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Best Pocket Wifi for South Africa

Get to know everything related to the Pocket WiFi for South Africa and learn everything related to how the service works and how to rent it

Temmuz 27, 2023

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The African continent is one of the most exciting destinations to visit, as its great variety of countries rich in culture does not go unnoticed. South Africa, in particular, is one of the most popular, with its stunning nature and historical significance. And the best way to make your trip a fun and enjoyable experience is to stay connected, especially if you bring a Pocket WiFi for South Africa!

So let’s check what these devices can do for us, for everyone to become familiar with since there are several elements about these services that people must learn to use them.

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What is a Pocket WiFi?

There is no need to be worried if you have never heard of Pocket Wi-Fi devices. The first thing you need to understand is that this service is elementary and accessible for anywhere you go.

Renting is now the most popular option, although buying these portable devices is also an alternative. Even if other, more well-known options are available, many businesses still provide this service to customers.

Users of Pocket WiFi should be just as cautious as they would be with any other service when using it. So, understanding this might be helpful if you’re getting ready to use one for the first time. Things like their prices, potential rental locations, and several other factors. But let’s continue and see what more we can learn about Pocket Wi-Fi

How much does South Africa Pocket WiFi cost?

Cost is typically one of the people’s top concerns before deciding on a new service to use aboard. Even though their costs vary depending on what they provide, are the Pocket WiFi devices affordable for individuals who need to save money when traveling?

Essentially, that is an important topic we are discussing. Fortunately, there are various options, and we can quickly review each to determine the most practical choice right now. Let’s now discuss costs and general services.

Travelers WiFi

If you are in Europe, you can rent a Pocket WiFi for South Africa from an old familiar company, ravelers WiFi, based in Switzerland!

With options starting at $68.10 for a whole week of 1 GB of cellular data, tourists who prefer to rent their portable Wi-Fi devices may do so at various price ranges. It is possible to purchase more data and extend this plan, but doing so will cost an additional $30.

The corporation often charges a fee for shipping that ranges from 2 to 23 USD, depending on where customers will receive the device. So, even if you are far from Europe, you shouldn’t worry because you will still receive your Pocket WiFi. 

Besides that, it is important to consider the fact the company charges a fee if something happens to their devices. This “fee” to pay is $159 and must be paid immediately to the company!


MioWiFi is a Pocket WiFi service that customers in Latin America may want to look into as an alternative, due to its location in Argentina. 

The price of their services is always the same, which greatly simplifies things. One gigabyte of mobile data daily is included in the fixed $64 charge for a week’s worth of use of these Pocket WiFi for South Africa devices. If someone has to rent the Pocket Wi-Fi for a longer period of time, it won’t be a problem; the only thing that will vary is the price.

Customers can use the delivery services to have their rental Pocket Wi-Fi for South Africa in a few days, regardless of where they are. Users must pay between $40 and $50 for the service, depending on where the item will be delivered.

If someone is wondering if the business will charge them if they fail to deliver or damage one of their items, the answer is yes. It’s advisable to keep an eye on the device as much as possible because if this happens, they might charge you up to $250.

Solis Pocket Wi-Fi 

If you want to get a Pocket WiFi for South Africa before you head out there, this one is a great choice to consider using. There are different options that can help travelers stay connected easily and faster.

Additionally, this portable cellular option is perfect for international travel because it can use global roaming and regularly communicate with friends and family back home. As for prices, that’s something we won’t have to worry much about!

After paying the initial $149.99 fee for the device, you can either purchase individual passes for $US5 each day or sign up for their monthly service for $US99 each month. The cost of shipping must be added to the pricing for both options.

My Webspot

The final product we’ll discuss is My Webspot, a Swiss company that offers coverage throughout all of Europe and Asia.

Their products costs are remarkably comparable to others that we have observed. Users can select a different provider because they only provide 1 GB per day compared to other alternatives. Although it could be required to use it for longer than a week, keep in mind that the rental fee is $106.7 for that time period.

Before listing all the alternatives to Pocket, we must inform you about the company’s insurance and return policy. The insurance, which can help reduce the fee for damage or losing a device, can reduce the fee to pay from 204 to 102 USD!

Pocket Wi-Fi alternatives

We have discussed a variety of Pocket Wi-Fi choices that customers can use while exploring South Africa up to this point. But rather than accepting the fact that some individuals can’t afford Pocket Wi-Fi, why don’t we look for a viable solution? For example, there are SIM cards and eSIM options.  

There is no need to be alarmed; we know that some people could be skeptical about these services. However, after knowing about some significant aspects, you can feel confident adopting one of these alternatives.

South Africa. Source: Unsplash

South Africa eSIM

eSIMs are currently one of the tools that people who enjoy international travel prefer the most. Basically, they perform the same functions as a typical SIM card, but because they are fully digital, anyone can access the service more conveniently, wherever they are!

Only one thing needs to be mentioned: customers must be aware that these eSIMs only work with last-generation phones. We should nevertheless discuss a backup strategy, even though old hardware devices would prevent this system from functioning!

The Holafly for South Africa is one of many alternatives that can keep us connected when we’re on the road. The only thing to remember is that a prior internet connection is required to finish the activation process.

Prepaid SIM Card for South Africa

International SIM Cards are ranked second on our list. Customers who don’t have access to the most recent generation of cellular devices or smartwatches most often choose this alternative. It is still a good option along with all of its benefits.

You have the choice to install a SIM card if you think it would be more practical for you. Given the equipment you now own, it would better fit your needs. It is advisable to buy your SIM card before your trip through an online store, but you can also buy it locally with an operator in South Africa.

Which is better?

Making the correct choice is crucial so that customers can determine which service they can rely on. Costs and other important aspects have been discussed, and each service has benefits and drawbacks.

So, which service do we recommend? The eSIMs cards from different South African operators are a solid choice because of everything they have to offer. In addition, compared to a Pocket Wi-Fi membership, which for some of us can be rather pricey, these are less expensive and easier to obtain.