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When to travel to Iceland: Best dates and tips

Thinking about when to travel to Iceland? Here's all the information you need to visit the country during the best time of the year!

Julio Osuna

December 23, 2023

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Thinking about when to travel to Iceland? If you plan to travel from Canada, it’s better to know the best dates to visit the country.

So if you want to know what is the best time to travel to Iceland, we’ll give you an extensive guide about when to go and what to do during those dates.

Therefore, keep reading our guide about when to travel to Iceland from Canada, as you will get some amazing ideas for your trip!

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When are the best dates to travel to Iceland from Canada?

Before traveling to Iceland, you need to know the best dates to visit the country. We are talking about a place where the sun hardly sets during some times of the year, so chances are you want to know the best seasons to travel to Iceland. 

Similar to other countries like Thailand, there are different seasons for travelers. One of the most enjoyable dates for people to travel is during the “shoulder season,” which takes place during the months of May or September.

There are also perfect dates for those who love the winter season, which goes from November to February in Iceland. But it’s fair to mention that during these months, it can be freezing over there, and the day hours are lower than during the shoulder season. 

And, if you really want to enjoy the “summer” days in Iceland, you had better plan your trip for June and July! But, during these months, there are around 16 hours of daylight, so getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights is hard.

Things to consider when traveling during the “Shoulder Season” to Iceland

Some consider shoulder season the best season to travel to Iceland. People can do plenty of activities in any of these months, which is great. Even though there’s more daylight than at other times of the year, the activities are easy to enjoy for people visiting the country.

Watching the whales, going to the Reykjavik geothermal spa, hiking in the snowy mountains of Iceland, and much more! And the best thing is that even though people are traveling during these months, it is still more accessible than during the peak season of Iceland.

So, if you want to enjoy long days with more friendly weather than during winter, the shoulder season is the best option to travel to Iceland.

iceland northern lights
Northern Lights in Iceland. Source: Pexels.

Things to consider when traveling during the “Winter Season” to Iceland

Iceland is a cold place, per se. Now imagine how cold it can be when winter comes. Only thinking about it can make you feel cold even though you are miles and miles from it. But it’s impossible to say that Iceland is not a great country to visit during winter.

But why is it the best time for some people to visit Iceland? Well, the answer is rather easy to give. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the Northern Lights. And even though it is possible to see them since late September, snowy landscapes and those beautiful nights full of stars are views people will hardly get to see again.

Of course, this is not the only thing to do in Iceland. Travelers can visit the museums all around the city, for example, and get to know the city during those short winter days that will surely make people fall in love with the country.

Things to consider when traveling during the “Peak Season” to Iceland

If we discuss the best season for traveling to Iceland, people might wonder what makes it so special compared to the rest of the seasons in the country. These are the warmest days of the year, during June and July when people who don’t love extremely cold weather will enjoy most of the country.

Of course, there’s more to tell about these months, and it’s something we actually mentioned before. The sun is there at all times, or well, almost. If you want to know the midnight sun, this is the perfect time to do so! And it’s also the perfect time to visit other places around Iceland!

Going for a hike, getting to know more of the city without being worried about getting a cold, and enjoying the landscapes with beautiful views, but it’s important to state that during these months, there are numerous travelers, so get ready for higher prices and more people around the cities.

when to travel to iceland
Glaciers in Iceland. Source: Pexels.

Documents you need to travel to Iceland

As a Canadian, traveling worldwide might be easier in some countries. One of those clear examples comes with Iceland, especially because of the diplomatic missions between both countries. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

These are the documents Canadians need to show when traveling to Iceland.

  • A valid passport. All Canadians can enter Iceland without needing a visa, which makes it easier to get to know the country, but it’s a must to have a valid passport that’s valid for more than 90 days.
  • People need to present a vaccine card with the Yellow Fever vaccine. If not, the entrance to Iceland will be denied.
  • If you are traveling to study, digital nomad, or work in Iceland, you must have a valid visa for both cases.

Other than this, it is quite easy to travel to Iceland as a Canadian! So, get ready to enjoy your trip for at least 90 days.

Traveling to Iceland in 2023: Things you need to know before arriving

After talking so much about what to do in Iceland, when to visit the country, and much more, it’s time to give some tips to people! It’s not only important to know all of this, but it is also important to keep in mind some traveling tips!

  • How are you staying connected in Iceland?: Nowadays, there are many alternatives for vacationers to get an internet connection in Iceland. For some people, using a roaming service from a local carrier might be a good idea, while others would prefer a Pocket WiFi. But for us, it is better to have an eSIM while traveling to Iceland! And, if you want a recommendation, go for the Holafly eSIM for Iceland!
  • Be prepared for the weather: Iceland is a cold country overall, so you better pack some comfy clothes to keep you warm. But if you are also planning on hiking or enjoying the geothermal waters of Rykjavyk, you definitely won’t wear pants and T-shirts there. So, get ready for the schedule you are preparing for your trip!
  • Respect locals and their culture: Iceland has its own culture, as people would expect. So, if you are traveling there, remember you need to respect their culture. You are a foreigner, so try to adjust your behavior to how locals behave!