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eSIM for Indonesia: Which one to buy?

To enjoy your trip to Indonesia with peace of mind, you must have access to the Internet. One way to have a data connection immediately in this country is by acquiring an eSIM to travel to Indonesia.

Indonesia has a range of adventures to offer you, from volcanoes, languages, deserts, and a lot of history that you will have seen in some movie or book. But don’t forget the best complement for your trip is to stay connected to the Internet. It will help with tools like Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram.

In this entry, we have compiled reliable eSIM options for Indonesia, comparing them with the price, amount of data, duration of days, support, and ease of activation on your mobile.

Why an eSIM card for Indonesia?

Suppose you have an eSIM compatible cell phone. In that case, you can enjoy a virtual SIM for Indonesia, wherever you are and whenever you want.

There may be many situations where you need to have mobile data. It is not possible due to time issues or not paying roaming in Indonesia. Emergencies such as the one caused by Coronavirus or just by neglecting to buy a SIM card for Indonesian data in time.

The eSIM is the SIM evolution and made our lives more comfortable by offering a simple way to acquire and remove it. Also, to add various eSIM profiles to your mobile and exchange between them from the phone settings.

To travel to Indonesia, you will no longer need to remove your SIM to add a prepaid data plan. Now you just scan a QR code and add a profile and navigate in Indonesia without leaving your local SIM, if you need to use it to receive SMS from your bank.

What is the best eSIM to travel to Indonesia?

Below we are going to make a comparison between the best eSIM for Indonesia in the market. We will evaluate factors such as price, amount of data, duration of use, pre-and post-sale support, and ease of activation. Among the companies to be assessed are Holafly, Gigsky, Truphone and YeSIM.

Holafly124GB39€Spanish, English and French iOS / Android
Gigsky303GB45€EnglishiOS / Android
Truphone303GB44€EnglishiOS / Android
Truphone151GB18€EnglishiOS / Android
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM for Indonesia between Holafly, Gigsky, Truphone and YeSIM

Best Price eSIM for Indonesia

In the comparison between the different companies, you can see that the prices are similar. There is a variation in the amount of data offered and the days of validity for the same price. Holafly stands out by providing more data.

eSIM with more data in Indonesia

Although all options compared similar offer amounts of data. The Holafly data SIM differs from the others by offering more data for your trip with 4GB, 1GB more than the other options.

The easiest eSIM for Indonesia

Holafly helps you install and activate your eSIM if you don’t know or enables you to solve problems if you have errors. It’s also interactive support; you receive instant answers and are not left with a series of questions and answers as with the YeSIM FAQ support.

Buy Indonesia SIM card

If you don’t have an eSIM compatible mobile phone, buy a Indonesia SIM card from here.

Advantages of the eSIM card compared to the conventional physical SIM

The advantages of a virtual SIM over a physical SIM are found in the ease of acquisition, freedom in choosing an operator, contribution to the environment, and avoidance of loss. Below we detail each of them:

Which operators support eSIM in Indonesia?

Although operators such as Indosat Ooredoo, Telkomsel, and Three Indonesia say they are ready to launch eSIM technology, they do not yet support it. Among the reasons for not implementing it are Indonesia’s regulation of this technology and customer acceptance due to the still low support for smartphones. At the moment, the operator that supports eSIM in Indonesia is:

eSIM for Indonesia, which card to buy?

Holafly’s Indonesia eSIM data card is a perfect option for your trip to Indonesia. It provides you with the following features that will give you confidence on your journey:

Holafly has a 4GB virtual SIM for your trip, and you can enjoy them for 12 days, according to your needs. Keep in mind that you can share data with other mobile devices, in case you have more than one device or in case you travel with someone. You can also contact the customer service 24 hours a day for any questions, always in your language.

esim travel indonesia
How does eSIM Indonesia work. Source: Holafly

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM for Indonesia

How many data and days does the Holafly Indonesia eSIM card offer me?

Knowing the data that your applications consume, you can estimate the data you need to travel. Holafly offers you an eSIM with 4GB, and you can use it for 12 days.

Can I share data with my eSIM?

Holafly’s eSIM allows data sharing for convenience through WiFi. You simply have to configure your phone as a router and let the other devices connect to the network you generate. So whether you travel with more than one device or travel with someone, you will never be offline.

What if I don’t know how to configure my eSIM card for Indonesia?

Holafly offers 24h customer service in your own language for any question. Enjoy your trip without complications.
It is always better to choose a product with good reviews and that gives you confidence.

Which mobile operator services my eSIM card in Indonesia?

Holafly’s eSIM Indonesia works under the mobile network of Indosat, one of the best operators in Indonesia.

Discover Indonesia with your eSIM card! Share in your social networks the adventure of the most amazing places in Indonesia in an easy way, with no surprises in your bill, no shipping costs, and with the simplicity of Holafly’s eSIM data for Indonesia.