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How much does Vodafone UK roaming cost in Canada?

We are going to give you all the information about Vodafone UK roaming service in Canada and other alternatives that will help you save money!

Julio Osuna

June 19, 2024

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Planning a trip to Canada from the UK soon? Chances are you are planning to know more about the Vodafone roaming Canada service! 

If that’s the case, here we will tell you everything about what you need to know to use roaming services in Canada while being a Vodafone customer. Whether it is prices, how to activate it, prices, or even some alternatives to stay connected rather than relying on international roaming!

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How much does it cost Vodafone roaming services in Canada?

If you are looking forward to using roaming services in Canada, the first thing you need to know is how much it costs for Vodafone customers to stay connected on a daily basis.

For using the roaming services in Canada, people have to take a look at the Zone C prices, which is £7.39 per day. With this, people can use their UK allowance without worrying much about additional charges.

Now, as for the international roaming pay-as-you-go rates, the price is £25, while phone calls are totally different, as it costs £0,60 to £2, as Canada remains in Zone C from Vodafone roaming areas.

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What if I have a Vodafone Monthly plan?

If you have the Unlimited Data Xtra Airtime Plan with 4 Xtra benefits, you will be able to use your regular UK plan with data (Only 25 GB/month), minutes, and texts in Canada. But if you have another monthly plan, you will have to pay £7.39 per day you use the roaming service in Canada, based on the Zone C costs.

It’s important to note that other plans from Vodafone that are monthly also offer roaming services, but the price to pay is different when travelling abroad from the UK to Canada.

How do I activate Vodafone roaming in Canada?

From the My Vodafone app, click on the left menu icon, on My Plan, and then on My Plan Abroad.

There’s no other way to activate the roaming services from Vodafone, no matter if people are traveling to other destinations.

What if I don’t use any mobile data, calls, or SMS for a day?

Vodafone won’t charge you anything if you don’t use its services during the day. You only pay when you consume any of the three services. But to do so, remember to avoid activating roaming after leaving Europe.

Mobile Internet in Canada: is there any other option?

A great alternative is the eSIM card, which isn’t hard to get, easy to use and activate, and offers a great internet connection. It is the best alternative to connect to the internet if you compare it with other options such as Pocket WiFi or free WiFi. You don’t have to wait to get to Canada to check if your phone will work; you can do it from home.

Also get to know some of the best eSIM for traveling to the United Kingdom!

eSIM for Canada

The Holafly prepaid eSIM card for Canada lets you have unlimited data on any available plans. Also, if you need your service for more days, you can easily buy a top-up for the same destination and activate it automatically on your eSIM.

Holafly Canada

canada esim customizable days
Unlimited data eSIM for Canada, Holafly Store. Source: Holafly,

If you are looking for a different alternative to traveling from Europe to Canada and getting a better chance to use your internet service while abroad, the Holafly eSIM will help you avoid any extra charge you get from roaming usage.

This is the perfect option not only to avoid the Vodafone roaming Canada charges but also as an alternative for global roaming, as prices are way lower, starting at $6 per day, which is lower than the pries charged in Zone C when using Vodafone roaming.

In this case, the eSIM works with one of the best available networks, Rogers Canada. Therefore, people will get up to 5G speeds, and you can share data with other devices for up to 500 MBs.

In case you are among Vodafone customers who plan to visit other countries and want to avoid roaming charges, there’s another option to make it happen.

Holafly North America

Unlimited data eSIM for North America
eSIM card for North America, Holafly Store. Source: Holafly,

The Multi-country eSIM card for this region is called eSIM North America, which offers unlimited cellular data with the coverage of AT&T USA, T-Mobile, AT&T Mexico, and Rogers available in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. 

As it connects to different countries, people might think it costs a lot of money, but it’s actually quite cheap. Prices start at $6 for 1 day, and people can choose up to 90 days with unlimited data, which will surely cost a lot of money to Vodafone customers.

SIM cards with mobile data

There are other alternatives to connect, like the traditional SIM card with cellular data. Some carriers and providers offer SIM cards and data plans in stores you can find at the airport and other public places.

This is usually the only alternative when we do not have access to virtual SIM cards due to phone compatibility or some other reason. You can purchase a physical SIM card through online stores or at local carrier stores when you arrive in Canada.