device basically wherever the person is, and the price to pay, which varies from 5 to 35 USD, will depend on how far the delivery will go. You can choose to have it delivered to hotels, private addresses, or post offices at your convenience.

That’s basically everything that people have to know about this company. And, for the returning policies, in case someone loses or damages the device they rented, the company will charge $170, which must be paid immediately to them.

How to rent a pocket WiFi with Travelers WiFi?

You must go to their official website and select the country you are traveling to and where you will use the pocket WiFi. Once on the page, you will select the period for which you want to rent it, and you will see a previous cost estimate. When you click “rent” you will proceed to the shopping cart, where you will fill in the information with the pickup and delivery address of the device.

You will also choose one of the three available plans for extra accessories, such as car chargers or power banks. You will be informed that you have a period of up to three days after the return date to deliver, or you will have to pay penalties for late delivery. Finally, you will see the cost, including your chosen services and shipping. You can now pay and wait for your pocket WiFi for the USA to be shipped.


MioWiFi is a company that can be an alternative for people who are living in Latin America due to them being located in Argentina, which can help with the delivery process.

Other than that, they have a static price for their services. If someone wants to take their devices for a week, they have an established price of $56 with no speed limit for the USA. If someone needs to rent the device for more time, there’s no issue with that. The only thing that will increase is the price to pay.

For the delivery services, they offer people the chance to receive the rented device within days, no matter where they are. The company charges people 10 to 50 USD depending on where the device will arrive.

For those wondering if the company will charge them something in case they lose or damage one of their devices, it will happen. If this happens, the company charges up to $250, so it is better to keep an eye on it as much as possible.

 How to rent a pocket WiFi with MioWiFi?

You have to search their website in English, and when you do, you will be able to choose the rent option, and you will see the pocket WiFi that the company offers. At this point, you must select the period of time to use it, the countries in which you want to have service (some have speed limits), and finally, go to the checkout.

As a final step, you enter your contact information and the shipping and delivery addresses of the device. This may take some time because the site must recognize the address and provide you with a shipping rate before it can proceed. Then you can place the order, and you will see that they have PayPal as one of their payment methods.

Travel WiFi

Another European company is also part of the list of Pocket WiFi devices we can rent while traveling to the USA.

They offer different rates for those who want to be their customers, having a basic plan that starts at the price of 7.95$/Day or $55.65 for a whole week with 1GB/Day of mobile data included. You can choose two other plans of 5 GB/Day and 10 GB/Day, it is also possible to rent it for a more extended period of time, but in both cases, you will see an increase in the price.

You can choose the shipping and delivery address of the pocket WiFi to see the carriers available with the company and their rates for each destination. Prices vary from 8 to 25 USD, depending on where the shipment goes. So, no need to worry about that.

The last thing to know about the company is that they will charge people a penalty policy if the device gets damaged or lost. In this particular case, the price to pay is $150, which must be paid right away to Travel WiFi.

 How to rent a pocket WIFI with Travel WiFi?

The first thing you need to know is that when you visit the official Travel WiFi website, you will see that they offer other services besides pocket WiFi. You must choose portable WiFi and then enter your travel destination along with the duration of the rental. You will see that they offer some plans for the USA. Select the one that best suits your consumption. 

As with other options, you must choose pick-up or international shipping. Enter the pickup and delivery address. The page offers estimated rates from various carriers depending on the destination that you can choose for your convenience. You are now ready to make the payment by different methods, and you just have to wait to receive your portable WiFi for USA.

My Webspot

The last option for us to talk about is My Webspot, which is another company located in Europe, near Travelers WiFi.

They have pretty similar prices, as well as pretty similar services. The main difference here is they don’t offer more than 1GB per day, which is somehow imitative to people who want to spend more time online. Other than that, the rental price for a week of usage is $86.98.

And, to finally close things up with the list, we have to talk about the penalty policy the company has. The policy is activated if someone loses or damages a device from the company, and the price will vary from 102 to 204 USD

 How to rent a pocket WIFI with My Webspot?

When you enter the My Webspot online store, you see options to change the language and currency. You can choose the USA as your destination and enter the dates you will use the portable wifi. After that, you will see the initial price for the service, and you can click on Book Now.

You will then be directed to the checkout, where you can add other services such as a car charger, power bank, insurance, or travel adapter. Each of these will add price to the final package. Just add the shipping address to estimate the shipping cost, and you are ready to order your service.

Comparative table of costs for portable wifi USA

If you want to see a summary of the providers mentioned, we leave you this table comparing the services offered for portable WiFi USA.

ProviderCost of serviceDamage Policyshipping costSpeed
Travelers WiFi73.40$/Week170$5$ to 35$4G LTE
MioWiFi56.00$/Week250$10$ to 50$4G LTE
Travel WiFi55.65$/Week150$8$ to 25$4G LTE
My Webspot86.98$/Week100$ to 200$10$ to 30$4G LTE
Table N°1 Comparative of costs for portable wifi USA

Pocket WiFi alternatives

We have to discuss other alternatives for people who don’t want to use a Pocket WiFi device. We do know that there are other options in the market, such as eSIMs and SIM cards, which happen to be more accessible options. This can help people actually to enjoy more of their trip.

pocket WiFi USA

But, there’s significant doubt regarding these services. Yet, there’s no need to worry about these services because we don’t know much about how they work because we will talk about them all right now.

eSIM for the USA

eSIMs are nowadays one of the most famous alternatives among people who like to travel around the world. They are basically the same as a traditional SIM card, but it is entirely digital, making things way more accessible for people to access.

Other than that, we have to say something pretty crucial for people to know, and that is the fact that these eSIMs only work in last-gen devices. Old devices won’t be able to use this technology, but that’s nothing we have to worry about for now.

There are some alternatives, such as the Holafly eSIM for the USA, which can help us a lot to stay connected while traveling. The only thing we’ll eventually need is an internet connection to complete the activation process.

USA Prepaid SIM Card

Prepaid SIM cards are the second alternative on our list. This is the most used alternative among people who don’t have access to a last-gen device that doesn’t allow them to use an eSIM, and it still is an affordable option due to everything it has to offer.

Usually, these options can also be purchased from online stores, although you must wait for the international shipment of the chip. You may choose to buy them once you are in the USA through a local carrier, but this usually has some obstacles for tourists.

Free International WiFi

Another option we have available for use is the free WiFi hotspots we can find throughout the USA. It is not a secret that there are many places with free WiFi where people can spend a while using their phones.

The thing here comes when we talk about entirely relying on this service due to the fact that it will not always be available, and therefore, people can’t fully trust it compared to other alternatives.

eSIM vs. Pocket WiFi USA

We want to compare pocket WiFi and one of the most used options by tourists, the eSIM for the USA, so that you can evaluate your alternatives to have mobile internet abroad.

First of all, we must talk about the browsing speed. portables WiFi has plans that include 4G speed in only a portion of the service. After consuming a certain amount of data, you will browse at 3G speed or lower. With Holafly’s virtual SIM card for the USA, you have unlimited data on all available plans, with no speed reduction until after using 95GB in a month.

Another point in favor is that the eSIMs are virtual and are delivered immediately to your email after payment. This has no cost included, only the price of the service. As for the pocket WiFi delivery will depend on the destination country, and this always has an additional cost associated with it.

With portable WiFi, you must have an additional device to your phone to be connected to the internet, and in case you lose it, you will have to pay a fine. Digital SIM cards are more convenient, they do not require physical installation, and the purchase process is done in minutes from anywhere in the world. You will only need your phone and an eSIM to be connected to the internet.

To close the comparison, Holafly eSIMs are very versatile, with coverage available in more than 150 destinations and multi-country options. Even with this in favor, it is a much more economical service than pocket WiFi which makes it an alternative to consider for your next adventure.

Which is better?

eSIM for the USA
International travel eSIM for the USA. Source: Holafly.

After everything we mentioned here, we need to make a choice on which service to use. We have seen some pros and cons, prices, and more, which can help us make a decision.

For us, using eSIM card is the best option, not only due to the price much less than other roam alternatives, it has but also due to the fact it has more benefits than the rest of the options we mentioned.