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10 Travel Tips for Israel: Holy Land Adventure Guide

Visit Jerusalem, Haifa, or Tel Aviv, walk in the Negev desert and learn about the Shabbath and other traditions with the Israel travel tips!

Julio Osuna

March 26, 2024

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If you plan to travel to Israel soon, chances are you need some ideas of what to do and where to go during that trip. That’s why we have prepared a guide with travel tips for Israel to help you get the best possible experience!

So, if you are planning on traveling there soon, you will get to know where to go when visiting the country, how to keep yourself safe, and much more! Keep reading if you want to take the most out of your trip to the Holy Land.

Things to know before traveling to Israel 

When traveling to Israel, there are plenty of things you need to know regarding this country. The main and most important of them all comes with the fact people need to behave according to the local culture. Israel is a religious country, so it’s advisable for people to follow these rules when visiting certain places, especially on religious sites.

Moving on to the tips for traveling to Israel, the next thing to know is about the language. While English is pretty common among locals, you might need to learn some Hebrew or Arabic. But don’t worry, chances are you won’t need this a lot.

As for the weather, Israel is considered a place with mild weather. While the weather is mostly warm all year long, during winter, the temperature drops a bit, and rain is most common in many cities. However, people have to remember that there are different types of ecosystems, which will make the weather vary for travelers.

travel tips isarel
Man on an Israeli beach. Source: Pexels.

Lastly, safety is a priority in Israel. People will get to see many locals dressed in the military, and that’s due to the fact they have to serve for 3 years once they turn 18. While this is not something to worry about, it’s actually a good sign of safety for travelers, but you have to keep out for pickpocketing!

Tips for traveling to Israel: How to plan? 

When traveling to Israel, people need to plan their trip before arriving in the country. This is important as travelers need to have an idea of what to do once they arrive, so preparation is key for a lifetime adventure.

That’s why the first things to know before traveling to Israel are related to what to do before your trip. Let’s talk about the best times to travel, how to manage your currency there, where to stay, and much more!

So, get ready to prepare for your trip with our Israel travel tips!

1. Pick the perfect season for your Israel adventure

When deciding the perfect season for visiting Israel, people might have a hard time choosing the ideal time to travel to the Holy Land. Compared to other countries, it’s fair to say there are only two seasons in Israel, which are summer and winter.

Summer takes place from April to late October, and these are hot and humid months with no rain. Temperatures will range from 28° to 35°, especially during June, July, and August, which are the warmer months in the country.

On the other hand, winter is not as cold as it could be in other countries. The temperature varies from 18° to 14° in important cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The only downside is there’s a lot of rain during these months, but you can always keep an eye on the weather report to see what will happen while you are there.

Overall, March and April are great options for visiting the country, but if you prefer a bit more cold, from October to February, you can visit the country and take a walk in some local destinations that would be extremely hot during summer.

haifa israel travel tips
Haifa is seen from above. Source: Pexels.

2. Secure your travel documents

One of the things you have to be most careful about is your travel documents. Our main recommendation is that, while you do need your passport to enter the country, you better leave it somewhere safe if you plan to walk around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Haifa.

Bear in mind that before you travel, you need to have your travel documents with you at all times. If you have a visa, you better keep it among the documents you will show once you arrive at the airport.

Other than this, don’t forget other travel documents you might need, like travel insurance, your personal ID, or any other requirement you might find out from the country you are traveling to Israel!

3. Research on local currency and budgets

Israel has its own currency, so don’t think about using your local currency while you travel there. You will need to exchange your money to get New Israeli Shekel to pay for your expenses while traveling there.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your credit card or a similar payment method, it’s better to review the exchange rate to avoid surprises with your expenses

As for budgets, Israel is an expensive place to travel. Hotels can cost more than $100 for a night, and we are talking about a cheap hotel! Food and alcohol are also expensive, so for most travelers, the idea is to take around $500 to $750 per day to enjoy their trip as much as possible.

4. Learn key Hebrew phrases to connect with locals

While most of the Israeli population are fluent in English and Hebrew, it’s better to have an idea of what to say in case you talk with someone who doesn’t speak English

The idea is not to become fluent before traveling because that would be extremely hard to do, but having an idea of simple phrases can help a lot! Here are some for you to learn before arriving in Israel:

  • Shalom – Works for saying hello, but the actual meaning is peace
  • Bevakasha – Please
  • Slicha – Sorry/Excuse me
  • Boker Tov – Good morning
  • Erev Tov – Good evening
  • Mazel Tove- Good luck or congratulations
  • Toda/Toda Raba – Thank you, thank you very much, thank you a lot
  • Lehitra’ot – Goodbye or see you later

5. Make reservations in advance

Beware that Israel is quite touristic. Even though there are issues related to the Gaza conflict, people haven’t stopped traveling to the country, so it’s better to prepare where to stay in advance to avoid issues.

There are different ways for people to make a reservation in a hotel in advance, like Booking, and there will be lots of ideas to check before making a decision on where to stay. Once you have prepared your reservation, you will be one step closer to your trip!

woman taking photos in israel
Woman taking photos in Israel. Source: Pexels.

Also, it’s ideal to book flights in advance. The idea of booking your flight months in advance is great as it helps to save money, and people will have to buy a flight-round ticket to avoid issues when entering the country.

Israel safety travel tips

It’s time to talk about the tips for traveling to Israel that people have to keep in mind while in the country. As travelers are now prepared for the before traveling, it’s also a must to be prepared to fully enjoy the now while visiting the country.

There are different tips for people to remember, such as where to go, how to dress, ideal times to do certain activities and much more.

beach in tel aviv israel travel tips
Birds on a beach. Source: Pexels.

6. Stay informed and avoid sensitive areas

For travelers, it’s a must to stay informed of what’s happening in Israel. As we previously said, the Gaza conflict is still happening, so people have to stay away from that place as much as they can.

But there are also other places to have in mind that people should be careful about when visiting or while passing near them. The orthodox neighborhoods are totally different from what people see in Israel, especially when it comes to dressing, so be ready if you plan to go to one.

In other places like the Western Wall, temples, or the spot where Jesus was crucified, people have to dress properly to avoid issues with locals and authorities, especially if they come across an orthodox Jew.

7. Dress modestly to be mindful of religious customs

While Israel is more tolerant of how people look when traveling to the country, it’s better for travelers to be prepared when visiting certain locations.

While walking through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, or Beersheba, as long as people don’t go near orthodox neighborhoods, there should be no issue for travelers, as they can dress according to the weather in the city.

But, for religious destinations and orthodox neighborhoods, people have to be prepared to change their clothes. Men can walk around in t-shirts with long sleeves or sweaters if the weather allows them, and women should wear pants and avoid skirts while wearing long t-shirts as well. If necessary, women can get religious clothes near historical places.

8. Be vigilant in popular markets

Overall, Israel is a safe place to visit. People won’t have to worry much about the streets not being safe, but pickpocketing is still a common thing to see around popular markets and other places that travelers will love to visit.

One of the things to know about Israel is the fact travelers have to keep an eye on their stuff while visiting these markets. It’s recommended that you carry your things in front of you, so take a bag during those walks.

Try not to take lots of money with you, and keep your phone and wallet in a safe place! Other than this, no need to worry about popular markets.

9. Enjoy the outdoors responsibly

Israel has lots of things to do when it comes to enjoying activities outdoors. Whether you are walking around the Western Wall or taking a trip to the Negev Desert, you have to act responsibly during those activities.

The idea is to respect both the local culture and religion, but people have to respect the environment as well. There are more places to visit outdoors, such as the Dead Sea, the Galilee Sea, and historical ruins, so keep an eye on the rules and respect them while visiting those places.

travel tips isarel outdoors
People in the Israeli desert. Source: Pexels.

10. Plan activities around Friday sunset

For people traveling to Israel, it’s important to keep in mind that the Jewish Religion has a major practice that takes place every week. This one is known as Shabbath and will start at sundown on Friday and will end after sundown on Saturday.

Overall, Shabbat takes around 25 hours before it ends, and practically everything in Israel is closed during that time. Buses, trains, and most stores won’t be available during that time, so you better not make plans during that time.

So, for those being in Israel on a Friday, it’s better to make activities until 4:00 PM. After that time, Shabbat begins. You surely would like to have your cell phone in Israel with you to spend that time watching series or something similar.

Final tips for traveling to Israel

Up to this point, people have an idea of how to prepare for their trip to Israel. Overall, this guide will give travelers a clear idea of how to act and what to expect from the Holy Land, which is great for new visitors.

One thing that’s also important for people to have with them in Israel is a method to stay connected to the internet while there. It can be a Pocket WiFi or a roaming service, or you can look for the best eSIMs for Israel. All of these are valid options for your trip, but we prefer to take the eSIM!

Now that you know how to prepare for your trip to Israel, the final advice we have for you is to get an eSIM Israel to stay connected to the internet! Other than this, get ready to enjoy the Holy Land!

FAQ about travel tips for Israel

How should I pack for a trip to Israel?

First, consider the dates when you are planning to go to Israel. Based on this, people will have the chance to know whether to take clothes for hot or relatively cold temperatures. What you need to pack, no matter the date, are clothes that respect the culture and religion in Israel, so keep that in mind.

Is it safe to go to Israel now in 2024?

Yes. Except for the Confrontation Area and places near Gaza, Israel remains one of the safest countries to visit in 2024.

Should you carry your passport with you in Israel?

Yes. It’s important for people to carry their passports or at least an ID from their local country with them. It’s not necessary to carry the original all the time, so having a copy will do for most of the trip! A passport is only required in certain sites, like Bethlehem.